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    Our Guide To NHL Odds

    Whether you are NHL betting during the regular season to the Stanley Cup Finals, we’ll be there to give you details on the best NHL betting odds around.

    We check on many sportsbooks from around the world to find the latest odds for every NHL game. We monitor all of the different NHL betting strategies, from individual game odds to NHL series odds, and even assorted prop bets. Every game has something worth betting on, and we at SportsTips will help you find which ones are the most worthwhile.

    If you are looking at how to bet on the NHL, we provide analysis and predictions for every game. Our experts will figure out the best projections for who will win these games, giving you the advantage you need when making your picks.

    NHL Playoff Odds

    Keeping tabs on the NHL playoff odds can be a challenge, as they can change throughout the season. It doesn’t take long for a talented team to go on an extended pointless streak. Our experts analyse how NHL odds work as odds can change at any time with many things happening throughout the season. 

    During the 2019-20 season, the Dallas Stars had a +2000 line to win the Stanley Cup at the start. A difficult start and a sudden coaching change prompted the Stars’ line to rise to +3500 in November. But the Stars would get back on track and start winning once more, eventually moving to a +1000 line later in the season.

    The momentum can change at any moment during an 82-game regular season. The Philadelphia Flyers went from a +3000 line at the start of the season to +750 when the playoffs began. Meanwhile, the Carolina Hurricanes slipped from +1600 when the season began to +3000 at the start of the playoffs.

    SportsTips is here to help you make sense of it all. You’ll learn about the latest NHL playoff odds for every team, plus an explanation as to why those odds are changing. We’ll also provide NHL betting odds from many sportsbooks, as some places might have different odds than others.

    Odds to Win the 2021 Stanley Cup:

    NHL TeamStanley Cup Odds
    Tampa Bay Lightning-1250
    Montreal Canadiens+850

    (Odds correct as at 7/01/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    NHL Series Odds

    Things can change in a seven-game series during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Such a series can also be unpredictable. A higher-seeded team will usually have the better NHL series odds. 

    But that doesn’t guarantee that club will go far in the playoffs. Some teams that won the Presidents’ Trophy for having the league’s best regular season record will lose in the first round. The 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning and 2012 Vancouver Canucks are good examples.

    Our experts at SportsTips will analyze each playoff matchup and figure out what is likely to occur. We can give you projections for both which teams will win and how long the series could last.

    We’ll also provide NHL series odds from many sportsbooks highlighting what bookmakers are saying. These NHL betting odds include both general odds for who will win a series to ones for how long it will last. 

    For instance, the NHL playoff odds for a series between the Vegas Golden Knights and Calgary Flames might have the Knights winning with a -120 line and the Flames as a +120 underdog. But the odds could be higher for other bets, like a +250 line for the Knights to win in five games, or a +400 line for the Flames to win in six.

    NHL MVP Odds

    SportsTips will give you not only the NHL odds to make playoffs and individual game odds, but also the lines for who will win the Hart Trophy as the top player in the regular season. We’ll provide full NHL odds on the Hart Trophy race throughout the year.

    Our team will analyze who has the best chance of winning the Hart Trophy based on many factors, including:

    • The player’s performance
    • The player’s remaining schedule, including the teams he will play against
    • Injury reports on other contenders
    • How a player’s teammates are helping him move forward

    You can find the latest NHL odds tonight, but take note that every player’s odds will change throughout the season. For example, during the 2019-20 campaign, the Edmonton Oilers’ Leon Draisaitl was under +2000 for most of the season, leading towards him eventually going to -200 and then soon winning the Hart Trophy. But the New York Rangers’ Artemi Panarin had a late run, going from +4500 when the season began to +800 near the end.

    NHL Draft Odds

    The NHL odds to make playoffs can be lofty for many teams, but at least they have the annual NHL Draft to appreciate. The NHL Draft is an essential time of the year, as teams will fill their farm systems with the best young stars in the Canadian junior leagues, the American college circuit, and various European leagues. 

    We at SportsTips will give you the latest NHL odds and projections on everything surrounding the draft, including:

    • Who will pick first
    • Who will be chosen first
    • When the first goaltender will be taken
    • When the first player from an American college will be chosen

    You can find the newest NHL odds tonight surrounding the draft when you check with us at SportsTips. We’ll give you all the details you need surrounding how the draft works and what might happen. You can also learn about the best NHL odds and picking opportunities when figuring out how the draft will move.

    NHL Odds Tonight

    Every sportsbook in the world has different NHL betting odds, and some are more intriguing than others. The Tampa Bay Lightning could have a -150 line to defeat the Dallas Stars on one sportsbook, but the Lightning could be listed at -120 on another site. Those odds could still change in the minutes leading to the first puck drop.

    SportsTips will help you find the best NHL odds tonight for every game during the season. We’ll provide details on the picks you should choose based on our projections and analysis, plus the best game and NHL series odds from different sportsbooks. The NHL betting odds we provide receive regular updates based on what the sportsbooks report.

    We provide you with the best NHL odds for the below points and more:

    • Moneyline
    • Over / under
    • Puck line
    • First period wagering
    • Three-way moneylines focusing on whether the game will reach overtime
    • Alternate puck lines and over / unders
    • Game and player props

    Finding the Best NHL Odds

    The challenge of finding the best NHL odds can be tough, especially since there are so many lines to find. You might focus on one game, but you might not know that the NHL betting odds are more favorable for something else. Maybe you’re using the wrong NHL odds by choosing a sportsbook that isn’t offering something interesting.

    SportsTips explains how NHL picks work as we are all about helping you find the right odds for every game. From picks for a regular season match to the NHL series odds for an entire best-of-seven run, we’ll let you see what’s open for your betting desires.

    Use our projections and analysis alongside our listings of the best NHL odds tonight to see what you should be doing for the day’s games. We’ll give you the help you need, especially when you’re looking for NHL playoff odds later in the season. You can trust SportsTips for all the best NHL hockey odds as well as the best NHL picks and predictions in the market.

    NHL Odds FAQs

    How do you read NHL odds?

    You can review NHL hockey odds by considering the plus and minus numbers on each pick. These numbers are part of the American odds format. A negative number means a team is the favorite and that you would have to bet that total to get $100. For instance, if you pick a team with a -140 line, you’d have to wager $140 to get $100.

    A positive number says the team is the underdog, and that number entails what you’d earn if you wager $100 and won. So if a team has a +110 line, you’d get $110 if you wager $100.

    Is it possible for two teams to have negative numbers on the same bet?

    Two teams could have negative numbers, although that doesn’t happen often. For example, a favorite in a close match could have a -120 line, while the underdog is at -105.

    What are NHL playoff series odds?

    NHL playoff series odds entail picking who you feel will win a best-of-seven series. You can review NHL playoff odds for both who will win the series outright and how many games it would take for a team to win.

    Can you place bets on who will make the playoffs?

    There are some NHL odds to make playoffs that can appear before the season starts. You’re more likely to find those NHL betting odds before the regular season. But sometimes those odds may still be available as the season progresses.

    The NHL odds to make playoffs can shift throughout the season. In one hypothetical, a team that had a +300 line to make the playoffs at the start could move to +150 if that club does very well, or it could slip to +500 if it keeps losing.

    How do NHL future odds work?

    NHL future odds entail picking on an outcome that will be resolved weeks or months later. You can find many futures picks, from the NHL odds to make playoffs to the odds for a team to win the Stanley Cup. These NHL hockey odds may appear throughout the season, although their values can dramatically change.

    Can you place bets on who will win various NHL awards?

    You can find NHL betting odds on many of the league’s top honors. These include the Calder Trophy for the league’s best rookie and the Vezina Trophy for the top goaltender.

    How long will a series last when reviewing NHL series odds?

    The NHL series odds you’ll find typically entail best-of-seven series in the playoffs. You could also find some NHL series odds surrounding how well two teams will face off against one another in the regular season, but you’re more likely to find that for divisional opponents.

    Can you also place a bet on the NHL All-Star Game?

    You can also find NHL odds on the All-Star Game. But the odds you’ll find focus not on a competition between two conferences, but how all four divisions compete in a series of twenty-minute three-on-three games. These include bets on:

    • Which division will win the event
    • How both the twenty-minute games at the start before the final will pan out (Atlantic vs. Metropolitan, Central vs. Pacific)
    • Who will win the MVP award for the game

    What types of NHL prop bet odds can you find?

    You can find many NHL odds tonight for every game, including various prop bets. Some of these props provide quality odds, especially if they are for events that we at SportsTips feel may happen. Some of the choices you’ll find when looking for NHL odds tonight include:

    • Whether a team will score in the first period
    • Which period will have the most goals
    • Whether the game will enter overtime or a shootout
    • Which player will tally the most shots on goal
    • Which goaltender will record the most saves
    • Whether a player will score a goal or attain a point

    What are the NHL odds for alternate lines like?

    Alternate lines offer intriguing payouts in some instances. For example, the Tampa Bay Lightning could have a -1.5 puck line with a +170 payout against the Dallas Stars. You could also change the puck line to -2.5 in the Lightning’s favor with a +275 payout. You could also choose the Stars to win with a -1.5 line at +375.

    Why do you need the best NHL odds predictions?

    Whether it entails NHL playoff odds or picks on the NHL odds to make playoffs, you need to find predictions that give you an idea of what you should choose when placing a bet. SportsTips will give you a better idea of what might happen when making your picks. You can use SportsTips to find the best game and NHL playoff series odds, plus our projections for what could happen in these games.