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    Our Guide To MLB Odds

    When MLB betting on your favourite markets, you’ll notice that every sportsbook has different MLB odds, and some pay out more than others. Our job at SportsTips is to find something that fits your betting needs and to give you the best chance at making the most out of your picks. We provide a daily look at the top baseball odds to find the best MLB picks and predictions around.

    Our work is thorough and covers all the latest developments in the baseball world. From injuries to roster changes to weather conditions, many things will influence what happens in a baseball game. We’ll find the best picks based on these factors and more, plus the best odds for wagering that pay the most money.

    We also provide the best futures bets, including MLB MVP odds, World Series lines, and other predictions.

    MLB World Series Odds

    One main MLB betting strategy is betting on who will win the World Series. The MLB World Series odds are always changing throughout the year based on how well the teams perform and other trends. Sometimes teams that were projected to do well will slip up and struggle. Others might end up surprising everyone.

    The Washington Nationals had +1800 odds at the start of the 2020 season. But the MLB odds change and as of September 2020, the Nationals had a +7000 line to win the World Series. The Nats were at the bottom of their division with questionable playoff probabilities. 

    Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs went from +2000 odds at the start of the year to +1500 odds. The improvement comes as the Cubs are leading their division, giving their MLB playoff odds a boost.

    Sometimes there’s a significant disparity between teams in the same division. The Tampa Bay Rays had a +900 line in their division, while the Boston Red Sox were down at +33000, as the Red Sox had won about half as many games as the Rays.

    Many things will change the MLB betting odds as the season moves along. Our experts at SportsTips will review everything surrounding the MLB world and provide the best picks, predictions, and MLB playoff odds analysis you deserve.

    With the Dodgers beating the Rays 4-2 for the 2020 World Series, we are already looking ahead to next year! Check out the odds below.

    2022 World Series Odds:

    MLB Team:World Series Odds:
    Los Angeles Dodgers+550
    Houston Astros+700
    Chicago White Sox+1000
    Toronto Blue Jays+1200
    New York Yankees+1200

    (Odds correct as at 11/4/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    If you are confused by what those odds mean, our MLB expert have explained how MLB odds work so you can get the most value and most winners.

    MLB Playoff Odds

    We’ll provide free MLB odds for everyone to see, but these will vary from what you might have seen in the past. The 2020 MLB playoffs will be unlike any other in the league’s history. Here’s how the playoff seeding will work:

    • The first two teams in each division are given automatic passes into the playoffs.
    • The two remaining teams in each league with the best records will also qualify.
    • The first-round games are best-of-three series with the top seed playing the lowest seed and so forth.
    • The playoffs will then move on to a best-of-five series in the second round, and then a best-of-seven in the league championships and the World Series.

    The playoff format is a one-time event for the 2020 season. These rules will influence how the MLB playoff odds work, with sixteen of the league’s thirty teams qualifying. There may be fewer longshots on the board.

    Like with the MLB title odds, the playoff chances will vary based on how teams perform and whether they are succeeding or struggling. The New York Mets had a +175 line to make the playoffs when the season began, but the MLB odds today would be higher, as the Mets are near the bottom of their division.

    We at SportsTips will give you free MLB odds surrounding who will or won’t make the playoffs. You can use our analysis to see what the best MLB betting odds are now.

    2021 American League Odds

    Note: odds not available yet for 2022 season.

    Team:MLB Odds:
    New York Yankees+230
    Chicago White Sox+370
    Minnesota Twins+750
    Toronto Blue Jays+900

    (Odds correct as at 3/25/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    2021 National League Odds

    Note: odds not available yet for 2022 season.

    Team:MLB Odds:
    Los Angeles Dodgers+175
    San Diego Padres+400
    Atlanta Braves+550
    New York Mets+550

    (Odds correct as at 3/25/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    While these are just the odds, our experts make the best MLB picks and predictions, so continue to check in so you don’t miss out! They even explain how MLB picks work and why they have selected certain markets.

    MLB MVP Odds

    If you are thinking of how to bet on the MLB without predicting the winner of games, you can bet on players to win MVP! The MLB MVP odds will change throughout the season over how well individual players perform. You never know which players are going to make a big impact, and those that will crumble under the pressure. The Chicago Cubs’ Ian Happ went from being off the board on most websites to have a +2000 line to win the National League MVP, for instance.

    The MVP odds MLB players have can drop on a whim. Sometimes a player might struggle and experience a slump. The Houston Astros’ Alex Bregman had a +1500 line at the start of the year, but he has since dropped off most boards due to his poor performance.

    Our experts at SportsTips will review the MVP odds MLB players hold and provide the best choices from many sportsbooks. We’ll help you learn about which players have the best schedules and have been trending upward as of late. Our picks will pair with the best MLB odds on the market to make the most money from your choices.

    2021 American League MVP Odds

    Note: odds not available yet for 2022 season.

    MLB Player:American League MVP Odds:
    Mike Trout+220
    Aaron Judge+1200
    Alex Bregman+1200
    Jose Ramirez+1500
    Anthony Rendon+1800

    (Odds correct as at 3/25/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    2021 National League MVP Odds

    Note: odds not available yet for 2022 season.

    MLB Player:National League MVP Odds:
    Fernando Tatis Jr.+700
    Juan Soto+700
    Mookie Betts+750
    Ronald Acuna Jr.+750
    Cody Bellinger+1200

    (Odds correct as at 3/25/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    MLB Draft Odds

    The MLB Draft is one of the most important days on the baseball calendar. Teams will draft the best players from the college and high school baseball ranks. These include many players that might become the future faces of their franchises.

    You never know who’s going to hit it big in the majors. The 2014 Draft had the Philadelphia Phillies taking Aaron Nola in the first round, while the Chicago Cubs drafted Kyle Schwarber. But Brady Aiken, the first-overall pick for the Houston Astros, never signed with the team, joining the Cleveland Indians instead.

    You can find MLB odds today over what could happen in the coming draft. These include MLB betting odds for who will be the first-overall pick, or which team will get the first pick. We’ll give you the latest MLB odds surrounding the MLB Draft at SportsTips. We can provide details on the best futures lines from many websites.

    MLB Betting Odds

    You’ll have an assortment of MLB betting odds to choose from for each game. You’ll find many MLB odds today, including ones for:

    • Run spreads
    • Moneyline bets
    • Over/unders
    • First five-inning bets
    • Alternate run spreads
    • Prop bets, including player and team props

    All MLB odds can change due to many factors, from the starting pitching lineup to the ballpark to weather conditions in the area. These odds can change as soon as a few minutes before the first pitch.

    You’ll need to find the best MLB odds predictions if you want to earn the most money. Our team at SportsTips will analyze every game and see who has the best chance to win and how specific bets might work. We’ll give you tips on what will work, and the best free MLB odds from many sportsbooks.

    Our experts have years of experience in reviewing MLB games and in seeing what the top odds are for each contest. You can trust us when looking for the odds you deserve.

    MLB Future Odds

    Some of the most exciting MLB bets are futures picks. Futures bets entail long-term picks that focus on the season as a whole.

    You’ll find futures lines and other free MLB odds for many things, including:

    • World Series champion
    • Winners of each division or league
    • MLB playoff odds, including whether a team will reach the playoffs
    • MLB MVP odds for each league
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Manager of the Year
    • Lines on who will lead the league in home runs, strikeouts, or other stats

    Many of these MLB odds today are high in value, what with these futures bets taking longer to resolve. The extensive choices for each futures bet make these odds more valuable.

    You’ll need to figure out the right choices when making your futures bets. Our experts at SportsTips can make MLB odds predictions for many futures lines. We’ll provide details on which sportsbooks have the most favorable MLB odds for whatever futures bets you want to support.

    MLB Odds Today

    You’ll find many sportsbooks that offer various MLB betting odds. You’ve got offshore sportsbooks like Bovada, MyBookie, BetNow,, and many others. These include sportsbooks that have been around for years and have been serving millions around the world.

    Some of these sportsbooks are available in specific places around the United States. William Hill, FanDuel, DraftKings, BetAmerica, and PointsBet are available for play in states that have legalized sports betting. The choices you’ll find will vary, as not all sportsbooks have licenses to operate in some states.

    The free MLB odds you’ll find through these sportsbooks will vary. One website might have a team winning a game with a -110 line, but another might have a +105 line for that same event. It’s our job at SportsTips to find the best MLB odds for wagering. Our service will provide details on what bets you should place and where you should place those wagers.

    Our trustworthy service provides the best MLB odds predictions based on trends and other analytical points. We take note of every game on the schedule and let everyone know what the best lines are for each event. We’ll give you the advantage you deserve when finding something of value for your betting desires.

    MLB Odds FAQs

    Where can you find the best MLB odds today?

    The answer varies by game, as every sportsbook has different odds for each event. We at SportsTips will help you see what the best MLB betting odds are through different websites. We provide MLB playoff odds, regular season odds, and even ones for the All-Star Game.

    How do you read MLB odds?

    The odds for each game appear with the away team on top and the home team on the bottom. You’ll find details on the starting pitchers for each team on a line.

    Whichever team has a plus sign is the underdog, while the team with a minus sign is the favorite. For games where both teams have a minus sign, the team with the higher number is the favorite. For instance, a team with a -115 line to win has a better chance than a team with a -105 line.

    You’ll also see MLB odds surrounding how many runs will be scored in one game. This part is the over/under line. You can place a bet stating that the total runs scored will be either more or less than whatever the number might be for that match.

    How do MLB future odds work?

    MLB future odds are lines for events taking place in the future. These include MLB MVP odds, basic MLB playoff odds surrounding who will win, and odds for teams to win a three or four-game series. These bets will be resolved at some point down the road.

    How do you win MLB odds?

    You will win your bets if you conduct enough research on the teams involved and make the right choices surrounding your work. If you don’t want to do all the research yourself, then don’t worry you can always ask us at SportsTips for help. We’ll provide analysis of each game, plus give you free MLB odds to help you make the best choices.

    Why do you need to find the best MLB odds predictions?

    It is easier to predict who will win an MLB game when you understand the intricacies that go into a match. From injury reports to weather data to the starting pitching matchup, you’ll find many things that will influence the MLB odds today. Our team at SportsTips will give you the free MLB odds you want to help you make the best choices.

    Where should you place your bet on MLB betting odds?

    Place your bets with the sportsbooks that provide the most enticing odds. We at SportsTips will inform you of the best sportsbooks for each pick, including the best MLB playoff odds. We also offer in-depth sportsbook reviews, if you are looking at signing up with a new sportsbook.

    What dictates the MVP odds MLB players have?

    All MVP odds MLB players hold will vary over how well they are performing, what their upcoming schedules look like, and whether any injury concerns might get in the way.

    Some of the free MLB odds out there are for the first five innings of a game. What does this mean?

    A wager on the first five innings entails you picking who you think will have the lead after the fifth inning. Such a bet focuses on the starting pitching in a match.