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    Our Guide To eSports Betting

    eSports events are among the most popular in today’s wagering world. People are streaming esports competitions worldwide each day. Some of these esports events air on traditional television networks.

    You’ll find esports events surrounding many games throughout the year. Games like League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, and Dota 2 have become increasingly popular thanks to how competitive they can become. Teams can compete to win different events.

    You could even find some esports events that entail individual contenders. Fortnite is the most prominent single-player esports game, but you can also find other rising games like Among Us and Fall Guys on the market. You could also find esports competitions involving sports-based games like NBA 2K21 and MLB The Show 20.

    Main eSports Betting Options

    eSports is a new and exciting option for people to watch. The experts as SportsTips are keen esports followers and can assist you in other areas such as esports odds and providing the best esports picks and predictions. We are also here to help with all of the more general information, for that, make sure you visit our esports hub page.

    The esports betting options you can enjoy will vary by esport. Not all esports have betting opportunities either. But you can find many wagering choices for the ones that do offer wagering. You can bet on:

    • Which team will win a match
    • A spread wager on the margin of victory in a match
    • A total bet on how many games will occur in a match
    • Individual bets on each game
    • Prop bets on things like which team gets more kills, who can reach specific objectives first, or what the correct score will be at the end

    You might need extra help planning your esports online betting efforts, especially if it entails teams you don’t recognize. SportsTips will help you find what bets you should place. We will provide esports betting predictions that fit your needs.

    We’ll highlight the esports betting opportunities and what you can enjoy for your wagering desires for each event. Our esports betting tips include reports on which teams are performing the best and which ones you should explore. 

    We can highlight what you should note in each match through various factors you can trust. You will appreciate how well we work at SportsTips to provide the best details surrounding all the top esports events.

    eSports Betting Tips

    You might be curious over how to bet on esports in the US. You might want to know why certain teams are more interesting than others. You can trust our reporting at SportsTips when you’re looking for the best esports betting tips on every major event taking place.

    We will report on many things surrounding esports events, including:

    • How well the teams compete in different situations
    • How each player on a team performs, including whatever specialties one holds
    • Whether the two sides can adapt to different gameplay conditions and situations
    • Unique rules for a match
    • Whatever maps or other settings might work best for both sides

    Our reports will provide the best details on esports betting USA punters can use. We’ll ensure you have a clear idea of what to expect out of each match before it occurs, so you will be on top of whatever you can expect when placing your bets.

    Fortnite Betting

    SportsTips will also help you with your Fortnite betting plans. Most of the Fortnite game betting options available for play entail the Battle Royale version of the game. Players have the ability to compete individually or on a team. 

    The people will contend to see who is going to be last on the map. People will be gradually eliminated by either being killed off or by getting out of the map area as it progressively shrinks. The player or team left standing at the end will be the winner.

    Our Fortnite betting reports will highlight the most appealing contenders in each tournament. We’ll showcase how each person has been performing and what gameplay styles you can expect from everyone. Our reporting includes tips on things like:

    • Who has the best chance of reaching the top three
    • Any competing duos that work together, including which ones have the best chance to finish high
    • Any unique features of a map and what you can expect from the players at that location

    Fortnite World Cup Betting

    You can also find Fortnite World Cup betting reports here at SportsTips. The Fortnite World Cup is a thrilling competition entailing multiple single-player competitions and duo contests. You can also find team-based events as part of the Creative Cup.

    Our reporting at SportsTips will highlight the best points for Fortnite World Cup betting you can enjoy. We will report on which players have the best chances to win and how well they have been contending in events leading to the World Cup. Our esports betting picks focus on finding people who could be more interesting than you might expect.

    It isn’t easy to figure out all the Fortnite betting plans you should utilize, with the Fortnite World Cup featuring hundreds of contenders. We’ll sort through the many esports odds you find for the event to see what is right for wagering. Our reporting will give you the best details on which people are worthy of their odds, and who has the best chance to complete some significant upsets.

    eSports Online Betting

    The choices for esports betting USA bettors can enjoy are diverse. You might find people competing in Dota 2 or League of Legends strategy games. Others might contend in first-person shooting competitions like Overwatch or Counter-Strike. The odds are you’ll find something interesting when planning your esports bets.

    But you must know what you’ll find if you want to place bets on all your favorite esports competitions. SportsTips will be there for whatever esports betting plans you might hold. We’ll explain all the unique things taking place in each competition and what the best odds are for each event.

    You can trust us at SportsTips for your esports betting needs. Check with us to see what the latest esports events are and who you should place your wagers on. Our esports betting picks will fit whatever needs you hold for a wager on any prominent esport event.

    eSports Betting FAQs

    How do you bet on esports in the United States?

    eSports betting USA opportunities are available through various sportsbooks. You can check the esports section of your favorite sportsbook to see what wagering opportunities are available. Offshore sportsbooks may also provide esports betting options, but not all offshore websites are legitimate or safe for use, so as a general rule it is better to stick with the top sportsbooks located and licenced in America.

    How do you bet on esports?

    eSports online betting entails picking which sides or players you feel will win. The esports betting choices you have will vary by event, but you can find wagering options like who will complete a victory, how many games will take place in a match, and various prop bets.

    Is it legal to bet on esports?

    eSports betting USA activities are legal in various places. Many states will let you bet on esports competitions, but events involving minors might not be available for wagering. Other states might outlaw esports betting altogether. Check the rules in your state to see what you can do when placing bets on esports events.

    You may still find esports wagering activities through offshore sportsbooks, especially if you live in a state where traditional esports betting isn’t available. But once again, you will need to note the rules for betting on esports here.

    Can you place live bets on esports events?

    Some places that offer esports online betting activities will offer live wagering opportunities. Live wagers can entail picking on events that take place during a match, including who will reach specific objectives first. The live bets you can place and the available odds will vary surrounding who is contending and what the scores are for each match.

    What types of Fortnite betting opportunities are available?

    Some of the Fortnite betting activities available include wagers on which of two players will perform the best, or who will reach the top three or top ten of a competition. You can also place a straight wager on who you feel will win the entire event.

    Can you place bets on single-player esports competitions?

    You can bet on esports competitions that involve single-player events. In addition to Fortnite, you could also place a bet on sports-related competitions like NBA 2K20 or even NHL 20, among others. 

    Alternative single-player esports games like Hearthstone, Among Us, Smash Bros., Street Fighter, and Fall Guys may also be available. The variety of esports betting predictions you can make for these games will vary by esport and whatever a sportsbook provides.

    Some of the sportsbooks that offer esports betting have access to live streams of these events. How does this feature work?

    A sportsbook can provide a link to a place where you can watch an esports competition in real-time. Twitch is the most prominent place that offers esports streams, as the streaming network offers coverage of various events.

    Is parlay wagering available for esports events?

    Not all esports competitions will qualify for parlay bets. While many tournaments will entail the same game and take place around the same time, that does not mean they will all be available for wagering purposes.

    Many of the esports betting activities entail bets on how many games will occur in a match. How many games take place on average?

    Most esports competitions are a best-of-five affair, although some championship events may become best-of-seven matches. These points are vital for when you’re planning your bets on the total or spread.

    What are the odds like for esports events?

    The odds are around the same as what you’d find for other sports competitions. The total and spread wager values can be close to even money for each one. The moneyline bets will come with varying values and can change surrounding which teams have been performing the best. SportsTips will highlight the most attractive odds worth noting.

    How often can the odds for esports events change?

    eSports betting odds can change as many times as necessary. SportsTips will highlight cases where the odds keep changing and why they are shifting. You can use these details to see what is the most worthwhile to see when you’re planning your wagering activities.