Our Guide To How NBA Picks Work

Here at SportsTips, we provide you with the best expert NBA picks and parlays as well as a game analysis and betting analysis for every game, every night. We look at the data and trends of every team, and provide you with the most up to date news and information to make you a winner.

So if you are keen for NBA betting, check out all of our informative articles and pages, to ensure you have the confidence to pick a winner!

SportsTips NBA Expert Picks Point Of Difference

At SportsTips, we are sports lovers and punters, just like you are. We aren’t just a computer pumping out statistical analysis to provide a number driven approach. Our experts were always looking for the best analysis, information and NBA betting picks but could never find a site that had it all in the one place. 

So, we have put in the time to analyse the news, injury updates, statistics and trends, so that we can provide you with the best game analysis, betting analysis and the best free NBA picks and predictions for every game, every day, to make you a winner. 

We look at all of the sportsbooks available and find which are providing you with the best NBA betting odds. Because that is what our aim is at SportsTips, to make you a winner.

Our NBA Picks & Predictions Process

Do you have the time to check the injury report, previous performances, teams records at home or on the road, and everything else you need all before placing an informed bet for every NBA game? At SportsTips, we do all of the research for you. 

When creating our expert NBA picks and predictions, we don’t just look at the last game or the last time the teams played each other, we go into much more detail including but not limited to;

  • Offensive and defensive rating and efficiency
  • Pace of play
  • Statistical differences between home and away
  • Injury report
  • Frequency of games in the lead up
  • Difficulty of opponent

Among other things, to provide to you with an in depth analysis for every game of the regular season, NBA playoffs and Finals

Our experts also analyse all of the NBA odds to ensure we provide you with the best the market has to offer. If you are unsure on how NBA odds work, we have also explained that for you so that you know what you are betting on.

On our NBA picks and predictions page, you’ll find a game analysis, betting analysis and our experts’ top free picks and predictions for every game, every day, as well as our best NBA parlay for the day’s games.

NBA Expert Playoff Predictions

The NBA playoffs are an important time to have the best NBA betting picks available. Fans who don’t bother keeping up to date with the flurry of the regular season, pay more attention in the playoffs.

At SportsTips, we ensure our expert’s NBA playoff predictions are of the highest quality, making sure our regular punters and our casual playoffs punters are winners. 

For regular news and information you can check out our NBA Playoffs and Finals page.  If you are ready to start winning now, check out our NBA picks and predictions page for our expert analysis on every game, every day.

How The NBA 2020 Bubble Impacted Picks and Predictions

COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted a lot of people, and this is also true in players’ and teams’ performances since entering the NBA Bubble in Orlando to restart the NBA season. 

Some teams worked hard during the regular season to get home court advantage, but this now means nothing on a neutral court in the bubble. From the 2014-15 season to the 2018-19 seasons, we saw home teams win 58.3% of the time.

A neutral court changes everything, exemplified by the Bucks and the Lakers, one seeds in the East and West respectively, losing to their 8-seed counterparts, the Magic and the Trailblazers, in the first game of their opening round match ups. 

The Philadelphia 76ers had the biggest differential between home and away games in the 2019-20 season, going 29-2 at home and a dismal 10-24 on the road. Since playing in the NBA Bubble, they have gone 4-6, including 0-2 in their first two playoff games.

This is why, when we are creating our free NBA picks and predictions, especially our NBA playoff predictions, we always take deep consideration of different statistical variances of when teams play at home and on the road, ensuring you have the best information possible to make you a winner. 

NBA Futures Predictions

Futures markets are becoming more and more popular in NBA betting, and we have future NBA playoff predictions as well as NBA Finals predictions, if you are patient enough to wait out the results. 

You can often get better value betting on futures markets, as there are more variables involved. For example, betting on a team to win the Finals now would get you higher odds than if you waited to see if they make the Finals before betting on them, as there are 15 other teams that could still win, and that team has three playoff series to win before even making the Finals. 

This is why we research all of this and provide you with news and information about the playoff teams and our NBA playoffs and NBA Finals predictions for everything you need to make a successful futures bet, which you can find on our NBA Playoffs and Finals Page.

How NBA Picks Work FAQs

What NBA bets to take tonight?

Whether you want to bet on your favourite team, make some quick cash or are a regular punter, you will need some information before knowing what bets to take for tonight’s NBA games. 

Our NBA experts have taken the time to analyse every game ahead of tonight’s action to provide you with a game analysis, betting analysis and the top picks and predictions for moneyline, spread and over / under markets, and can be found on our NBA picks and predictions page.

How to pick NBA winners?

SportsTips NBA experts pick out the best bets on every game, every day. We keep up to date with news, injuries, trends and data to ensure we provide you with the best in depth analysis of each game and find the best predictions, picks and parlays for all NBA games. 

Whether you like betting against the spread, on total points markets, head to head or in a multi-leg parlay, our aim is to make you a winner. 

How to predict NBA scores?

While there is no magic formula that can tell you exactly what will happen on any given night, our NBA experts run in depth statistical analysis for every team to find out which teams are high and low scorers as well as which teams’ defenses allow the most or least points. After reviewing the data, trends, news and injury updates, we have a rough idea of what teams will score how many points in any given game. 

What is handicap betting in the NBA?

Handicap betting or betting against the spread in the NBA is where bookmakers determine a specific margin of victory they think the favourite should win by. You then have to decide whether the favourite will win by more than this margin of victory or the favourite will win by less than this margin of victory/the underdog will win. 

For a more in depth explanation, with a real life example, check our how to bet on NBA page.

Our NBA experts have also reviewed every NBA game and created the best free analysis with their picks and predictions for every game, including against the spread. 

How to predict over / under in the NBA?

Our NBA experts analyse team’s stats and trends, such as their offensive and defensive efficiencies, as well as their performance at home and on the road to give you the best NBA odds and predictions for the over/under market. For a detailed description of how to be on over/under markets, check out our how to bet on NBA page.

For our NBA expert picks for over/under markets on every game, every day, check out our NBA picks and predictions page.

How do you win when betting on the NBA?

Betting on the NBA takes lots of time and patience (we can save you a lot of time by doing the research for you). 

Some key things you need to be aware of before placing your bet;

  • Different markets to bet on and how to bet on them, which can found on our how to bet on NBA page
  • Specific NBA betting strategies to capatilise on pre-game betting, in-game betting and different bookmakers promotions and specials
  • Remember to always bet as a punter, not a supporter. Punters too often get caught up in betting for players/teams they like, or betting against players/teams they don’t like.
  • Keep up to date with news and injuries updates so you know who is in and who is out
  • Have all of the information and analysis you need about a game before you bet on it, which is what we do for you here at SportsTips, so check out our game analysis, betting analysis and top free NBA picks and predictions, so you can be a winner. 
  • Watch the games you bet on. It makes the experience more enjoyable when you can follow your teams, players or scores the whole way, with the exhilarating feeling of watching your bet win!

The most important thing when betting on the NBA is to do so responsibly and always stay within your limits. Set your limits and stick to them. 

And remember, the best way to win isn’t by beating on who you want to win, it’s betting on the team that has the stats, data and info backing them, which is why we provide you with the analysis you need

Can you bet on the NBA Draft?

There is one main market when betting on the NBA Draft, who will be taken with the first pick. That hasn’t been determined yet, as the NBA Draft Lottery will be held on June 22nd. However, the Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic all have the highest odds to receive the first pick, 14%.