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    Our Guide To College Football Betting

    Are you planning on betting on this weekend’s NCAA football action? We at SportsTips will help you find the best college football betting picks for the weekend’s games. We will showcase all the best wagering options for games from all the conferences, from the Big Ten and SEC to the MAC and Sun Belt.

    You’ve got an assortment of college football betting lines to explore every week, which will help shape our college football picks and predictions.

    Main Options For College Football Betting

    Here are a few of the top choices to consider when finding the best college football bets:


    The spread bet is the most traditional choice for college football betting. The spread refers to how much a team is favored to win by. The favorite will have a negative number, while the underdog has a positive one. 

    For instance, Auburn may have a -3.5 line against Mississippi. The line means you could bet on the Tigers to win by four or more points. You could also bet on Mississippi at +3.5 to say that the Rebels will either win outright or lose by three or fewer points. The college football betting odds here may be low. Both sides of the spread may have a -105 to -115 payout.


    The moneyline bet entails you picking that one team will win the game. Check the college football betting odds to see how much of a favorite one club might be versus the other. The team with the greater negative number is the favorite, while the one with the higher positive number is the underdog.

    For instance, Notre Dame may have a -420 line against Pittsburgh. That means the Fighting Irish are a strong favorite, and you’d have to bet $420 to win $100. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh would be the +310 underdog. The line means you’d earn $310 if you wager $100 on the Panthers to win.

    Over / Under

    The over / under or total for a game refers to betting on how many points the two teams will score during a game. For example, you might see an over / under total of 68.5. You could bet on the game to have either 69 or more combined points or 68 or fewer. The college football betting odds may also be around -105 to -115 for either choice.

    Best College Football Bets

    You never know what games are going to be more interesting for your college football betting needs. You might be interested in a high-profile game like Michigan-Minnesota, but sometimes a small-level match like UNLV-San Jose State might be more interesting. 

    There might be one team that appears as the underdog who has a better chance of winning. The potential for a high-value payout could be greater on one game compared to another. But you need help in finding the most appealing college football betting lines, with there being dozens of games each weekend.

    Our NCAA football betting tips at SportsTips will help you find the best college football bets for the weekend. We’ll provide our projections for each game and showcase the most appealing bets for each match. Our projections can help form part of your college football betting strategy for the weekend. 

    Sometimes a team with +400 moneyline odds might have a better chance of winning their game than you expect. You can see our college football picks best bets at SportsTips every weekend to see what’s open and what’s worthy of your money.

    College Football Betting Odds

    There’s no telling what you’ll find when looking at the college football betting odds for the week. A spread or over / under bet might entail values from -105 to -120. But a moneyline wager could include some exciting totals, like an underdog having a +800 or greater line.

    Don’t forget about prop bets and alternate lines when it comes to college football odds. You could bet on Miami to defeat Virginia with a -11.5 line with a -110 payout, or you could go with a -21.5 line for the Hurricanes to win at +250. Each game has multiple lines and props, but you might not know what fits the most when placing your bets for the week’s games.

    SportsTips will highlight the college football betting odds that will fit the best for your wagering desires. You can use our projections and our research to find the most intriguing college football betting picks that may pay out more than what you’d expect.

    Online College Football Betting

    There are many sportsbooks available for American punters. The number is still rising, as more sportsbooks are receiving licenses to operate in more states throughout the country. But all sportsbooks have different college football betting lines. 

    FanDuel and PointsBet might have Appalachian State as a -13.5 favorite against Arkansas State, but BetMGM may have the Mountaineers at -15.5. These sportsbooks may have different ideas of what they think will happen during this game.

    SportsTips will sort out all the college football betting lines for you. SportsTips will highlight the best spreads and other lines sportsbooks offer. We’ll also highlight the different college football betting odds these places have, including how their moneyline values vary. By doing this we help you get all the important information in relation to how college football odds work.

    Some websites may offer bets that are more profitable than others. Our team at SportsTips will highlight what you should consider for your wagering demands for all the games out there.

    How College Football Betting Impacts Odds

    Sometimes the college football betting odds you read will change due to many bettors placing wagers on one side. A sportsbook will adjust the line or the odds to make the other selection more enticing.

    For example, North Carolina might have a -17.5 line against NC State. People would place more bets on NC State to cover the spread. The sportsbook would notice people are interested in the Wolfpack and would then lower the spread to -13.5 in favor of North Carolina. The effort encourages people to consider betting on the Tar Heels as the favorite instead of the underdog Wolfpack.

    The same goes for the moneyline. NC State might have a +475 moneyline bet for that game, but a sportsbook might trim that total down to keep it from losing too much if the Wolfpack wins.

    SportsTips will report on the latest college football betting lines and odds for each game. We’ll also highlight cases where the odds might change for any reason, we do this so you get more information on how college football picks work and you can make a better decision when betting. 

    College Football Bowl Betting

    You’ll find several bowl games in December and January every year. These games feature the best teams from all the top conferences competing for substantial payouts. But it is tough to make college football betting picks for these games, as they entail teams from different conferences. They might have different playing styles that make it tough for you to plan your NCAA football betting predictions.

    Our experts at SportsTips will provide reports on all the bowl games. We’ll cover everything from major matchups like the Rose Bowl Game and the Peach Bowl to smaller games like the Quick Lane Bowl or Hawaii Bowl. We will review the college football betting lines that are available and provide recommendations for what picks you should consider.

    We will provide projections on how these games will run. You can use our reporting to make the best college football betting picks for these games. You’ll know what to expect, even if you aren’t familiar with the teams in these bowl games. We provide all the information you need on how to bet on college football.

    Finding the Best College Football Betting Picks & Predictions

    It’s not hard to find the right NCAA football betting tips if you know where to go. SportsTips will help you find the right NCAA football bets today. Our reporting at SportsTips will provide you the free NCAAF betting picks you deserve. 

    We will highlight the most appealing college football betting lines, plus we’ll illustrate what makes each of these choices so interesting. You’ll find all the college football information you need for your betting plans through us.

    Best of all, we offer these college football betting picks for free. You can check around the SportsTips website to find the best college football bets. You deserve nothing but the best NCAA football betting tips when planning your wagering efforts. Our work at SportsTips will help you see what fits for your wagering demands.

    College Football Betting FAQs

    How does college football betting work?

    College football betting entails picking on what you think will happen during a football game. You can place a bet on who will win, or that someone will win by a specific number of points. You could also wager that a team will cover a spread, which means that team will either win or lose by fewer than a specific point total.

    Is college football betting legal?

    College football betting is legal throughout the United States, although the rules may vary by state. Some states will not let people place wagers on games that entail teams from a certain state. Check the college football betting rules in your area to see what works for your betting needs.

    What is line betting in college football?

    Line betting occurs when you place a bet on a game based on a point spread. A sportsbook will establish a point spread based on how the game may run. The line is also called a margin. For example, a game might have a line of -14.5. You could bet on the favorite to win by fifteen or more points, or the underdog to lose by fewer than fifteen points or to win outright.

    How can you live bet on college football?

    Live betting is available for most college football games. This part of college football betting entails picking on who you think will win or how the line will move as the game takes place. Things tend to change pretty quickly when it comes to live betting on college football!

    The odds and the line will change based on how the game is going, who has the most momentum during the game, and the time remaining. You can use our NCAA football betting predictions at SportsTips to compare what’s open so that you can pick the right live bets at any point during a game.

    Where can I bet on college football?

    You can bet on college football through various online sportsbooks available throughout the United States. There are also some offshore sportsbooks available for wagering, although you’d have to check the rules and certifications of these websites to see if they are safe.

    What are the betting odds for college football bowl games?

    The odds for college football bowl games can vary based on how the two teams have performed during the regular season, the strengths of their schedules, and the playing style between these teams. 

    We at SportsTips can make smart NCAA football betting predictions for each of these matches. Our reporting includes college football betting picks for games entailing teams that might not have met one another in the past.

    What are the college football MVP betting odds?

    The odds for who will win the Heisman Trophy as the best player in college football for the year will vary throughout the season. You’ll find more players to choose from at the start of the season. The odds for these players may also be higher at the start, as there are more possibilities for who could win the Heisman Trophy at that point.

    These betting odds will shrink as the season goes forward, and people learn more about the players. There will also be fewer betting choices, as some longshots will no longer be on the board.

    SportsTips can provide reports on the latest college football betting lines for the Heisman Trophy. We can also highlight predictions on who has the best chance of winning the honor based on their performance, their upcoming schedules, and how well their teams are performing in general.

    A college football game that I am interested in is not available for wagering. Why is this the case?

    A game may not have any odds because it is off the board. This point means that the game does not have any wagering lines. A sportsbook may keep a game off the board due to uncertainty surrounding the match. 

    There might be concerns over whether a player or coach will be involved, or even issues about whether the game will even take place. You might find some college football betting options for that game later, but that would be after any issues surrounding the game are resolved.

    A college football game has a spread bet available, but it doesn’t have a moneyline bet. Why is this happening?

    A game may not have a moneyline bet due to the spread being too lofty. The moneyline odds might be too high to where hardly anyone will place wagers on those bets. For example, Clemson may be a -46 favorite against Syracuse. You can find spread and over / under wagering choices for that game, but the intense spread makes it to where moneyline wagering would be impractical.

    Can you place parlays on college football games?

    Some of the best college football bets are parlays that entail multiple games. You can produce a parlay with multiple games on the same ticket. Our team at SportsTips will recommend the best NCAA football bets today for all your parlay needs.

    Can you place parlays on the same college football game?

    Most games will let you place a parlay at the same event. You could place a parlay on the spread and over / under for the same game, for example. Some games will not allow you to place parlays on the same event due to a high spread.