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    SportsTips Guide To Tennis

    The sport of tennis is one of the most exciting games to watch. It is a sport that entails men and women competing on a court in a test of strength, speed, agility, and strategy. Only the best men and women can win the world’s top tennis competitions, including majors like Wimbledon and the French Open.

    You can place bets on various tennis competitions throughout the year. But tennis betting can be a challenge, as it’s often tough to predict how some matches will move. You’ve got many options to consider for your tennis picks as well, including prop wagers.

    Tennis Odds

    You’ve got many options to review when checking out the best tennis betting odds. Sportsbooks from around the world offer intriguing lines for various tennis matches. You can find tennis odds in many forms, including for:

    • Who will win a match
    • Over / under bets on how many games will take place
    • Spread bets surrounding how many games a player will win by
    • Bets on who will win a tournament
    • Specials on who will advance the furthest and other factors
    • Assorted prop bets, including alternate lines and other factors

    The choices you can utilize will vary by each event. You’re more likely to find a most significant assortment of Wimbledon odds than you would for a smaller competition. Each match could have dozens of unique bets worth exploring. 

    It’s tough enough to review all these odds, but it is even harder to see which sportsbook has the most appealing tennis betting odds. That’s where our service at SportsTips comes in handy. We will help you find the best tennis odds for every competition. We provide reports on who has the best chance to win specific matches.

    The most substantial part about tennis odds is that they can reflect the house edge a sportsbook holds. Sometimes a sportsbook might have significantly different odds for one match because it wants to ensure it doesn’t lose as much on successful wagers. One sportsbook might have a player winning with a -105 line, while another could hold a -120 bet. 

    Visit our tennis odds page to learn more about how these lines work and how we use them when planning our tennis predictions. We will help you see what you can get out of Wimbledon odds or lines for any other competition throughout the ATP and WTA seasons.

    US Open Odds

    The US Open is an exciting tournament that brings many of the best tennis players from around the world to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York every September. You’ll find many people competing on acrylic hard outdoor courts during this tournament.

    SportsTips can provide you the best US Open odds for this event. These US Open odds can come from many things like how well people can compete on hard court surfaces or how well a player has been competing as of late. We’ll help you see who you should consider when planning your US Open predictions by supplying the most appealing tennis odds for the event.

    Wimbledon Odds

    Wimbledon is seen by many as the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament. The competition entails players competing on grass courts at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London every July.

    The Wimbledon odds you’ll find can include reports surrounding how players might compete on grass courts. You could even find unique Wimbledon odds that can change based on weather conditions. 

    The Centre Court and No. 1 Court both feature retractable roof covers, which could influence the odds. Our experts at SportsTips will let you know who has the best chance to win at Wimbledon, plus reports on how the odds might change based on the weather.

    French Open Odds

    The clay courts of Paris’ Stade Roland Garros come alive every May for the French Open. The unique clay surfaces around Rolando Garros make this one of the toughest tournaments for people to predict. 

    The French Open odds you find may show some interesting predictions, especially as some players may do better on clay courts than others. Those professionals might have more experience on clay, giving them an advantage.

    SportsTips will highlight the best French Open odds from many sportsbooks. We’ll also include reports on which players do better on clay courts on average, as these might influence the tennis odds you find on some sportsbooks.

    Australian Open Odds

    The Australian Open is often a wild card in the tennis season for many reasons. It’s not easy for people to travel to Melbourne Park in January to compete in the event, leading to many surprising players on the Australian Open odds board. 

    Sometimes the retractable roof at the Rod Laver Arena or Margaret Court Arena might be closed, with the heat in Melbourne becoming intense at times. 

    The change in weather conditions could influence the Australian Open predictions one could make. SportsTips will help you find Australian Open odds from multiple sportsbooks. The reporting will help you find who’s worthy of your bets.

    Tennis Picks & Predictions

    You’ve got an assortment of choices to consider when making your tennis predictions. Some small tournaments may have 32 people competing for a title. Major events like Wimbledon or the US Open have 128 people in a singles tournament.

    All those names can make for a crowded competition. The odds are you might not know about some of the people who are competing for a title. Our experts at SportsTips can check on how each of these players are competing and make tennis predictions you can trust. We analyze each competitor and see how they are performing.

    We base our tennis picks on many factors, including these:

    • How well a player has been competing
    • The strength of someone’s prior competition, including if that someone is playing against higher-rated opponents
    • Whether a player has got enough rest; someone who has been playing in more tournaments as of late might develop fatigue
    • The amount of travel required for an event; lengthy travel to a country might make it tough for some to prepare for a tournament
    • The overall draw for an event, including what potential opponents a person may face
    • Weather conditions in the area, including whether a match will be indoors or outdoors depending on the venue
    • The court surface; some players do better on specific surfaces than others

    You might not have as much time to look around and figure out the best tennis predictions for your betting needs. But we at SportsTips will provide the details you demand, whether it entails US Open predictions or choices for a smaller event.

    We provide a smart approach to tennis predictions today. Explore our tennis picks and predictions page to learn what’s available. You can use our picks when you’re trying to find the answers you need for your wagering demands.

    US Open Picks & Predictions

    The US Open brings in many of the best players from around the world, but it can be tough to wade through that immense list of competitors. You might also not know who is best on the hard courts they play on while in Flushing Meadows.

    We at SportsTips will analyze competitors in the event when making our US Open expert picks. We’ll provide detailed US Open predictions that include how we feel different matches will go and what you can expect. Our reports are suitable for all your tennis betting needs, whether for a first round event or the title match.

    Wimbledon Picks & Predictions

    The challenge of making Wimbledon predictions can be substantial, especially since Wimbledon is one of the toughest tournaments for anyone to win. Wimbledon brings out the best in the world’s top tennis players, so there’s no telling what could happen.

    Our experts at SportsTips will review the players competing in Wimbledon and make the smartest tennis predictions based on many factors. We’ll monitor the players’ latest performances, how they compete against other opponents, and how they can handle a grass playing field. Our Wimbledon predictions will help you see everything surrounding how well a match can go and what you could expect out of a competition.

    French Open Picks & Predictions

    You might not consider clay playing surfaces as much as others, what with clay courts being more prominent in Europe and South America. But we at SportsTips can help you see who you should pick for your French Open bets. 

    We’ll provide smart French Open predictions that highlight players who perform well on clay and can handle the unique conditions of Roland Garros. We’ll also guide you towards the best French Open odds you should select.

    You’ll enjoy the French Open predictions we will provide for your wagering needs. You’ll have an easier time winning more money when you make the right picks that we at SportsTips can provide for your wagering needs.

    Australian Open Picks & Predictions

    It’s also hard to pick who will win the Australian Open, as it is a relatively early event that kicks off the calendar year. Many tennis professionals might have been resting for a while before the tournament. The fact that it’s not as easy for some professionals to travel to Melbourne for the event makes it tough to plan the right Australian Open predictions.

    But you don’t have to worry about not knowing much about who will win the event. We’ll provide the smartest Australian Open predictions you can use. We can include picks based on who can handle the GreenSet acrylic hard court surface the best. We can also adjust these tennis picks surrounding how well a player may compete if a match takes place with the roof closed.

    Tennis Betting

    Have you taken a look at some of the many tennis betting choices you could consider for each match? You can place multiple tennis picks on the same match if you wish. Our experts at SportsTips will help you see which tennis picks are worth utilizing for each match. The assortment of tennis betting options to consider includes some of the best options around. 

    You can find tennis betting odds on things like these:

    • Who will win the match
    • Over / under totals for the number of games or sets in the match
    • Spread bets for the games or sets that a person will win by
    • Match specials, including if someone will serve the most aces or serve the least double faults
    • Alternate total game or set lines
    • Alternate game spreads
    • Set exacta bets, including which specific sets a person will win or lose
    • The proper set scores that appear during the match
    • Who will serve the most aces or double faults

    You could find dozens of tennis picks for each match. You may find even more tennis odds to explore during a major, especially for Wimbledon. SportsTips’ analysis and predictions will help you figure out which of these picks are best, plus what tennis betting odds you should consider the most.

    Our analysis will help you see what makes each player tick. You’ll learn about each competitor’s skills and what wagers might be the most viable. We will provide these reports to help you see what could happen in a match.

    You can trust our tennis betting tips at SportsTips. Visit our tennis betting page to learn about how we produce the best tennis betting tips for all punters. The world of tennis odds can be complex, but we’ll help you sort your way through all the choices available for a match.

    US Open Betting

    Our US Open picks will reveal many betting choices worth noting. Sometimes a match might become close to where it will entail five sets. This point will lead to more games being played in that match. You could use a report like ours to dictate whatever props you wish to employ. 

    Our US Open predictions will cover many things that may happen in a match. We’ll establish our tennis betting tips surrounding how these professionals have been competing as of late and what their playing styles feature. You can use our US Open expert picks for every match throughout the tournament, including the final.

    Wimbledon Betting

    The vast popularity and competitive nature of Wimbledon make it one of the toughest events for wagering. You’ll find more Wimbledon odds than what you’d see for other majors. Our experts at SportsTips will help you see which Wimbledon predictions you should stick with when placing your bets. 

    We can recommend unique prop bets or total or spread wagers based on the Wimbledon predictions we establish at the start. You can also check on how our betting choices can vary based on whether the roof at the Centre Court is open or closed. We provide complete tennis betting picks for matches at Wimbledon.

    French Open Betting

    You can use our French Open predictions to see what tennis picks on the betting market are worthwhile. Our analysis of matches highlights what works well on a clay court and how the match can move, helping you see which props or alternate lines are best. 

    Our predictions include detailed reports on the potential number of sets and games that will take place in each match. You can use these points to plan the French Open predictions that will pay out the most money. Our work is available for all parts of the French Open, including the earliest rounds and the championship game.

    Australian Open Betting

    The odds are you might not think much about your Australian Open predictions. It will have been a bit of time between major tournaments, plus most of the matches take place during the overnight hours in the United States. But you don’t have to skip this major. You can use our Australian Open predictions to find the smartest wagering choices. 

    We can give you the tennis betting tips you need for making more from the Australian Open. Each tip includes a full report on what you should consider for your wager and what makes certain tips more viable than others.

    Tennis FAQs

    Where can I find the best tennis odds?

    SportsTips provides reports on the best odds for all tennis betting needs. You can find odds on all the top majors through SportsTips, including US Open odds during the summer and Australian Open odds in the winter. You can also find picks for various smaller events throughout the year. These include some competitions that serve as qualifiers for people aiming to reach major events.

    How do free tennis picks work?

    Our free tennis picks profile many points surrounding each tennis match taking place. We provide tennis betting tips surrounding the recent performance of the two people in a match. We will cover how well the players have been competing as of late and how well they play on certain surfaces. Our tips include detailed reports on what you should consider when planning your picks, making it easier to manage.

    How do I bet on a tennis match?

    You can wager on tennis matches by looking at who you feel will perform the best. You can place a straight-up bet for someone to win, or you can place a spread bet. Spread bets are available in set and game forms. 

    You could wager that someone will cover a spread and win by a specific number of games, or you can do the same with the number of sets. Set spreads are more likely to appear in tournaments where up to five sets may take place instead of three.

    Over / under total wagers are also available. Most over / under bets entail the number of games that will take place in a match. You may find some over / under wagers on the number of sets, but that is more likely to appear in best-of-five matches.

    What tennis prop wagers can I enjoy?

    You can find some tennis prop bets on the market, but you’re more likely to see these for major tournaments. These prop wagers include ones on who will complete the most aces or the fewest double faults, who will win specific sets, and who will reach a certain number of games first. The props you’ll find will vary by competition, but you could find dozens of them.

    Can I place a bet on who will win a tennis tournament altogether?

    You can place a bet on the outright winner of a tennis tournament if you wish. The payouts are higher, as there are dozens of people competing to win. The odds for the tournament winner will stay online throughout the event. The odds will shift based on who is still playing, how well each person is competing, and other factors.

    You could earn more money on a successful wager if you place your bet before the tournament begins. Sometimes a player’s odds may be significantly higher before the tournament than when it begins. But in doing so, you are also risking issues like a player becoming injured or struggling in tournaments leading up to the match, making it less likely that player will win.

    What are the alternate lines for a tennis match?

    Alternate lines refer to spread and over / under bets that are different from the original lines. Some alternate lines may be more profitable than others. For example, a match could have an over / under of 38.5 games being played with a -115 payout for either bet. You could also find a 41.5 alternate line with a +125 payout for the over and a -165 mark for the opposite.

    Can I place parlay bets on tennis matches?

    Parlay wagering is not available on tennis matches. While you can make as many bets on a single match as you wish, they must all be treated separately from one another.

    Can I legally bet on tennis matches?

    You can legally wager on tennis matches that take place throughout the world. You can find many sportsbooks throughout the United States that accept wagers on tennis competitions. There may be rules surrounding how old a tennis player has to be if you wish to place a bet on that specific match. 

    A player might have to be at least eighteen years of age for that player’s match to be eligible for wagering. The good news for tennis punters is that most matches have contenders who are old enough for wagering.

    Some of the people I am finding on a sportsbook for tennis bets have numbers next to their names. What does that mean?

    The number refers to the seed the player has in a tournament. A higher-seeded player has a better chance of winning than a lower-seeded or unranked person. The seeds may be dictated by a draw, but they are usually determined by the player’s ATP or WTA rankings.

    You should not assume that a person with a higher seed has the advantage. Our experts at SportsTips can check on each competitor to see why he or she is ranked at that spot. We’ll provide recommendations on which lower-ranked people might have the best chance of winning their matches.

    Where can I find a tennis betting guide?

    SportsTips has a guide that illustrates how you can place bets on tennis matches. You can learn about how tennis betting odds work and what you can expect out of a match. You can also see how to analyze different matches when making your tennis predictions today. The guide helps you see what you can do when being more successful with your bets.

    How do tennis betting odds work?

    Tennis betting odds are dictated by what sportsbooks are thinking about specific matches. Oddsmakers can plan their tennis predictions today and set their odds based on what they feel will happen. A tennis professional with a greater negative number will be the favorite to win. A player with a lower negative number or a higher positive one will be the underdog.

    The payout will vary based on the odds. A favorite with a -165 line to win will pay out $100 on a winning bet if you wager $165. An underdog with a +125 line will pay $125 if you bet $100 and are successful.

    How high or low can the odds get for tennis matches?

    The odds of tennis matches can shift at any time. A competitor might have a line of -500 or more if that person is a heavy favorite. A heavy underdog could have a +500 or higher line.

    Can I place my bets on live tennis matches?

    You can bet on live matches, but the odds will shift based on the current score and how many games or sets could take place. Review our tennis betting tips before placing any live bets, and see that the current results are matching up with our original tennis predictions today.

    Are there any substantial differences between ATP and WTA matches to be aware of before I place my bets?

    There are no real differences between Association of Tennis Professionals or Womens Tennis Association competitions. The odds for these tennis matches are drafted the same way.

    Are there any unique wagering options available for tennis doubles matches?

    Wagering is available on doubles matches, including at various major tournaments. There are no unique prop bets or other wagering options to see for doubles matches. The two people on each side will be treated the same way as a singles competitor.

    I have the option to bet on specific sets in a tennis match. Why would I want to place my bet on those sets?

    You could place a bet on individual sets if you feel that a tennis player might have more momentum at the start of the match. You could also do this for later sets if you feel one person might not be as worn out as the other as the match progresses. SportsTips can give you recommendations on whether you should place bets on those sets.

    I placed a bet on the results of a later set on a tennis match, and the match ended before it could reach that set. What happens to my bet?

    There may be a case where you bet on the third set of a match or later, but the match ends before it can reach that set. The result will vary based on the type of bet you placed. If you placed a bet on the set result in general, the wager might be a push. You would get a refund on your bet in this case.

    If you placed a prop wager that covers an entire match, your bet becomes a loss. You would have wagered that a match would go in one direction, but it did not get to that point. The rules for what works for such a bet will vary by sportsbook. Check the rules with whatever sportsbook you wish to utilize to see what can work with such a bet.

    One of the tennis prop wagering options I am finding entails betting on who will get more aces. What does that mean?

    An ace is a legal serve that the receiver does not touch. You can bet on who you feel will get more aces, or if an ace will occur at some point.

    I also see that I could bet on who will get more double faults, or if one will happen in a tennis match. What does that term mean?

    A double fault occurs when a player is unsuccessful at serving the ball twice in a row. A fault occurs when a server doesn’t land in the opponent’s service box. A double fault is where it happens twice in a row, causing the server to lose the point.