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    Our Guide To Tennis Betting

    Planning your tennis betting work can be a challenge. You’ve got many talented men and women competing in various events throughout the year. You’ll find dozens of matches on an average day. 

    These include matches in different parts of the world, plus tournaments that have different values. Each has unique tennis betting odds to review, plus you can find multiple betting choices for each match.

    We can profile all the betting choices you have for each match. We’ll give you tennis betting tips surrounding each match to help you see what’s suitable for wagering purposes. SportsTips is here to help you every step of the way, including assisting with tennis odds information as well as the best tennis picks and predictions. Finally, we also provide more general information on our tennis hub page.

    Main Options For Tennis Betting

    The tennis betting features we’ll review include:


    These bets entail picking on who will win a match. Moneyline bets can entail lofty values, but the underdog picks can provide more money. For example, you could bet on a +300 underdog that will pay $300 if you wager $100. 

    You could stick with a -600 favorite, but you’d have to wager $600 to win $100 here. SportsTips will offer tennis betting tips to help you find which underdogs have the best shot of winning.


    A spread wager involves picking someone to win based on the margin of victory. The spread entails the number of games someone wins. For instance, you might bet on a favorite at -3.5, meaning you would pick that player to win by at least four games. 

    If the person wins at 6-3, 6-4, that means the person will have won twelve games versus seven, so your bet would be successful. Spreads are closer to even money and can be up to -105 at times. Our projections can reveal how far we feel a match will go, including how many sets it will last.


    Total bets involve the number of games that will occur in a match. You could bet on whether there will be more or less games than what a sportsbook sets. This wager doesn’t entail picking a specific person to win. 

    It also features odds near even money, with the value being the same on both sides in some cases. We also provide scoring projections at SportsTips to guide you to the best spread wagers.

    Tennis Betting Tips

    Do you need help finding details on the right Australian Open betting choices? Maybe you need to review your US Open betting plans to see who has the best chance of going far. We will provide tennis betting tips you can trust at SportsTips, including tips on which wagers are right for each match.

    Our wagering reports cover everything you need to know surrounding each match. We’ll provide reports on things like:

    • How well a person has been competing in the last few matches
    • How well someone can play on a specific court surface
    • Whether the event is indoors or outdoors; this is relevant for Wimbledon betting and other tournaments where indoor matches may occur
    • Prior meetings between the two players, if applicable
    • How active these players have been, including if someone is competing on less rest
    • Injury reports and other factors influencing a match

    Our reporting at SportsTips gives you the tennis betting knowledge you deserve.

    US Open Betting

    The US Open occurs on an outdoor hard surface in New York. A hard playing court produces a high bounce, plus it can support longer rallies. You can plan your US Open betting effort surrounding who could do the best on one of these courts.

    But it is tough to figure what might happen when you’re placing a bet. Not all people competing in the US Open have experience on hard courts. Some might also have a tough time competing in the relatively warm weather that hits the New York area in early September when the US Open occurs.

    Our US Open betting reports at SportsTips will help you see what you should explore for your wagering needs. Our analysis includes a check on how well each side competes and how their playing styles might influence the match. We can recommend the best picks for the US Open throughout the event, from the opening rounds to the final.

    Wimbledon Betting

    Every professional tennis player dreams of winning at Wimbledon. The Wimbledon Championships at London’s All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments. Your Wimbledon betting plans will entail wagering on players who have a passion to win here, but you’ve got many other factors to note.

    The grass courts in London are fast and will work best for power servers. You won’t see the ball bounce as much in Wimbledon. Some events may also take place indoors, as the Centre Court features a retractable roof suitable for rainy conditions and evening play.

    Your Wimbledon betting efforts can focus on who does well on grass. You could also review whether a match will occur indoors or outdoors, although you might not know this data until a few hours before the first serve. SportsTips will highlight the best tennis betting tips for Wimbledon and give you access to the most appealing odds.

    French Open Betting

    The French Open is different from other majors, as Paris’ Stade Roland Garros features a clay playing surface. Clay plays slower and produces a higher bounce. It is easier to produce a drop shot on a clay court than on any other surface for play.

    You can use these factors and many others when planning your French Open betting efforts. You could also consider the cool weather in Paris in May when the event takes place, as that might influence your wagers. Some people might do better in these conditions than others.

    The unique layout of Roland Garros makes the French Open a tricky event for betting. Our French Open betting tips at SportsTips will recommend various professionals who might do better on clay than others. 

    We can provide many players who do well on clay and see how the playing styles of other people would work during the event. Our analysis gives you a clear look at what could happen when placing your bets.

    Australian Open Betting

    The Australian Open takes place on hard outdoor surfaces at Melbourne Park. Some events at the Rod Laver Arena may be indoors, with that main venue having a retractable roof. The courts are similar to what you’d see at the US Open, but the Australian Open is a very different major. 

    The January heat in Australia can become intense at times. Some professionals competing might also be rusty, with this often being the first event they compete in during an average calendar year. These factors and many others might influence your Australian Open betting plans.

    But you don’t have to go at it alone, as our team at SportsTips will profile the best Australian Open betting opportunities. We will check the tennis betting odds available and review which contenders will do the best on hard courts. We can also review the recent activities of all the people competing to see who has more momentum or is physically ready to contend.

    Finding the Best Tennis Bets Today

    SportsTips will recommend the best tennis betting choices for each tournament throughout the year. We will help you whether you need ATP betting tips for the latest men’s tournaments or WTA betting strategies for the women. 

    We offer reports on all four majors, various qualifiers, and the WTA and ATP Finals. You can even trust us if you’re looking for Davis Cup betting tips when wagering on this international event.

    Our tennis betting tips are free to utilize. We’ll include reports on how each match can occur and which people have the best shot of winning. You can use our reporting whether you want to place a moneyline, spread, or total wager. 

    You’ll even learn about the best tennis betting odds from the country’s top sportsbooks. Our tips will link to the odds that may pay out the most money, giving you a better shot at making more from any tennis tournament.

    Tennis Betting FAQs

    How do you bet on tennis matches?

    Betting on tennis matches is easy, as you can place a wager on who you feel will win a match. You can bet on someone to complete an outright victory, or you could bet on a spread. These include spreads for how many games or sets will occur within the match. 

    Over / under wagers on how many games will occur are also available. The tennis betting odds for all these events will vary by sportsbook and the betting choice. SportsTips will report on what is open when you’re planning your wagers.

    Where can you find tennis betting picks?

    SportsTips offers tennis betting tips that highlight the most appealing competitors to consider for your wagering interest. You can use our tips for everything from Wimbledon betting to picking which country will win the Davis Cup.

    Are there any unique bets available for specific tennis majors?

    The betting choices you have for all tennis majors will be around the same. You can place one of the three main wagers, or you can consider props for each event. The number of props you find will vary by each tournament. You may find more of these on the Wimbledon betting market, with Wimbledon being more prominent and popular among bettors.

    How do the betting odds work for tennis?

    A sportsbook will plan its tennis betting odds surrounding how well each contender competes and their seeds from the ATP or WTA. Each sportsbook has unique parameters for how it dictates its betting odds. SportsTips can report on the odds each sportsbook provides.

    Some sportsbooks might adjust their tennis betting odds surrounding how many people bet on specific players. A competitor that bettors are favoring in their bets might get lower odds after a while, as the sportsbook wants to keep from losing too much money when one player wins.

    Where can you go when betting on tennis?

    You’ve got many sportsbooks to explore, although the choices you have will vary by state. Not all sportsbooks have licenses to operate in specific states. SportsTips will list which sportsbooks have wagering options for each tournament and what their tennis betting odds are.

    How can you bet on a live tennis match?

    Tennis betting is available for live matches. You can bet on who will win the next game or set, how many games will occur in the next set, and many other features. The live betting choices will vary by sportsbook, but each option provides a new way to place bets.

    Is it legal to bet on tennis?

    You can bet on tennis tournaments throughout the year. It is legal to wager on them, as the WTA and ATP have agreements to allow people to bet on their events. You can also place bets on all the majors, as the organizations running these majors also approve of betting opportunities.

    You won’t be able to wager on amateur tennis events. Tennis betting is also illegal for matches that entail minors or those under the age of eighteen. Most tennis events involving minors are amateur competitions involving players trying to become certified professionals when they turn eighteen.

    How does set betting work in tennis?

    Set betting occurs when you wager who you feel will win a set. Most set betting events are for the first set, but you can also place live bets on the other sets in a match. Correct score wagers are also popular for set betting. You could bet on the specific score of a set from 6-0 to 7-6. The odds for the possible score will vary, but you could get substantial payouts if these wagers are correct.

    How do alternate totals or spreads work in tennis?

    An alternate total or spread will entail picking something outside the original spread or total a sportsbook produces. For example, a sportsbook has a -5.5 spread for a tennis player with a -105 line. You could choose a -7.5 spread with a +300 payout instead. The odds become higher and more profitable when you adjust the spread in one direction.

    The same can work for total wagers. You can move that line up or down and place an under or over wager alongside that line. The odds will change surrounding whatever you pick in this instance. Our tennis betting tips at SportsTips will help you note what’s open for this point.

    How does Davis Cup betting work?

    You can place bets on the Davis Cup. You can bet on individual matches taking place through the series, or you can place futures bets on which countries will reach the next round.

    You can use our Davis Cup betting tips to see which countries have the best chance to win. Each country has specific players that might be more appealing than others. The best professionals aren’t always going to compete in the Davis Cup, so knowing who is contending on each side will be necessary.

    Be advised that not all Davis Cup matches will be available for wagering. Players in the Davis Cup must be at least fourteen years of age. You might not be able to place a bet on a match involving someone under eighteen.

    Are the odds different for WTA and ATP events?

    The only real difference between WTA and ATP events entails the gender of the competitors. You can find similar odds for WTA and ATP events alike. SportsTips includes ATP betting solutions that cover all the top men in the sport. We also provide WTA betting tips on the best women in the field.

    Can I bet on NCAA tennis events?

    Although it is legal to bet on NCAA tennis competitions, it might be tough to find these matches through a sportsbook. There are too many NCAA tennis events out there, and it is hard to gauge the performance of many college tennis players.

    Are there unique rules surrounding how you can place bets on tennis doubles matches?

    The betting choices for a doubles match will be the same as what you’d find in a singles match. But you should consider how well the partners on a doubles team can compete together. The playing styles of all four people on the court could be different from one another, so checking on each party in such a match will be a necessity.

    Can you place parlays on the same tennis event?

    You might not be able to place a parlay on the same event due to the odds being too high for some matches. Parlays will be available for multiple matches in one day. The rules for what’s open will vary by sportsbook.