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    Our Guide To Horse Racing Picks & Predictions

    The number of horses you’ll find in an average race will vary. Many races will feature about six to ten horses. More significant races like the Kentucky Derby could have as many as twenty horses running at once.

    SportsTips will help you find the best horse racing picks for the day’s races. We offer picks for all major races, including Kentucky Derby predictions in early May. We are here to help when it comes to getting all the horse racing information you need, this includes providing best horse racing betting options as well as looking at all the horse racing odds. Also, if you want more information, make sure you visit our horse racing hub page.

    How Our Horse Racing Picks & Predictions Work

    Our experts at SportsTips will plan our horse racing predictions surrounding many things of interest. We will highlight many points surrounding each race taking place during the day. We will review many points on each horse race. We check the racing forms, videos of each horse, and other available resources to make our horse racing choices. 

    Some of the things you’ll see in our horse racing picks include:

    • How each horse has been competing in the last few races
    • Any training sessions a horse completed
    • How well a horse runs on a specific turf or dirt type
    • Any trends in how a horse runs, including how well the horse performs in early and late parts of a race

    You’ll find many things in our horse racing predictions surrounding which horses we feel have a better chance to win. We’ll highlight the top horses surrounding who has been performing the best and why you should stick with specific contenders.

    Free Horse Racing Picks & Analysis

    The problem with trying to find horse racing predictions is that they’re often hidden behind paywalls. You might not have access to the racing forms and other resources necessary for helping you make your horse racing picks.

    Do not worry about paying extra for what we provide at SportsTips. We offer free horse racing picks surrounding all the horses competing and who has the best chance to win. You can even use our Kentucky Derby free picks to help you see who you should choose for the world’s most prominent race.

    You can trust our free horse racing picks even when there’s an hour or so before post time. We provide the latest reports on each horse race to help you see what’s happening and what you should consider for your wagers. Whether it’s to find a winner or plan a smarter trifecta or other box wager, our free reports at SportsTips will help you find the best choices for what you should pick.

    Kentucky Derby Predictions & Picks

    The Kentucky Derby is tougher to predict than other events, as you might find fifteen or more horses running in that race. The horses are among the best in the world, but not all horses can handle the dirt track at Churchill Downs as well as you’d expect. Our Kentucky Derby picks at SportsTips will help you find the most appealing horses who could win the fastest two minutes in sports.

    Our Kentucky Derby predictions include reports on each horse in the race. Our analysis includes a review of:

    • How each horse qualified to compete in the Kentucky Derby
    • Recent training activities for each horse, including how well they are running down the Churchill Downs track
    • How each horse competes in a race, including how a horse can contend in a race of similar length to the Derby
    • Any unique changes in the horse’s training routines or workouts

    You can read our Kentucky Derby predictions to see what fits your betting desire.

    Horse Racing Picks Australia

    Our horse racing predictions are available for tracks worldwide. We provide horse racing picks for events in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia, to name a few places.

    Our free horse racing picks are ideal for people looking to bet on races in Australia. We provide wagering reports on races at Ascot, Flemington, Caulfield, Moonee Valley, and all the other top tracks in Australia. These tracks feature turf and dirt tracks alike and can be tough to predict.

    You can use our reports if you need help understanding some of the unique things happening in Australian racing. Most of the horses in Australia come from the country, but you could find a few horses from New Zealand or Japan here. You might not recognize any of the contenders here, but that is perfectly fine. SportsTips will help you find the best horse racing predictions for all the races taking place Down Under.

    Horse Racing Picks & Predictions FAQs

    How do you read horse racing picks?

    You can read today’s horse racing picks by checking on how well each horse is competing and how each one performs. Today’s picks will entail which horses are doing the best at the moment and which have the best chances to win.

    Our horse racing picks at SportsTips will include reports on who we feel will win each race, so make sure you have a read of them. We can also highlight other horses of value if you’re interested in planning an exotic wager.

    How do you make the correct horse racing picks?

    Understanding how each horse competes is critical to planning the best horse racing picks. You must note how well the horses run and how they can compete on a specific track type and at a certain distance. 

    Knowing how well a horse can run at the start and end of a race is essential. Don’t forget about reviewing recent training and workout reports, as you could see how comfortable a horse is with a track when you look at these details. SportsTips will cover these factors and others when helping you plan the right horse racing predictions.

    Who are the best horse racing predictions this week?

    The answer varies by event, as different horse racing picks will feature unique horses with different qualities. SportsTips will highlight the ones you should explore and why you should consider them when planning today’s horse racing picks. We can cover all the unique features that come with whatever bets you wish to plan for all the top races.

    How do you predict horse racing events?

    You can predict events by focusing on how each horse competes and how well a horse can run against different forms of competition. Making horse racing predictions solely on the odds can be risky, as you might not understand why the odds are in their spots. 

    Those lines can also keep shifting before a match, often making it harder for people to make the right calls on some events. Our reporting will help you find what’s the most worthwhile for your wagering needs.

    What are the best Kentucky Derby predictions?

    You can plan your Kentucky Derby picks surrounding which horses are the most appealing and who has the best pedigree. You can note how well the horse has been contending and what races the horse won to qualify for the Kentucky Derby. The race has some of the strongest standards for qualification, so it should be easier to plan your Kentucky Derby predictions with whatever data is available.

    How possible is it for a horse with worse odds to win?

    While a horse might appear to have low odds to win a race, that doesn’t mean the horse has very little shot of winning. You can review our reports at SportsTips to see which horses have the best chances of winning their races. We can highlight whatever longshot horses have the best chances to win when we plan our horse racing picks.

    Can you use the horse racing picks we provide for exotic bets?

    Our free horse racing picks can work if you’re trying to plan an exacta or trifecta bet or any other exotic wager. While we will focus on who has the best chance to win, we’ll also profile different horses that are also appealing. 

    You can use our reporting to see which horses are the most appealing for these wagers, especially if you’re trying to plan a box bet that could go in multiple positions. You can also use today’s horse racing picks if you need help picking a daily double or pick three or any other wager that entails picking the winners of multiple consecutive races.

    How often can the horse racing picks change before a race?

    The picks we plan might change based on any new developments occurring before a race. Always check our website before placing a bet to see what we’re reporting on a game. There’s a chance we might have a different idea on who should win a race based on whatever might change before a race.