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    Our Guide To UFC Betting

    You’ll find various contenders during a fight card, from newcomers to UFC to veterans who have been around for a while. The excitement of UFC competitions is made even greater by how you can place your bets on all these events. 

    You can bet on UFC fights throughout the year, including all the Fight Night and pay-per-view events. Whether it’s an undercard event at the UFC Apex center in Las Vegas or a title bout on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, you’ll find many bets for all the fights.

    But the best tip is to note your UFC betting efforts well, as you’ll find many wagering choices. You must also note how each fighter competes, as some contenders will be better UFC betting picks than you expect.

    UFC Betting Odds

    Review the UFC betting odds for each bout, as you’ll find many wagering options that go beyond the final result. You could bet on things like:

    • Who will win a fight
    • How long the fight will last, including whether a fight will reach a specific round
    • If a person will win a fight by unanimous decision, split decision, knockout, or submission

    The number of UFC betting picks you can choose from will vary by bout. You will likely come across more picks during a main event or title fight, with those events lasting five rounds instead of the traditional three.

    The payouts you could get from the UFC betting odds are substantial. This point makes finding the UFC best bets for the evening all the more essential. You can use our reporting at SportsTips to see who’s worth picking. We’ll highlight the UFC odds for each fight and showcase the best fighters for the evening. 

    We’ll include reports on how these fighters compete and how flexible they are when competing. SportsTips will be there when you’re looking for extra help with your UFC betting needs.

    The UFC betting odds you find for each bout will vary. You might find a close bout where the favorite has a -125 line, and the underdog is at -105. But there might also be a heavy favorite for one match with a -315 line while the underdog holds a +245 mark.

    You could also find unique odds for all the props surrounding a match. A submission competitor who is the favorite might have a -120 line to win by submission or a +150 mark to win by decision.

    You can also see UFC betting odds for how long a match will last. You could see odds of +300 for a match to end in the first round, +200 to end in the second round, and -120 for the fight to go the distance. SportsTips will recommend the UFC best bets for each bout. We’ll highlight which wagers are worthwhile based on our fight projections and what odds will pay out more.

    UFC Betting Picks & Predictions

    We’ll provide the smartest UFC betting picks you can utilize for each event on a fight card. Our reporting will reveal ideas on what to expect for your UFC betting needs based on these points:

    • The fighting styles between the two contenders, including if someone is a specialist in one field
    • How well each person can adapt to different fighting styles
    • Whether someone might aim for a decision, knockout, or submission victory
    • How long the fight may last based on the fighters’ general performance and fighting styles
    • Prior results from these fighters, including how they finish their matches and how long those events last
    • Injuries these contenders have been bearing with as of late
    • How active these fighters have been, including if someone was a late addition to the card

    Our UFC betting picks surround all these factors and more. We’ll provide a complete report on each fighter to see what you should review when making your bets. SportsTips is here to help you every step of the way when it comes to UFC picks and predictions.

    UFC Betting Online

    UFC is one of the most gambling-friendly sports organizations in the country. UFC television broadcasts even directly list the odds for each fighter before a match starts. You’ll find UFC betting opportunities throughout the country, as many sportsbooks will have various wagering options for each match.

    All the best sportsbooks might have different ideas for what the odds for these matches should feature. A fighter might have a -130 line on one sportsbook, but will also have a -110 line elsewhere. One sportsbook might have more of an interest in one fighter than another.

    We’ll provide reports on all the UFC betting odds available through different sportsbooks. Our side-by-side comparisons of these wagering lines will help you find where you should place your wagers.

    We recommend registering for accounts with multiple sportsbooks in your area to ensure you can easily access the best UFC betting odds that we report. We also recommend this since you’ll qualify for more special bonuses and reward programs provided by these sportsbooks.

    UFC Best Bets

    Who should you consider when placing your UFC bets? The answer will vary by match, but you must understand how the two fighters compete and what you can expect out of both of them. SportsTips will report on the possible events that can take place during a match and if someone could win.

    Our UFC best bets will highlight the most appealing parties and which specific bets you should utilize. Whether it entails picking on fighters with specific styles or thinking about how long the bout could last, we at SportsTips will provide the smartest reports for your UFC betting needs.

    You’ll see the most viable picks for the game and what UFC betting odds will pay the most money when they succeed. We’ll even recommend UFC parlays worth exploring, including ones that may cover three or four separate bouts on a card. We check every match on a card to see what you should explore when planning your UFC betting picks.

    How UFC Betting Impacts Odds

    Sometimes the bets people place on UFC bouts can influence the odds. Some people may place bets on an underdog because that fighter might be more appealing. The wagering activity on the bout may become one-sided, especially if there’s a fighter with a +500 or greater line to win.

    A sportsbook may adjust the line to keep it from losing as much money if the underdog wins. The shift in these odds also encourages people to see if the favorite is worthwhile. The best thing you can do when planning your UFC best bets is to plan them as soon as possible while having enough knowledge about the fighters. 

    SportsTips will provide the smartest UFC betting picks you can use before a bout, giving you an idea of what bets you should place before a sportsbook trims the lines. Sometimes it’s best to go after an underdog good before the line drops, but in other cases we may recommend you wait to place a bet on a favorite until the value gets closer to even money.

    SportsTips is here to help you every step of the way when it comes to UFC. If you are looking for more information in relation to this sport, please make sure you visit our UFC hub page, as we have all the details you need.

    UFC Betting FAQs

    How does UFC betting work?

    UFC betting entails picking on which of two competitors you feel will win in each bout. You can place a bet on which fighter will win a match, how long the fight might last, and the method of victory.

    How do you bet on UFC fights?

    You can review the betting choices for a match and pick what you feel will happen. You can make basic UFC betting picks on who will win the fight outright. You could also place a wager on specifics surrounding what will happen during the competition.

    Do all UFC bets have to entail who is going to win?

    You could plan some UFC betting picks on how long the bout will last. You can place an over / under bet on how many rounds the fight will last. Another wager entails picking on whether a fight will reach a specific round, or if the event will go the distance. You might find better odds on a five-round main event or title fight than if you were to bet on a three-round competition.

    Who should you bet on the UFC today?

    The answer will vary by card and who’s competing. SportsTips will provide reports on who you should consider for your UFC betting demands.

    Can I place a live bet on UFC events?

    You can place a live bet on any UFC competition. The odds you find on a sportsbook will vary, but they can include updated lines on who will win and how long the fight will last. You could also find prop bets on things like how many significant strikes or takedowns someone might complete.

    Can I legally bet on UFC events?

    UFC betting is legal, and the organization also endorses wagering on events. The organization provides regular reports on which fighters have the best odds based on what sportsbooks in Las Vegas are reporting. 

    You can also bet on UFC events in your state thanks to the organization getting certification to be open for wagering where you live. The specific sportsbooks available in your area will vary. You should look to check the various rules in your specific state to see which sportsbooks are open.

    How can I win when betting on UFC matches?

    You can win when you plan the UFC best bets for the event. You have a greater chance of success if you review how each fighter competes and what you can expect in a match. SportsTips will provide a review of all the things that may happen in a match and what you can expect for all your wagering needs.

    Are the UFC odds going to be different for specific fights in certain weight classes?

    The weight class for a fight is not going to influence the odds. A sportsbook will dictate the odds surrounding who has the best chance to win a match. Check our reports on SportsTips to see what you might expect when looking at certain fighters.

    Can you place UFC parlays on different fights?

    Parlays are available for many fights, and SportsTips will profile the best parlays to explore when placing your bets. You can calculate how much you’ll earn from a parlay by taking the decimal odds for each bout and multiplying them together.

    Not all fights will be eligible for a parlay due to the odds for some events being too lofty. A bout with an underdog holding a +800 line may not be eligible for a parlay, for example. You might also not find parlays for two or more bets on the same bout.

    Are futures wagers available for UFC events?

    Futures betting is available, although these are for possible fights that might take place later. A sportsbook can draft futures wagers on prospective fights with the assumption that the event will occur at some point. A bet may be a push if the event does not take place, or it does not occur within the timeframe the sportsbook recommends.

    How early can the UFC odds for a match appear?

    The odds for a UFC fight can appear as soon as it is officially announced. For example, the organization might announce the title fight of a pay-per-view event a month before it takes place. You could find the initial odds for that bout on a sportsbook not long after the announcement. The odds may continue to change as the event comes closer.

    A fighter had to pull out of a match a few hours beforehand. I placed a bet on that fight. What happens to my UFC bet?

    Your bet would be a push, meaning you will get a full refund on your wager. Since the fighter in question is no longer competing, it would be impossible to resolve any bets. Therefore, your bet will result in a push.

    What would happen to my UFC bet if the fight is a no-contest?

    A no-contest refers to when the bout ends with no winner or loser. The bout is not a tie, but it is an event that ends for reasons outside the fighters’ control. For instance, both fighters might become injured at the same time. Both fighters could also strike each other at once and knock each other out. 

    Since the fight cannot continue and it would be impossible to fairly grade who was the better contender leading up to the event, the fight will be a no contest. Any bet you place that entails a no contest would become a push. The fight is not being ruled as a tie, thus meaning you would not lose your wager.

    What happens if the UFC fight ties?

    You will lose your bet if the fight ends in a tie. There should be an option to place a bet on a tie taking place. The odds for this may be lofty, but it is a possible event that could happen due to either one or three judges having the same score for each fighter.