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    Our Guide To NHL Betting

    Our team monitors the best trends in the NHL to figure out what you should consider when placing bets. We cover every game throughout the season, plus we have an NHL playoff betting service where you can see who has the best chance of winning each series during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    We’ll help you figure out what the best NHL betting picks are for each match. Sometimes you might come across a moneyline bet that’s worthwhile if there’s a team who could potentially pull off an upset. But sometimes a game may become lopsided to where you’re better off placing a wager on the puck line. 

    NHL Betting

    Each game has a unique series of NHL betting odds, and there’s always a reason why those odds reach where they are. We’ll give you a review of which teams have the chance to beat the odds, or if you should stick with a different bet for these games.

    You could also find wagers on the over / under or total for a game. We’ll give you details on how many goals could be scored during a match, helping you see whether you should take the over or under.

    We will also provide points on all the prop bets available for various games. Some of the best NHL betting picks are for team or player-based props, including how well specific players perform. Whether it entails a player possibly earning a point or a goaltender making enough saves, you’ll have enough detail on how a game may go when you read our analysis.

    You will also read about the best NHL betting odds on our website. We keep tabs on many sportsbooks throughout the country to see which places have the most favorable odds. We’ll let you see where the NHL best bets appear.

    NHL Best Bets

    The odds for a team to win the Stanley Cup will shift throughout the season. The St. Louis Blues were the reigning 2019 Stanley Cup champions, and they had a line that went from +1400 at the start of the 2019-20 season to +700 at the start of the playoffs.

    But the NHL is unpredictable, as any team could have a shot to win. The Vancouver Canucks started the 2019-20 season with a +4000 line to win the Cup, but that total dropped to +1600 for the playoffs. The Dallas Stars also progressed from +2000 to +500.

    You’ll find many teams worth considering for your NHL betting needs during the season. But the right choices for NHL games to bet on today will vary surrounding the matchups, the momentum between two teams, and many other points. Our experts at SportsTips will give you the best NHL betting tips you need as you search for the league’s best bets.

    NHL Betting Tips

    There are many considerations when looking at how to bet on the NHL. These include points surrounding these features in a game and many others:

    • Which teams are on the second half of a back-to-back series
    • The goaltending matchup
    • Any recent roster changes, including healthy scratches or minor league call-ups
    • The pace of play between each team

    SportsTips will give you the NHL betting tips you need when planning your wagers. Our projections and reviews of each team will help you plan your NHL betting picks, as they are thorough and comprehensive for each part of a game.

    We can also provide points on the best odds for each match, including NHL betting odds from multiple sportsbooks. Every sportsbook has a different idea for what goes into an NHL match. We’ll sort out all those details and help you find intriguing trends on where the experts are going while you review all the NHL games to bet on today.

    Online NHL Betting

    One of the best parts of online NHL betting is that you can complete your wagers at any time of day. You could even plan your NHL betting picks a few minutes before the first puck drop. We’ll keep you in the know on the latest NHL betting odds. You’ll find all the NHL best bets on our website right up to the start of each game. 

    Check our website in the morning to see our initial reports on a game and look back later to see if the odds are changing. You may find some choices for your NHL betting picks tonight that might be more intriguing than whatever you saw earlier in the day.

    There are so many different NHL betting strategies, and we cover all of them in our tips to ensure we find the best value!

    You can also use our free NHL betting tips for parlays. Parlay wagers are intriguing, but they can be tough to make perfect. Our experts at SportsTips will give you all the NHL best bets for your parlay by giving you details on each match on one website.

    How NHL Betting Impacts Odds

    You’ll always know what you could potentially win after you place a bet, as the odds on any tickets you place will be set. But there’s always a chance the NHL odds for a game will change after that. Sometimes the odds might change due to a roster change or other unique factors. But sometimes NHL betting activities can include those odds.

    If you are looking to find out how NHL odds work, we explain them in depth, including how a sportsbook might adjust the NHL betting odds for some games if enough people place bets on a position. For example, a significant number of people are placing their bets on a team with a +160 line. That line could drop to +130, as the sportsbook doesn’t want to risk losing too much from successful bets that take place.

    Sometimes a sportsbook might find enough people are using the best NHL betting tips when placing their bets. Using the NHL best bets for the day would be ideal in ensuring you receive the best payout.

    NHL Betting Picks & Predictions

    You don’t have to spend all day looking around online to find the NHL best bets for the day, nor do you have to struggle in trying to come up with your research. You can visit us at SportsTips to find all the top NHL picks and predictions tonight.

    We will give you an idea of how NHL picks works and what goes into the odds sportsbooks produce. We’ll then provide an analysis of each of the day’s games, including during the playoffs. Every game has unique outcomes that could occur, and we’ll give you an idea of what is most likely to happen. Our NHL best bets cover everything surrounding a game.

    Whether it’s for NHL playoff betting needs or you wish to plan an ideal futures wager, you can trust us at SportsTips when searching for NHL betting tips. Our smart approach to NHL betting will give you an advantage.

    NHL Betting FAQs

    How does NHL betting work?

    NHL betting works in that you can place a wager on one of many things to happen during an NHL hockey game. You can place a bet on many things, including:

    • The outright winner
    • How many goals the teams will score in a game
    • The margin of victory for a game
    • How well individual players compete, including who could score a goal or attain a point

    What is line betting in the NHL?

    Line betting entails picking a team to win a game based on the margin of victory or defeat. The wager is also called the puck line. The favorite in an NHL game typically has a line of -1.5 to win. That means you could bet on the team to win by at least two goals.

    The underdog will have a +1.5 line to win the game. You could place a bet that the underdog will either win outright or lose by one goal. Alternate lines are also available for varying teams. You could wager on a team with a -1.5 line at +165, or you could place a bet of -2.5 for that same team with a potential +250 payout.

    How can you live bet on NHL games?

    Live betting is available for NHL games throughout the season. You can visit an online sportsbook and then check on the odds for a live game. The moneyline, puck line, and total wagers can change as the game progresses. It may change due to:

    • An injury or other substantial roster change
    • A team being ahead by enough goals
    • A goaltender being replaced
    • Enough time in the game having elapsed

    The sportsbook will update the odds for the game based on these and other points. You can use these odds alongside our NHL betting tips to help you figure the best possible live bets to place. Check our NHL betting picks versus the actual results to dictate whatever wager you want to place.

    Can I bet on the NHL legally?

    The NHL has been supportive of legal gambling activities where people can place bets on games. The NHL has partnerships with MGM Resorts, FanDuel, and William Hill US. You can place wagers on a sportsbook in your local area. Many sportsbooks have licenses to operate in select states throughout the country. Check the rules in your state to see which sportsbooks are open for wagering.

    You could also consider using an offshore sportsbook if you live in a state where particular sportsbooks are not available. Review whatever sportsbook you’re interested in supporting first to ensure you’re not signing up to place at someplace that might not be safe.

    What are the odds for winning the Stanley Cup?

    Future odds on who will win the Stanley Cup are available throughout the season, although they can change on a whim throughout the season. These NHL betting odds can change based on how a team performs and how the standings appear.

    For example, the Minnesota Wild had a +4000 line to win the Cup when the 2019-20 season began. That line climbed to +10000 around the turn of the calendar year, and then it went down to +5000.

    Sometimes the odds for a team might be consistent throughout the year. The Vegas Golden Knights had a +1000 line when the season started, and that total dropped to +250 before the Knights were eliminated. SportsTips will help you see what the best futures wagers are throughout the season. You can use these odds to plan your NHL playoff betting efforts.

    What are the NHL MVP betting odds?

    You can also find the NHL best bets on who will win various awards throughout the league. One of the more popular bets is on who will win the Hart Trophy, the award for the league’s most valuable player.

    What other NHL awards can you place wagers?

    You can also place NHL betting picks on awards like the Vezina Trophy for the league’s best goaltender and the Calder Trophy for the top rookie. Lines are also available for smaller awards like the Maurice Richard Trophy for the player who scores the most regular season awards, or the Ted Lindsay Award given to the NHLPA’s pick for the league’s best player.

    How many games can you place on a parlay bet when wagering on the NHL?

    You could plan as many NHL betting picks as you wish when getting a parlay ticket ready. The odds to win will be greater if you have more picks. You can figure out the value of your parlay ticket by multiplying the decimal odds for each pick together. One of the best NHL betting tips is to keep your parlay bets in check. Picking three to five games on a parlay ticket should be suitable.

    What do these positive and negative numbers mean when planning NHL betting picks?

    A positive odds number means that you will get a specific total when you wager $100. The positive odds are for an event less likely to happen. For example, you can pick an underdog at +140 to win a game. You’ll earn $140 if you wager $100.

    A negative number entails the favorite or another event likely to happen. The number refers to how much you’d have to wager to win $100. For a favorite with a -120 line, you would have to spend $120 to earn $100.

    How high or low can the alternate lines or totals be on an NHL game?

    An alternate line can be one or two goals off from the original puck line. For example, the Chicago Blackhawks could have a -1.5 line at +150 in a game against the Winnipeg Jets, while the Jets have a +1.5 line at -140. You could bet the Blackhawks at -2.5 for a +290 payout, or the Jets at -1.5 for a +450 total.

    An alternate total can be a few goals higher or lower than the official total for the game. You could find a line with an over / under of 5.5 that pays -105 for either one. You could also choose an alternate line of 7.5 with a +425 line for the game to go over or -700 to stay under.

    How does the three-way moneyline bet work on an NHL game?

    A three-way moneyline bet entails you picking on one of three outcomes:

    1. The home team winning in regulation
    2. The visiting team winning in regulation
    3. The match going into an overtime or shootout period; you would win on this outcome regardless of who ends up winning

    The odds for one of these three-way moneyline bets might be greater in value because you’re betting on whether or not a game will reach the overtime or shootout period. The regulation time may also be called full time.