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    Our Guide To Tennis Odds

    You’ve got many tennis bets to consider for each match throughout the year, including for all the top major tournaments. You can find Wimbledon odds surrounding who will win an early match, or French Open odds surrounding a game or set spread. Whatever the case, you’ll have many choices for wagering for all the top events.

    There’s always a reason why the tennis betting odds appear as they are. Sometimes it might be from one competitor doing better than others. Maybe it could be from someone being more successful on one playing surface. Every tennis pro also has a unique playing style worth noting.

    Whether it entails a moneyline, total, spread, or anything else at a sportsbook, SportsTips will help you find the best tennis betting odds. Not only are we here to help you out with the odds, but we can assist with tennis betting as well as tennis picks and predictions, and of course if you want more general information, make sure you visit our tennis hub page.

    US Open Odds

    The US Open occurs in early September in New York. The world’s top tennis professionals will compete at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center to win one of the world’s top tournaments. But the odds for who will win these matches will vary by athlete, especially as they attempt to perform on one of the toughest surfaces for play.

    Some of the things that will influence the US Open odds include how well a professional can handle the hard outdoor court surface. Athletes who perform well on the baseline might do better in the US Open. People who can also handle the high bounces the court produces will benefit the most from the surface.

    The US Open odds may also favor athletes within the United States, with them not having to travel as far for the event. But with the sport of tennis having so many players from countries all over the world, that point can be tough to figure.

    Our reporting at SportsTips will showcase the best tennis betting odds for the US Open. We will provide the men and women we feel will perform the best and then highlight the most appealing odds for each.

    Wimbledon Odds

    The Championships at Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis tournament, dating back to 1877. Many talented gentlemen and ladies strive to compete at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, as Wimbledon is seen by many as the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament. Many of the Wimbledon odds you’ll find will cover more players than what you might expect in a traditional event.

    You may find many Wimbledon odds throughout the year. You’ll find futures lines on who will win the next edition of the tournament, plus odds on qualifying tournaments that people might play to make it into Wimbledon. Then you have the actual matches in London in late June and early July, which can be unpredictable.

    You’ll need help finding the best Wimbledon odds for professionals who have the best chance of going far on the grass courts. SportsTips will be there to profile the best betting options for Wimbledon, from who has the best chance to win the tournament to which wager you should consider for each match. 

    Whether it’s a moneyline or spread bet, we’ll provide the smartest analysis and reporting. We’ll recommend the best wagers that have a greater shot of working, plus ones that have the most appealing tennis odds that pay the most money.

    French Open Odds

    The French Open is different from the other major tournaments, as it takes place on outdoor clay courts. Clay plays slower than other surfaces, plus it produces higher bounces. The best French Open odds will go to players who can manage a clay surface.

    Most tennis tournaments are on grass or hard surfaces, so predicting the French Open can be a challenge. The French Open odds may be different from what you expect, with some people not playing as well as they would for other major tournaments. You can note how well each professional can handle a clay playing field and how well one can adjust strategies over whatever happens when playing.

    We can go over the French Open odds for the tournament and find the betting choices that work the best. Our review of these tennis betting odds will cover how well each professional competes on clay and what it would take for each to win. We can list the best possible winners and the most appealing French Open odds for each match throughout the tournament.

    You will be prepared to bet on the French Open when you understand why the odds appear the way they do. SportsTips will explain everything on how well these players can compete on clay.

    Australian Open Odds

    You can also trust SportsTips when finding the smartest Australian Open odds. You might not be as familiar with the Australian Open as you would with other tournaments, with it taking place so early in the calendar year. 

    The events often occur during overnight hours in the United States, and not everyone in the world can make it to Melbourne for the event. These factors might make it tougher for you to review the Australian Open odds you find, but we at SportsTips will help you understand what’s happening.

    We’ll profile the best players in the Australian Open and review each of their matches. We can note how well each professional can compete on the hard surfaces at the tennis stadium.

    Some of the Australian Open events will take place indoors, especially if weather or air quality concerns become a problem. These points may impact the Australian Open odds, as some players might do better indoors than they would outdoors. 

    Our experts at SportsTips will highlight how versatile professionals are and give you a report on what to expect from each contender. Our reporting will include the best analysis of the Australian Open odds you can find online.

    WTA Odds

    The Women’s Tennis Association features many of the world’s best female tennis players competing to become the top competitor in the world. You can find tennis betting odds on all WTA events throughout the year. 

    You can place bets on matches from the Premier Five tournaments, including the ones in Dubai, Rome, and Cincinnati. Premier Mandatory events like the ones in Miami and Beijing are also available for wagering.

    We’ll also provide US Open odds and reports on all the other majors. The majors hold more influence on the WTA rankings than other competitions, making them more appealing for tennis betting purposes.

    All WTA tournaments take place on different courts, from the clay courts of Madrid to the grass in Berlin. We’ll highlight what you can expect from each WTA tournament before it takes place. Our reporting will help you see what tennis odds are right while you plan your WTA wagers.

    ATP Odds

    The Association of Tennis Professionals is the main organization devoted to the top male tennis competitors. The ATP holds dozens of tournaments throughout the year. These include the ATP Tour 500 and ATP Tour Masters 1000 competitions.

    The tennis odds will change surrounding the playing surface and whoever attends each tournament. Some events may require people to qualify for them through other small-level competitions. SportsTips will go behind the tennis betting odds to report on who has the best chance to win.

    We will highlight all the top ATP tennis competitions throughout the year. Our tennis odds reports include reviews of how the ATP Tour Masters 1000 events look, including in Madrid, Rome, and Monte Carlo.

    Tennis Odds FAQs

    Where can you find the best tennis odds today?

    You can find the best tennis odds from many sportsbooks throughout the country. SportsTips will provide reports on which sportsbooks have the most appealing tennis betting odds. The service works for all tournaments, including for when you need the latest Wimbledon odds.

    How do you read tennis odds?

    You can read tennis odds by looking at their numerical values and checking on whether they are positive or negative. Negative numbers mean that someone is the favorite to win, while the underdog has a positive number.

    How do the betting odds work in tennis?

    The betting odds are a sportsbook’s reflection of what they feel will happen during a tennis match. The sportsbook will predict that certain things will take place surrounding the two contenders. It will produce its odds surrounding who has the better chance to win. There may also be spread lines and totals for the number of sets or games in a match.

    What are the best tennis odds for today?

    The answer to that question will vary throughout the year. Sometimes a lower-seeded person might have a better chance of winning a match. There might be considerations for how well each person can compete on a specific playing surface. SportsTips will provide reports on the best odds for the day.

    Where can you place your tennis bets on these odds?

    You can find many sportsbooks in your area that offer betting lines for all the day’s action. These sportsbooks will vary by state, as one of these places would require a license to operate in your state. Check the rules in your area to see which sportsbooks are available. SportsTips will provide reports on all the best odds that each website provides.

    How do the spread odds work for tennis?

    Tennis spread odds work like what you’d find with other sports, as you’re wagering on a game to have an outcome within or outside a specific margin of victory. For tennis, the spread will entail either the number of games that will take place or the number of sets.

    The spread odds will be closer to even money, as it is easier for those bets to be met versus moneyline wagers for some underdog picks. Sportsbooks can let you place parlay wagers on spreads for multiple tennis matches during an event, although the rules for doing so will vary.

    How do the total odds work for tennis?

    The total odds refer to how many games will take place during a match. You can wager on whether the number of games will be over or under the total. For example, the over / under on a match could be 20.5. If the event ends 6-3, 6-2, it would have seventeen games, meaning that the under will win in this bet.

    The odds for totals will also be close to even money, usually at -110 to -120. SportsTips will provide projections on tennis matches to help you see what result may take place and what you should consider wagering when reviewing the total.

    How often will the odds for a tennis match change?

    You can expect the odds to change many times leading to the first serve. These odds may shift due to changes in a player’s performance or any injury concerns. The events taking place during a tournament can make an impact, so check the latest reports on a match of interest before placing your bet.

    How much time would there be between tennis matches for one player?

    There might be two to three days between matches for an average player during a tournament. Sometimes a person might have to compete on consecutive days. The answer here varies by tournament.

    The spacing between matches might influence the odds for someone to win. It might be tougher for someone on less rest to win a match than someone who has been resting for a bit longer. SportsTips will report on what you should find when reviewing matches and seeing who has the best chance to win.

    What does set betting entail in tennis?

    Set betting is where you bet on someone to win with a set total. For a best-of-three series, you would have four options for set betting. You can bet on either side to win 2-0 or 2-1. The odds for the bet will vary by each option, as the event most likely to happen will be well below even money.

    What props can you find for a tennis match?

    Tennis props provide unique odds that focus on specific things taking place in a match. You could find props on who will have the most aces or faults, who will win each specific set, and which person will be the first to win a specific number of games. The props will vary by sportsbook, and their odds can be lofty at times. 

    SportsTips can recommend some interesting props that might fit your betting interest for all major events. You may find more props for major tournament events on average. These events bring in more betting interest, thus producing a demand for more props.

    How do the futures odds work for tennis?

    Tennis futures odds can entail betting on who you feel will win an event in the future. Futures wagers can take weeks or months to be resolved, but they may pay more money depending on when you place those bets. 

    A futures line will entail more betting options, plus there is substantial uncertainty over what you would plan for a futures bet. SportsTips can recommend unique futures bets for all matches, including for many of the top majors.