Our Sports Analysts

Meet the team here at SportsTips. We are also sporting fanatics that also love having a bet. We look at every angle of all the sports you love in order to provide the best and most accurate information possible.

While we cover a lot of different areas in the world of betting, one of the things we take pride in the most are our daily picks. We provide the best sports picks everyday for all the major sports, like NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. But that doesn’t mean we neglect the other sports, when there are major event happening, we cover them as well.

If it’s happening in sport, we will cover it on SportsTips!

Connor Blake

Connor is a passionate writer and sporting fanatic, with a focus on all things soccer, NBA, and NHL. Happy to chew your ear off about his beloved Tottenham Hotspur, or talk odds on the latest ball game. Connor always delivers the latest in breaking news, matchday analysis and predictions.

Denis Kirilov

Denis Kirilov is a man of many interests. Born and raised in Bulgaria, his extensive sports knowledge spreads from soccer and tennis to some of the most typical American sports out there. Now, at the age of 25, he has been enjoying NBA, NHL, and MLS for more than a decade and finds his passion in making reviews and giving predictions for the upcoming games. He is more than ready to provide his readers with high-quality picks and honest reviews.

Emma Henderson

Emma is a sports nuffie – whether it’s NFL, NHL, NBA or more – Emma is always surrounding herself with the latest news, updates, statistics and odds. Any sport, any time, you know Emma will be keeping you up to up to date with predictions and picks, and anything else related to sports.

Fraser Stewart

If you could sum up Fraser it would be sports mad or even sports lover as he always thinks about sport 24/7 and always has it on in the background. He particularly loves the NFL, MLB and the MLS but is happy to watch, listen and read anything else related about sports. No matter what the sport is, Fraser covers it from an in depth perspective.

Jack Hartman

Sport is something Jack loves, football tennis, golf anything involving a ball is right up his street.A good tennis player in his past, Jack played at a national level for many years, knowing he wasn’t going to be the next Andy Murray, Jack now follows the game he firmly loves on the sidelines.A word of warning, there is perhaps no unluckier sports fan than Jack, an avid fan of both Tottenham Hotspur and the Dallas Cowboys - it’s been almost a hundred years since a side he supports has won a major honour, but rest assured this bad luck doesn’t translate into his tipping!

Jeffery Thomas

Jeff has been a sports fanatic for as early as he can remember from the NFL, to the NHL, NBA, MLB and even tennis and soccer! A perfect night to him is a full slate of games and a cozy couch! He knows the ins and outs of all these leagues and will use his wealth of sports knowledge to bring you the best betting advice day in and day out.

Jesse Livermore

Jesse is and always has been a lover of sports. No matter the league, no matter the game, Jesse is constantly keeping up to date with the latest odds, news, injuries and stats. He has a strong interest in the NBA and the NFL, and he will always strive to keep you up to date with the best news, odds, predictions and picks that the ever engaging sporting world has to offer.

Justin May

Justin grew up following sports massively and as he get older he turned his attention to NBA and NFL where he found new interest with stats. Both sports offer lots of bargains in stats when it come to betting that's where he was reeled in and always explore for markets to find odds to win big. Sports and odds are something he enjoy reading and study to deliver his predictions regularly.

Katherine Mouradian

If it's sport, Katherine has got you covered. She doesn't discriminate, and loves all sport equally, from baseball to darts, if there's a competition going on, she is all over it. Her days are filled with watching as much sport, and reading as much as she can.The biggest problem Katherine faces is that she doesn't have enough screens for all the different games she wants to watch (oh and also the lack of sleep...but that doesn't count!). She loves sport so much, she made it her career and now she can do the things she loves day in and day out.

Marko Nadin

Marko is a former athlete who meanwhile got his law degree. He has followed basketball since the ‘90s and is very familiar with all levels of the game, from the NBA, and the NCAA, all down to European leagues and international competitions. He is also very fond of tennis, soccer, NHL and MLB and can provide reliable previews and analysis that will lead you to placing a winning bet.

Michael Lantz

Michael is an avid follower of America's "Big Four" major sports, and a massive fan of European soccer. He may be a die-hard Seattle sports fan, but he's also one of their biggest critics—so there never has to be any fear over "biased picks." Michael makes sure to watch all games with a meticulous eye, so he can offer the highest quality picks and analysis for all readers.

Mike Su

Mike is a passionate sports fan and a seasoned punter who is always looking deep into the analytics to give you the best pick. Mike has been a co-host on a nationally broadcast sports program and is always up to date on all the major sports news. With a strong focus on analytics and stats, Mike is driven toward providing the best predictions, value bets and picks for the ever-changing sports world.

Noah Dunlap

Is there anything better than sports? Clearly Noah doesn't think so. Being a huge fan of all sports, focusing mainly on College Football, the NFL, and the NBA, but not scared to sit down and talk some rugby with you if you feel the need. An ideal day for him would be to wake up and spend 12+ hours watching and talking sports. He's here to give you the best advice surrounding your picks, regardless of sport, in order to win you the most money possible, and that's exactly what you can expect from him.

Tim Newton

Tim is a keen follower of all American sports, in particular the NBA and NFL. He has followed both sports for over a decade and would happily sit down and watch every game, regardless of who is playing! No matter the sport, whether it be NFL and NBA or even MLB, NHL, UFC and all sports, Tim covers it from every angle, staying in the loop to bring you the most up-to-date information and the best picks and predictions on the market.

Tobias Canning

Tobias is somebody who has followed the American sporting arena from a young age and is a keen Milwaukee Bucks and LA Kings fan. Whether it’s shooting hoops or doing something different, sport comes as second nature to him. Tobias knows the importance of statistics, in-depth facts or the latest scores and results to make sure that your kept up to date with all the information you could possibly need to make your best bets.

Tony Battalio

Tony has 2 major passions in life, one of them being sports and the other being gambling on them. In particular the MLB, NCAA and NFL. Following both sports from the age of 10, he is now 23 and loves the games more than ever. He is always in a mood to converse or write about multiple sports and proving picks on who he thinks will cover spreads and provide information for all of our readers.

William Guest

William is a sports mad writer who lives and breathes NBA, NFL, and the Premier League, and loves to make a buck doing so. He’s always searching to find an edge in the market by nerding out over all the stats that matter, and he’s patiently waiting for Manchester United to lift some silverware.