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    Our Guide To NHL Picks & Predictions

    When NHL betting, come to SportsTips as we will help you plan your picks and parlays by highlighting the best predictions for who will win a game. We’ll explain how to bet on the NHL for all of the upcoming games, review everything surrounding a matchup and provide the smartest NHL expert picks you can trust. You can trust our free NHL picks when you’re trying to plan the picks that include the best payouts.

    We cover all of the different NHL betting strategies to provide predictions for every part of the season, from general NHL season predictions to picks on specific playoff series.

    How Our NHL Picks & Predictions Work

    If you are wondering how NHL picks work, our team at SportsTips checks on every part of a game when making our NHL predictions. We review many aspects for our NHL expert picks, including points surrounding these features:

    • Recent performances of each team
    • How the two teams have competed against one another in the past
    • The goaltender matchup
    • Roster changes, including details on scratches and line shifts
    • How the pace of play could shift based on prior events

    Our NHL predictions come from each of these points and many others. We will provide a full write-up on each game to let you know what’s going on with a matchup and what you can expect out of the game.

    You can trust our reports during every part of the season, including during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Our NHL playoff predictions will be useful, especially considering how they often entail games between teams that don’t play one another as often.

    NHL Expert Picks & Analysis

    Our NHL predictions at SportsTips will help you figure out which bets you should consider the most. Some wagering choices are more enticing than others based on their NHL odds, but some NHL picks and parlays are more likely to happen than others. 

    We’ll help you note which specific NHL picks are right, as we will monitor details on such choices as:

    • Moneyline
    • Puck line
    • Over / under
    • Alternate lines and over / unders
    • Team and player props
    • Three-way moneyline bets
    • Futures picks

    Our free NHL picks will help you see which team has the most momentum, which will have the best chance to win, and what the pace of the game might be like. We examine how NHL odds work in order to give you NHL expert picks surrounding everything that fits the game and what betting choices could be the most profitable. You’ll have an easier time planning your NHL picks and parlays when you know what to expect out of a game.

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    Free NHL Picks

    You don’t have to sign up with a premium membership website to get NHL expert picks. You also don’t need to call a 1-900 number to find details on which picks you should place. Our team at SportsTips will provide the free NHL picks you deserve for every game.

    We will check every part of an NHL game to see what you should go after for the day’s action. We’ll let you know the best picks for a game, what props you should consider, and what sportsbooks provide the best odds surrounding these NHL predictions.

    We’ll also help you with your NHL playoff predictions when the time comes around. We’ll give you the NHL picks you need for every round of the playoffs, including during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You can also find appealing options for NHL picks and parlays. Check with us to find the best NHL game predictions tonight.

    NHL Picks & Parlays

    You’ll be surprised as to what you could win on a parlay ticket. You can take the decimal odds for each pick on your ticket and multiply them together to see your possible payout. A pick on a -155 line for a team to win a game and a -135 line for the game to go over the goal total will result in a 2.863 bet, meaning you will win about $186 on a $100 parlay.

    Our experts at SportsTips will give you ideas for what NHL picks and parlays you should plan for the day’s action. We can recommend multiple games, or even multiple props and other wagers for individual matches. 

    Our NHL picks include not only who we feel will win, but also a score projection and what specific things have the best chance of happening during the game. We’ll provide enough NHL expert picks to help you plan the best parlays.

    NHL Playoff Predictions

    You can also find NHL playoff picks through SportsTips. The Stanley Cup playoffs are one of the most exciting times in the annual sports calendar. Our NHL playoff predictions will check on every match and see which teams have the best shot at winning.

    We will plan our NHL playoff predictions over many points, including these:

    • How these teams competed with one another during the regular season, especially if they’re in the same division
    • Goaltender matchups
    • How often these teams have played in general as of late
    • Which players have the most momentum and are the most active
    • Roster changes based on injuries, line shifts, and more
    • Home ice advantage

    Our free NHL picks are available during every round of the playoffs, including the Stanley Cup Finals. We provide NHL playoff picks to give everyone a shot at winning big during the most important time of the NHL season.

    NHL Picks & Predictions FAQs

    How do you read NHL picks?

    You can review our free NHL picks based on many factors, including:

    • What the two clubs have been doing in the last few matches
    • Which players have the most momentum
    • Who has been struggling the most
    • How the goaltender matchup appears
    • Noteworthy roster changes

    Our NHL predictions work through these and other factors.

    How does the puck line work for a NHL game?

    Many of our NHL predictions entail going on the puck line. The line is a measure of what bookmakers feel will happen during a match based on the margin of victory.

    You can place a bet on a -1.5 favorite to win by two or more goals. You could also pick a +1.5 underdog to win outright or to lose by one goal. Our NHL betting predictions can help you see if you should stick with a specific puck line bet.

    How soon will your NHL predictions be made available?

    We’ll provide our NHL betting predictions as soon as we can. We’ll check the odds on a game and then review the matchups hours before the first puck drop. We take our time in checking on each part of a game when making our NHL expert picks.

    How many picks are in the NHL Draft?

    The NHL Draft features more than two hundred picks on average. The draft is a critical time for teams looking to build their farm systems. Our experts at SportsTips can help you plan free NHL picks surrounding what will happen during the draft, including picks on who may be drafted first.

    How many items can you add in your NHL parlay?

    You can include as many picks as you wish in your parlay ticket. But while the payout will be higher when you have more picks, the odds of you winning won’t be as strong. SportsTips can assist you in figuring out the best NHL picks and parlays for a day’s action.

    How high can be moneyline bets on a NHL game reach?

    There’s no telling how high or low the moneyline values can be for games. Sometimes these picks might not be worthwhile if the odds are too poor. A team with a -650 line to win might not be appealing, what with you having to wager $650 to win $100. Our NHL expert picks will help you find choices that pay out more, as we’ll look for lines with more enticing odds that can pay out well.

    Do you offer picks for AHL hockey?

    While we offer NHL hockey picks, we do not have AHL hockey picks at the moment. While AHL games are critical to the development of many players hoping to reach the NHL, it isn’t easy to analyze minor league games. The constantly shifting rosters make it hard for our experts to make proper choices. We prefer to stick with making NHL picks because of this point.

    Can you place bets on preseason NHL games?

    While you could make picks on preseason games, we do not provide free NHL picks surrounding these games. Many preseason games entail players who have never played in the NHL before.

    The competitive nature of a preseason match isn’t as strong, especially as teams are trying to figure out which players are worthwhile for the regular season. You could still plan for NHL picks and parlays during the preseason, but we wouldn’t recommend this point.

    How often can the odds for an NHL game change?

    The best NHL picks today are made with odds that come at varying times, but sometimes the odds can change in a moment. The odds may change due to an injury, an abrupt roster change, or even a coaching shift. 

    Sometimes oddsmakers might have their own NHL playoff predictions or other thoughts that influence how they think a game will play. SportsTips will let you know about any of these changes as you’re planning your free NHL picks for the day.

    How is the NHL MVP picked?

    The winner of the Hart Trophy for the league’s most valuable player is picked by members of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association. The members will determine which player made the most significant contribution to his team during the regular season.

    SportsTips offers details on futures bets, including for the Hart Trophy winner and other NHL award winners. Many of the earliest odds are based on NHL season predictions, but those odds can shift after a while.

    How are NHL All-Star Game participants chosen?

    The fans will start by voting on specific players who they feel should be the captains or leaders of their teams. The coaches of each team will then dictate the remaining players. But each division also has a final fan vote where the public can pick the last person who will join a team.

    Can you place bets on the NHL All-Star Game?

    You can also make NHL picks on the All-Star Game. Our team will provide the best NHL betting predictions for the game, including points on which division has the best roster and how well the players contend against people from other divisions. Our NHL tips focus on reviewing each player and how well one could compete with others on the same team.

    How many NHL prop bets are available for each game?

    The number of NHL picks available on the prop market will vary by game. You could find more of these props when making your NHL playoff predictions, as it is easier for sportsbooks to produce more props when there are fewer games in a day.

    You can find dozens of prop bets on average, including ones for individual players. Most of the props you’ll find will focus on an entire team’s performance. SportsTips will help you find the right NHL expert picks tonight for all prop markets.

    How much time is there between NHL games for a single team?

    The timing between games can influence some NHL hockey picks. An average NHL team will have one or two days between games, but some teams might be scheduled to play on back-to-back days. These include cases where a team plays at home one night and then on the road the next day.

    Our experts at SportsTips will factor back-to-back games when looking at our NHL hockey picks. You can use this to consider possible NHL predictions tomorrow or today, as fatigue can play a part in some games. There’s also a chance a team will switch goaltenders between these games.

    The same point applies when planning our NHL playoff predictions. Sometimes a playoff series may have games on consecutive days. You can review our free NHL picks today to see how these and other factors can enter our NHL playoff picks.