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    Our Guide to March Madness

    Our mission is to provide the best March Madness predictions and analysis so that our followers are more informed and can cash more bets than ever before. March Madness is college basketball but on steroids.

    March Madness is one of the most bet on sporting events every year, but a lot of the time bettors don’t know who they are betting on or why they are doing it. This year, Selection Sunday is to be held at 6pm on March 14th and the NCAA National Championship game will be held on Monday, April 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

    Over the three weeks of the tournament we endeavour to look into every detail, statistic and formline for all 68 teams to provide you with the best analysis, March Madness betting odds and predictions for every clash, every day.

    March Madness Predictions & Picks

    There are so many different methods and strategies when it comes to March Madness betting. Do you stick with the higher seeds, follow the school with the heartwarming story, pick the streaky hot team in the moment or bet on the team that has proved it all season?

    Our experts have studied every game throughout the season to be able to provide you with the best team by team analysis, the best in-form and up to date picks and predictions, the best March Madness futures bets and the best March Madness betting odds for every game.

    There is plenty of anticipation for this year’s event after 2020’s March Madness was cancelled due to COVID-19. But first, let’s look back over the last 10 tournaments as we have seen winners from all over the country:

    2019Virginia Cavaliers2018Villanova Wildcats
    2017North Carolina Tar Heels2016Villanova Wildcats
    2015Duke Blue Devils2014Connecticut Huskies
    2013Louisville Cardinals2012Kentucky Wildcats
    2011Connecticut Huskies2010Duke Blue Devils

    As you can see, while it is a wide open race some very familiar names pop up regularly with just 7 teams holding up the trophy over the last 10 tournaments. Over that span, Duke, Villanova and Connecticut have each won the National Championship twice, while the Virginia Cavaliers will enter this year’s tournament as the defending champions.

    The Wildcats are potentially the most in form team over the last five years, winning the National Championship twice and the Big East Championship four times. Does that mean that they will win it all again this year? Make sure you check out our March Madness picks for all the details you need!

    Our experts take into account the history of every team, the history of particular seeds and which are more likely to cause upsets, but most importantly how each team and their players are playing. You are only as good as your last game, but in March Madness you don’t get any second chances. 

    Everyone thinks they are a March Madness picks genius, but if you want a foolproof method to winning big during this year’s tournament, you need SportsTips’ March Madness predictions for every game.

    If it’s just college basketball you are after, then make sure you visit our college basketball picks and predictions page! We also offer up more information on how college basketball picks work, so you get the full picture.

    March Madness Betting

    One of the biggest sports betting events of the year, March Madness sees over $10 billion wagered across the country on bets from money line, spread, total points and futures bets. This is the tournament that inspires teams, schools and towns to band together and support as one. But who should you bet on?

    The team with a cool mascot, an adorable story, the underdog or the favorite? Each game is so different and that’s why we take the time to analyse the form, statistics, injuries, coaches, players and more to provide the best March Madness expert picks for you. We cover all 67 games across the three weeks to ensure you have the most in-form, up to date information available before you place your bets.

    Which Sportsbooks have the Best March Madness Betting Odds?

    Currently only PointsBet, BetFred, UniBet, BetMGM and FanDuel allow futures bets on March Madness, however other sportsbooks like BET365 and FoxBet allow you to bet on daily games!

    Sportsbooks will have very similar odds for most games, however some will offer special promotions and specials during the  tournament and that is where you get your value. PointsBet is typically one of the best sportsbooks when it comes to special event promotions and big free bets opportunities.

    How To: March Madness Betting

    You can bet on March Madness like any other college basketball game that you can typically bet on. With help of SportsTips’ expert March Madness picks, you can go in to your app, place your wager and see the money start rolling in. 

    Not only that, but if we see some good value in other markets and bet types, we will give them to you as well because we want you to become a winner! Some of the other markets that we might include are:

    • Game Props
    • Player Props
    • Future Bets

    College basketball is pretty much on all the time, so if it’s not March Madness season, the chances are you’ll find some college basketball betting opportunities. SportsTips is also here to help out when it comes to college basketball strategies and assistance on how to bet on college basketball.

    March Madness Odds

    With every day that passes, more games happen and the March Madness odds change. Three weeks out from the start of the tournament, #1 Gonzaga, who are undefeated through their 22 games, are +275 favorites to take out the title, but things can change in the blink of an eye. 

    The odds change based on a number of different factors including:

    • Each team’s current record
    • Strength of wins
    • What conference each team is from
    • Roster availability and injuries
    • Previous matchups against particular teams
    • March Madness tournament history
    • Coach’s experience

    We provide more than just an in depth analysis on every game, we look over every sportsbook to find the best odds for every game to ensure you get the best value out of your bets. Our experts take the time to find you what you need so all you need to do is read our analysis, place your bets and see them win.

    If you are still understanding how college basketball odds work or want to know more about college basketball odds in general, we have a detailed explanation for you to help clear things up. Things change so frequently and dramatically in the NCAA, so we stay on top of it all for you.

    A perfect example is the Michigan Wolverines, who opened betting for this year’s title with +3300 odds, but their 16-1 overall record and 11-0 home record has seen them climb to third in the rankings and their National Championship odds dive to +600. 

    Current NCAA March Madness Odds

    With each team just having a few games remaining before the Conference Tournaments start, the odds are starting to take shape and clear favorites are emerging. Playing futures bets is always a dangerous game as you want to jump on a team as they are starting to find their stride, before their odds decrease. However, you don’t want to pick a team to win it all only to see their odds balloon after a couple of poor performances.

    Nevertheless, here are the current odds to win the National Championship:

    NCAAB TeamNational Championship Odds
    Gonzaga Bulldogs+115
    Baylor Bears+400
    Michigan Wolverines+700
    Houston Cougars+900

    (Odds correct as of 3/25/2021, thanks to FanDuel)

    March Madness Odds: Prop Bets

    Not only is March Madness an exciting time for sports fans, it is an exciting time and opportunity for sports bettors. If you are knowledgeable about how Selection Sunday has gone in the past and how each team’s strength of schedule indicates how well they will go in the tournament, there is some very nice coin to be made.

    Some of the best March Madness Prop markets out there are:

    • To make the Final Four
    • Which Conference will win the National Championship
    • Tournament Seed over/under
    • To be a #1 seed

    As you can see, the Big 12 Conference is a clear favorite to take out the National Championship and there is no shock there. #2 Baylor is on top of the conference and second favorite to win the title while five other schools in the Big 12 are currently ranked and should get good seeding for the tournament.

    The West Coast Conference is second in the odds, but is home to only one ranked school. How is this so? #1 Gonzaga Bulldogs are part of the conference and are an astonishing 22-0 and current favorites to take out the title.

    March Madness FAQs

    How do I bet on the March Madness Tournament?

    Anyone can bet on March Madness, much like any other college basketball game, but only a few can win on the March Madness Tournament! At SportsTips, we take the time to analyse and dissect each game in order to provide you with the best March Madness predictions before you place your bets!

    Where can I bet on the March Madness Tournament?

    Nearly every sportsbook allows you to bet on college basketball and will provide March Madness odds. Only some sportsbooks will provide good value and incredible March Madness promotions, including free bets and deposit offers.

    SportsTips is here to sift through all of the different sportsbooks to find you the best bets, odds and offers on the market. However, not every state allows mobile sports betting. It is best to check your local laws and guidelines while we have listed which states have each sportsbook available for you!

    Who is predicted to win the 2021 NCAAB National Championship?

    With exactly three weeks remaining until the tournament starts, just two undefeated teams remain this season, #1 Gonzaga Bulldogs (22-0) and #2 Baylor Bears (18-0). There is no surprise that they are currently the two favorites to win the National Championship with odds of +275 and +300 respectively.

    However, our experts study the form across the entire nation to ensure that you don’t just get handed a favorite and you actually get a team that has some reasoning, statistics and form behind it. Be sure to check in with our college basketball predictions to make sure you don’t miss any of our analysis pieces and March Madness picks!

    When does March Madness start?

    This year, March Madness starts with Selection Sunday, which will be on the evening of Sunday, March 14th with the First Four to take place on Thursday, March 18th. 

    March Madness will conclude on Monday, April 5th with the National Championship game to be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

    What are the March Madness key dates?

    March Madness starts on the 14th of March with Selection Sunday and culminates on the 5th of April with the National Championship Game. That is a massive 23 day period of College Hoops action at its finest and we have the best March Madness predictions for every game of everyday. The key dates are as follows:

    • March 14: Selection Sunday
    • March 18: First Four
    • March 19/20: First Round
    • March 21/22: Second Round
    • March 27/28: Sweet 16
    • March 29/30: Elite 8
    • April 3: Final 4
    • April 5: NCAA Championship Game

    What is the best method for March Madness betting?

    The early rounds of the March Madness tournament are the toughest to pick. You see some big favorites with very small odds, making it near pointless to bet on the money line straight up. 

    That is where our college basketball experts come in to help! We study every bit of form from offensive and defensive rating, record at home and on the road, strength of victories and losses, previous encounters between the two teams and many more aspects that result in our selections.

    We want you to become winners, so that is why we take the time to go through every game with a fine-tooth comb to make sure we make the best March Madness predictions for you. 

    Can you make March Madness parlays?

    Yes, you certainly can make March Madness parlays and in the early rounds, it is sometimes the best way to get good value for your money. The first and second rounds of the tournament can see some lopsided contests and therefore some lopsided odds.

    For example, if each of the four #1 seeds were -800 in the money line market for their first round game, you would have to bet $800 to profit just $100 on all four games. With -800 odds a $100 bettor would only profit $12.50 if their bet won. Spread over four games, that is $400 total risk for just $50 total profit.

    Instead, you could parlay all four #1 seeds and get -166 odds, meaning you only have to risk $166 to profit $100. A $100 bettor would profit $60.24 in this situation. If you wanted to pool together the $400 you would have spent individually, you could have a maximum total potential profit of $240.96. That is a massive $190.96 more than betting $100 on each team individually.

    Obviously, parlays come with the increased betting risk due to the fact that all you need is one leg to lose and you lose the whole parlay. However, if you have the confidence that all four will win, a parlay is the way to go to get the most bang for your buck. 

    Can I wager on betting lines in March Madness?

    March Madness odds are just like any other college basketball game. You will get betting lines (spreads) for every game, along with money line, total points, game props and in some cases, player props too. 

    What are the March Madness odds?

    The odds for each game in the March Madness tournament are just like any other college basketball game. It depends on who the teams are in the game, their recent form, any injuries and also recent matchups between the two sides. 

    SportsTips suggest that you have accounts with as many sportsbooks as possible. When we make our March Madness predictions, we look across the entire market to provide you with the best odds for each game, no matter the sportsbook. The more accounts you have, the more opportunities you give yourself to get better odds and make more profit. 

    What happens if the odds change after I place my March Madness futures bet?

    Once you place a bet, no matter the type, it is locked in at those odds. When placing futures bets, it is also a better idea to look for some value in teams that you think will improve and see their odds get smaller. If you can lock in a team with +2000 odds before the tournament starts and then they get on a hot streak, their odds will slowly get smaller and smaller as they progress through the bracket!