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    Our Guide To NBA Picks & Predictions

    When looking for NBA betting tips and advice, SportsTips has everything you need for free NBA picks and parlays on all games across the regular season and playoffs. Our in depth analysis of data, injuries and news will provide you with NBA expert picks for every game. See our NBA predictions on this page below now!

    We are basketball fans ourselves, and our passion for the game drives the hunger to analyse each and every game, hoping to find the best NBA picks and parlays not only for ourselves, but to provide you with the best free NBA picks out there. So, if you are looking for a winner, our experts have the best NBA picks for tonight’s games as well as NBA Finals predictions, NBA MVP predictions and the best NBA betting picks.

    NBA Championship Odds & Picks 2021

    With injuries to the decade-dominating Golden State, the emergence of the Bucks and the Clippers, Boston and Toronto continuing their strength in the East and the Lakers returning to the forefront of the league, the race to the NBA Championship was never as open as it was in the 2019-20 season. 

    As the season went on, the teams dominating the NBA expert picks and NBA Finals predictions were the Lakers and Clippers from the West and the Buck, Raptors and Celtics from the East. 

    There are so many different NBA odds available, but here are the 2021 NBA Championship odds:

    NBA TeamNBA Champion Odds:
    Brooklyn Nets+210
    Los Angeles Lakers+480
    Los Angeles Clippers+600
    Utah Jazz+600
    Milwaukee Bucks+800

    (Odds correct as at 5/20/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    For a more in depth analysis on who our NBA expert picks to win the 2021 NBA Championship, visit our NBA Playoffs and Finals page.

    Betting on the NBA Championship is just one NBA betting strategy used by our NBA experts, but there are plenty more and we have explained them in depth for you.

    Free NBA Picks

    At SportsTips, we provide free NBA picks, parlays and predictions, endeavouring to help you become a winner. Whether you are a serious or casual punter, a basketball fan or have a particular team you follow, we have exactly what you need to take your punting to the next level. 

    We take the time to analyse data, previous games, injury updates, and other NBA news, before looking at the odds to find ways for you to win money. Every game of the regular season and playoffs will be analysed, with a game analysis and betting analysis report as well as our expert picks and predictions for each game, every day. 

    If you are still struggling to understand how NBA odds work, or would like a better understanding, our experts have explained it to give you the confidence you need to punt and win. Anyone can predict a short odds favourite to win, but we go in depth to find value opportunities and provide you with the best free NBA picks to make you a winner.

    NBA Picks & Parlays

    SportsTips is here to provide you with the best free NBA picks and parlays, created by NBA lovers and punters, for NBA lovers and punters. 

    Do you have enough time to analyse each game, check previous box scores and all of the injuries updates before placing a bet. We do all of the hard stuff for you, providing a game and betting analysis, as well as our expert picks, for every match that is played. That’s right, all 82 games for all 30 teams, plus the playoffs!

    We look at all of the data, trends, stats and team updates to provide you with up to date news, information and insights, as well as our NBA expert picks, parlays and predictions. 

    And not only do we analyse NBA performance, but we also analyse bookies performance and specials, finding you special deals and promos to increase your chance of winning every time you place a bet.

    NBA Picks for Tonight

    Here at SportsTips, we put in the time to become your one stop shop for free NBA predictions tonight. We examine NBA statistics and bookie promotions to provide you with an in depth analysis of what bets you should make, and what bookies you should make them with, whether that is moneyline, against the spread, over / under, team props or player props. 

    Our dedicated team put in the time you might not be able to, to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best bets on every game in the NBA.

    NBA Expert Picks

    At SportsTips, our specialist NBA experts pick the best games and best markets to make you a winner. Our priority is for you to make money, so we take the time to follow trends, look at the data, analyse the markets and provide you with the most up to date information and best NBA picks, parlays and predictions possible. 

    We provide you with our expert NBA analysis and then we also follow the picks and predictions with you, as we love the NBA and want to be winners, just like you.

    Free NBA Predictions Moneyline

    This is simply head to head betting. Bookmakers will determine a favourite to win the game and change the odds depending on how much better they believe one team is over another. When placing a bet in this market, you simple pick which team you think will win the game. 

    At SportsTips we do the research for you and provide you with all of the information and analysis you need with our expert NBA picks and predictions. 

    If, in a game, you think the -300 favourite will win and place a moneyline bet on that team, you will need to place a $300 bet to profit $100 ($400 return from $300 bet if the favourite wins).

    In the same game, if you instead think the +280 underdog will win and place a moneyline bet on that team, you will profit $280 from a $100 bet ($380 return from $100 bet if the underdog wins).

    Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

    Sometimes a team’s odds are so low, that you don’t want to bet a ridiculous amount of money, just to profit $100. This is where betting against the spread comes into action. With the help of our expert NBA picks, predictions and analysis, you can bet on a team to win by a certain amount of points and get better odds. 

    Using the previous example, if you, after looking at our expert NBA picks, think the -300 favourite will win, but don’t want to bet $300 just to profit $100, you could instead bet on them to win by more than 5.5 points, only needing to bet $110 to profit $100 in this market. If you were to still bet $300 on this market, you would profit roughly $270, instead of just $100. 

    NBA against the spread bets are also valuable when betting on underdogs. If you are unsure which team is going to win, or our NBA picks and predictions think it will be a close game, you could bet on the underdog against the spread. 

    Using the example above, you could bet on the underdog at +5.5, meaning if they win or lose by 5 points or less, your bet wins. While a $110 bet only profits $100, compared to a $100 bet profiting $280 in the moneyline market, you get the insurance of five extra points, in case the favourite wins.

    Free NBA Picks Over / Under

    How many total points do you think will be scored in any given game in the NBA?

    Being one of the highest scoring sports leagues in the world, betting on the total points going over or under a specific mark is an exciting way to watch a game, with the bet usually going down to the final seconds. 

    Our NBA experts analyse team’s stats and trends, such as their offensive and defensive efficiencies, as well as their performance at home and on the road to give you the best NBA odds and predictions for the over/under market.

    NBA Picks & Predictions FAQs

    How do you decide what NBA bets to place?

    Our experts spend hours examining each game and the required statistics, data, trends and information to formulate the best free NBA picks and predictions. More information on how they do this can be found on our how NBA picks work page. 

    How to win NBA bets?

    If you have enough time to look at every game, review the trends, injuries, stats and data and place your bet, then you have a higher chance of winning more than losing. But there is no magic formula that you can follow that will provide you with the answers.

    At SportsTips, our NBA experts do all of the research and reviewing for you, providing you with the best free NBA picks and predictions for every game, every day. 

    For a more in depth look as to how our experts create their picks and predictions, check out our how NBA picks work page. 

    If you are ready to start winning, our NBA hub page has all your NBA expert’s picks and analysis for all of tonight’s games, including our nightly best bets and parlay. 

    How to bet money on NBA games?

    When betting on NBA games, there are many different bookmakers, websites and apps that you can use to place a bet. At SportsTips, we have reviewed the main bookmakers, finding the best odds, promotions and specials for you to capitalize on. 

    Once you have selected a bookmaker, you’ll find that there are many different ways to bet on NBA games. The most common are:

    •     Against the Spread
    •     Total over/under
    •     Moneyline
    •     Parlay
    •     Player/Team Props

    Our NBA experts break down and explain how each of these betting types work on our how to bet on the NBA page, and provide you with the best free NBA picks and predictions here.

    When betting on NBA games, it is important that you check the specific rules and regulations on sports betting in your state, as each state is different.

    How to bet on spread in the NBA?

    Betting against the spread in the NBA is where bookmakers determine a specific margin of victory they think the favourite should win by. You then have to decide whether the favourite will win by more than this margin of victory or the favourite will win by less than this margin of victory/the underdog will win. 

    For a more in depth explanation, with a real life example, check our how to bet on the NBA page. 

    Our NBA experts have also reviewed every NBA game and created the best free analysis with their picks and predictions for every game, including against the spread. 

    Who is picked to win the NBA Finals?

    The odds are live for the 2021 NBA Championship already and the Los Angeles Lakers opened as +350 favourites. The Los Angeles Clippers (+450) and Milwaukee Bucks (+550) were the next in the market.

    For updated odds, as well as our NBA expert picks and NBA finals predictions, head over to our NBA Playoffs and Finals page

    How many picks are there in the NBA Draft?

    There are 60 picks in the NBA draft, made up of two 30 pick rounds. The first 14 picks of the draft are ‘lottery picks’, made up of the 14 teams who didn’t make the playoffs. The NBA Draft is held after the NBA Finals, with the 2020 edition on the 16th of October. 

    For an in depth analysis on the upcoming draft, including who teams are targeting, check out our 2020 NBA Draft Analysis article, which includes NBA Draft odds for who will be taken with the first pick.

    Who has the first pick in the 2021 NBA Draft?

    The 2021 NBA Draft Lottery has not taken place as of yet. The Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic finished the regular season with the bottom three records in the league and therefore all enter the Lottery with the equal-highest odds for the number one pick, 14%.

    When is the 2021 NBA Draft?

    The 2021 NBA Draft will be held on the 29th of July. It will be held at the Barclays Centre, almost a month after the NBA Draft Lottery and Combine.