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    Established: 1969
    Stadium: Miller Park
    Colors: Navy blue, yellow & royal blue 
    Hall of Famers: Paul Molitor & Robin Yount 
    Hall of Fame General Managers:  None
    Rivals: Chicago Cubs 
    Legends: Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Cecil Cooper, Prince Fielder, Rollie Fingers, Ryan Braun, Christian Yelich, Gorman Thomas, Jim Gantner, Lorenzo Cain, Geoff Jenkins & Ben Oglivie 
    Retired Numbers: 6: 1, 4, 19, 34, 44 & 42 
    League:  National League 
    Division: Central Division 
    World Series Championships:  0

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    Milwaukee Brewers History

    After a few years of becoming a temporary home for the Braves (1953-1965), the city finally had a team in the major league, thanks to the failed experiment of the Seattle Pilots. While the Pilots entered the league in 1969, they endured a difficult season on and off the field giving the indication that the franchise wasn’t viable in their home city and a move was on the cards.  

    The Pilots then relocated to Milwaukee and after four years of not having a team in the major league, the city finally had one. By the next year, they finally made it their own franchise as they removed the Pilots from the name as they became known as the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970. 

    The Brewers would want to forget their next four years as frankly, they didn’t endure winning seasons as the highest they placed throughout that time was fifth place which they finished in 1973 and 1974. 

    Despite the mediocrity that crippled the Brewers, by 1974 they did introduce future Hall of Famer Robin Yount which provided a mini spark and hope for a rebuild, while George Scott (who the Brewers signed in 1972 as well as winning the golden glove that year) won the next two golden gloves. 

    It looked as though the Brewers fortunes finally changed in the 1978 season, where they introduced the league to Paul Molitor who would later be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

    The introduction of Molitor must have been a spark for the team which already included Yount as they finished in their highest position since coming into the league (which includes Seattle Pilots) as they finished third with 93 wins. 

    They managed to improve a year later by adding two more wins to their tally and they finished second in the American League East, it also kicked off a fantastic two years.

    The Brewers were on the verge of something special but still finished third in 1980 and 1981 (although the 81 season was split in half due to a strike and finished the first half in first place and the second half in third). 

    Given the complexities of the split season, the Brewers finally made it to their maiden postseason and they met the New York Yankees in the American League Division Series (ALDS), but lost the series. 

    The following season everything came to fruition (except for the end result) as, after many years of slowly climbing up the division, the Brewers finally found themselves on top of the American League East Division, by winning 95 games. 

    The Brewers got their maiden postseason win when they met the Los Angeles Angels in the American League Championship Series (ALCS) defeating them 3-2 in the series and they clinched their first-ever American League pennant. 

    The Brewers put up a fight in the World Series where they met the St Louis Cardinals, and they won the opening game before the Cardinals hit back in game 2. The Brewers ended up winning the next two games to give them a 3-2 lead heading into game 6, but the Cardinals proved to be too strong over the last two games of the series as they became 4-3 winners. 

    The Brewers couldn’t back up their World Series defeat with another showing in the postseason as a year after they slid down to fifth. In fact, they had to wait another 26 years before they could make it again. 

    Throughout that long drought, Yount proved to be worthwhile as he was the 1982 MVP, as well as winning the golden glove award and the silver slugger award. He also repeated the efforts in 1989 as he won the silver slugger award and was crowned the MVP for the second time. 

    Molitor also proved to be why the Brewers invested heavily in him as he won the silver slugger award in 1987 and 1988. Throughout that time Dave Parker who the Brewers signed for the 1990 season also won the silver slugger award and two years later Pat Listach won the American League Rookie of the Year award. 

    By 1998, following the introduction of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Brewers left the American League to join the National League. After 26 years in the wilderness, the Brewers finally broke their drought when they met the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2008 NLDS, but lost the series 3-1. 

    They returned in 2011, after finishing first in the National League Central, and managed to go one better as they fought off the Diamondbacks in the NLDS claiming their first postseason victory since 1982, but fell to the St Louis Cardinals in the NLCS. 

    The Brewers had to wait a further six years before the next showing, but it would prove to be worth the wait as the Brewers have made the postseason in all of their last three seasons, with 2018 arguably their best season as they made it to the NLCS (albeit a defeat to the LA Dodgers). 

    The Brewers have since then backed it up with back-to-back NLCS, but haven’t been able to advance. Their most recent showing was an NLCS defeat to the LA Dodgers in the 2020 season. 

    Expert 2021 Picks & Preview on Milwaukee Brewers

    If you are a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers then you know that the only thing that matters right now is how they are expected to perform in the 2021 season. Do the Milwaukee Brewers have the star power to make it all the way to the playoffs in 2021? 

    As soon as more information about the next season comes to light, we will provide our expert MLB picks and preview for the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2021 season, so make sure you stay tuned!

    Milwaukee Brewers Betting & Odds History

    The Brewers started the season with +3300 odds and an opening day defeat on July 24 didn’t get the Brewers off to the start they wanted, however, they ended July with a 3-3 record. By the time August came around the Brewers suffered two defeats and two postponements as the Brewers began August with +4167. 

    After two wins, by August 6 they dropped down to +3500. From there on they suffered a mixed bag of results; they rose up to +4667 on the 14th on the back of two successive losses. However, their value dropped down to +3667 on the 17th and to +3500 on August 21. 

    September didn’t get off to the best of starts as they were at their highest value of the season operating at +5000 on September 2, and they only had two wins from their opening five games. 

    It got worse for them 13 days later, as they were valued at +5500 despite winning three games from their previous five, even though they were going okay on the field, their odds continued to rise and by the 26th they were valued at +6600. 

    While the Brewers only managed two wins in their last five games of the season, the Brewers finished the season with +3500 on September 28th, before they played in the wildcards. The Brewers season concluded when they lost to the Dodgers in the NLWC. 

    While the Brewers made it to the postseason for the third time in a row, they finished last when looking at the run line for the season as they ended up with a record of 23-39-0. 

    They stayed in the same position when they were the home team with a record of 10-20-0. They did move up four places as they were ranked 26th when they were the away side with a record of 13-19-0. 

    When looking at the over / under record, the Brewers had an overall record of 25-32-5 placing them 26th in the league. They continued to rise up the table when they were the home team as they were ranked 13th in the MLB with a record of 14-14-2. However, they slid back to the bottom half of the table when they were the away side ranking 27th in the league with a record of 11-18-3. 

    Milwaukee Brewers FAQ

    Still got some burning questions about the Milwaukee Brewers? Well, we have answered some of the most common questions people have, hopefully, you will find the answer you are looking for below! 

    Where do the Milwaukee Brewers play?

    The Milwaukee Brewers play at Miller Park.

    Who owns the Milwaukee Brewers? 

    Mark Attanasio owns the Milwaukee Brewers. 

    Have the Milwaukee Brewers won an MLB World Series?

    The Milwaukee Brewers have not won a World Series but did appear in the 1982 edition. 

    Who is the Milwaukee Brewers general manager?

    Craig Counsell is the general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. 

    Do the Milwaukee Brewers play tonight?

    Are you wondering if the Milwaukee Brewers are playing tonight? Well, SportsTips has all the details you need about the upcoming Milwaukee Brewers games! Make sure you check this page at the top for all the details you are looking for.

    What is the Milwaukee Brewers record?

    The Milwaukee Brewers had a 31-29 record in the 2020 season. 

    Did the Milwaukee Brewers win last night?

    Fans of the Milwaukee Brewers are all wanting to know if they won the game last night. You can find more information in relation to the team’s recent form in games on the page at the top.

    How much are the Milwaukee Brewers worth?

    According to Forbes Magazine, the Milwaukee Brewers are worth $1.2 billion. 

    Who do the Milwaukee Brewers play tonight?

    Like a lot of things in the MLB, things change pretty quickly. So, if you are looking for more information about who the Milwaukee Brewers play tonight, you have come to the right place. We have all this information for you in detail, you can find these details for upcoming games at the top of the page.

    How to watch the Milwaukee Brewers?

    You can watch Milwaukee Brewers games on Fox Sports Wisconsin and on MLB.TV. 

    Will the Milwaukee Brewers make the playoffs this year?

    The Milwaukee Brewers did make it to the postseason as they finished with a 29-31 win-loss record which saw them play in the National League Wildcard Series losing to the LA Dodgers.

    Will the Milwaukee Brewers get the 1st pick in the MLB draft?

    The Milwaukee Brewers have the number 15 pick in the 2021 draft. 

    When do the Milwaukee Brewers play?

    Milwaukee Brewers fans are always looking for more information about when their team plays the next game. For all the information you have been craving and more, be sure to check the top of this page. Here at SportsTips, we list all the information you need like the time of the first pitch, location of the game, and the all-important MLB odds.

    Where did the Milwaukee Brewers finish the season?

    The Milwaukee Brewers finished fourth in the National League Central Division and made it to the NLCS however, they lost to the LA Dodgers. 

    How many games did the Milwaukee Brewers win?

    The Milwaukee Brewers won 29 games in the 2020 season.