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    Our Guide To Soccer Odds

    We are here to help you find the best odds so you can make quality soccer betting decisions. SportsTips will report on the best soccer odds you can find for each match. No matter what you want, we have got your back.

    We’ll report on what different sportsbooks are saying when checking on the best lines for each match. SportsTips is here to help you find all the best soccer picks and predictions as well!

    Our Soccer Odds Reports

    We can include reports on many soccer odds, including details on:

    • The goal spread for a match
    • The total on how many goals the two sides will score
    • A three-way moneyline bet, including whether the favorite or underdog will win or if the event will end in a draw
    • Unique props, including ones on who might score a goal
    • Over / under wagers on tackles, corner kicks, shots, and other aspects in a match

    Our service is available for all major soccer leagues and competitions throughout the world. You can trust our reporting at SportsTips if you need help seeing what the lines are for each match. We have all the information you need about everything related to soccer, so make sure you check out our soccer hub page.

    Champions League Odds

    The UEFA Champions League brings Europe’s top soccer sides together to see who is the best in the continent. It’s never easy to figure out the right Champions League odds for each match, as the sides might not face each other as often. 

    But it is possible for a side in a smaller country to pull off some significant upsets. You’ll have dozens of sides to choose from during the Champions League event. But only thirty-two of the nearly eighty clubs who qualify to contend will reach the proper tournament.

    Our team at SportsTips will highlight the latest Champions League odds for all the matches. We’ll review how the sides have been competing and their playing styles to see how a match will occur. These sides don’t have to have competed against each other in the past. We’ll look at why these sides are different and how they might offer unique points for competition.

    We can check on every match, even when it entails clubs you might not recognize. Whether it’s a major side like Bayern Munich or Real Madrid or a small-level team in Iceland, Albania, or Liechtenstein, we’ll report on how these clubs compete. We’ll show what makes the Champions League odds where they appear.

    We’ll also highlight the best Champions League Final odds. Our reporting includes lines on who has the best chance to reach the final. We’ll also write on the many props available during the match. You might find more Champions League Final odds on the prop market than what you’d find during other segments of the competition.

    Premier League Odds

    The Premier League is known as the top level of competition in England. You’ll find twenty outstanding sides competing to see who is the best soccer club in England. Some will aim to reach the Champions League or Europa League group stages, while some of the weaker ones will try to avoid relegation to the EFL Championship.

    You’ll find Premier League odds for each match. These include lines for everyone from the top-level teams like Liverpool and Manchester United to the weaker clubs like Burnley and West Bromwich Albion.

    SportsTips will cover all the Premier League odds you need to know, including lines for all the unique things that might take place. We can also report on the best prop bets, as Premier League matches have more props on average due to the league being more popular. These props include everything from how the game score will appear to who will be carded during the match.

    Our Premier League odds reports include details on futures bets. You can review the latest futures odds on who will win the Premier League title, who will enter the Champions or Europa League group stages, or who has the best chance to be relegated. Player-based futures bets are also available, including ones on who will be the Player of the Season.

    MLS Odds

    Major League Soccer features the top soccer sides throughout the United States and Canada. The MLS odds you find will be different from the Premier League odds and other reports you’ll find elsewhere, with MLS using a different play format. MLS does not feature a promotion or relegation system, plus the league features a playoff format with the teams appearing between two conferences.

    You can find MLS odds for every match, including soccer odds on who will win and how many goals the two teams will score in a match. You can also find some futures odds on who will reach the playoffs, who will win a conference, and the winner of the MLS Cup. The MLS playoff betting odds can change as the records shift and people figure out who has the best chance of reaching the playoffs.

    You can review our Major League Soccer odds for everything taking place throughout the season. We’ll report the best MLS odds for all the top rivalry matches in the league. You’ll find more soccer odds for rivalries than what you’d find for regular matches. Our reports include details on events like El Trafico, the Texas Derby, the Cascadia Cup, the Hudson River Derby, and the Hell Is Real Derby.

    Europa League Odds

    The UEFA Europa League might not be as prominent as the Champions League, but it still provides an opportunity for some of Europe’s best soccer sides to compete. You’ll find many appealing sides competing in the Europa League. Some of the sides that have played here in the past include Sevilla, Porto, Chelsea, Ajax, and CSKA Moscow.

    But it can be tough to wade through all the Europa League odds available throughout the competition. More than a hundred teams will qualify, but only forty-eight will reach the group stage. Many of these Europa League odds are also for teams from countries whose soccer scenes you might not recognize. While you might understand how English or French soccer teams compete, you might not be familiar with the sides in Turkey, Sweden, or Poland.

    Our experts at SportsTips will highlight the most appealing Europa League odds you can find throughout the competition. We’ll showcase which odds are the most interesting, including which games have the closest lines.

    The Europa League will run for much of the calendar year, so you’ll find multiple Europa League odds throughout the season. We’ll be there to report on all these lines and whatever other soccer odds interest you.

    Soccer Odds FAQs

    Where can you find the best soccer odds today?

    SportsTips will report on the best soccer odds for all events. You can get reports on the best Premier League odds during the fall and winter season, or you can check on MLS odds during the spring and summer. 

    There’s always some soccer competitions taking place throughout the world. SportsTips will help you see what’s happening in these competitions and more. You will enjoy the features that are available when placing bets of value.

    How do you read soccer moneyline odds?

    You can read soccer odds by reviewing the 1X2 line. The 1X2 odds refer to three separate lines:

    • 1 – home team wins
    • x – the game ends in a draw
    • 2 – away team wins

    The 1X2 line is a moneyline bet surrounding what could take place during a match.

    How do you reach a spread line for a soccer match?

    A spread line may feature two separate numbers. These refer to how much of a margin of victory or defeat you feel will take place in a match. You can reach these spread lines like this:

    • -1, -1.5 – a team will win by at least one goal
    • +1, +1.5 – a team will lose by one goal or will win outright

    The odds for these spreads are often closer to even money, which is essential for games where one side is a heavy moneyline favorite to win.

    How many prop bets are available for soccer matches?

    The number of props you’ll find will vary for each match. You’re more likely to find extra Premier League odds on the prop market because the Premier League is more popular for wagering purposes. But you can expect to find close to a hundred prop choices on individual events.

    How do the alternate lines for soccer betting work?

    You can find different odds for soccer matches when looking at alternate lines. An alternate line entails a different spread for a match that might not be as likely to occur. You could find better odds when you use an alternate line for a match. For example, a team might have a -2.5 line to win with -120 odds. You could move the line to -3.5 to get a +150 payout, or a -4 line for a +255 payout.

    The line for a soccer match is a whole number instead of half a number. What would this mean?

    The spread line here would mean that there’s a potential the event will end in a push. For example, if you were to place a bet on a favorite at -2, you would be betting that the team will win by three or more goals. You would get a push if the team wins by two goals, meaning you would get a refund on the wager due to nothing happening beyond what the sportsbooks says will occur.

    Some of the soccer odds I find are good for the first half of a match. Why would I want to place a bet on the first half and not the entire match?

    A first-half wager would be more appealing to some because it entails betting on the starters. A game will change as it progresses due to injuries, substitutions, and even the chance that one team might be short a player in the second half. A first-half wager will focus on how the match starts and what might take place during those first forty-five minutes.

    What happens if someone scores a goal during the injury time during a half? Will that still count towards the over / under number for the match?

    A goal that occurs during injury time will still count towards the over / under value. All games will have some injury or stoppage time at the end of each half. Anything that takes place during those few minutes will still count towards the overall result.