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    Our Guide to NBA Betting

    Betting on the NBA? Make sure you check out our page for all the info you need on best NBA bets for today & tonight, NBA betting lines, NBA prop bets & more.

    No matter whether you are new to the world of NBA betting, or a more experienced bettor. We have the information you desire to make the best NBA bets as possible.

    So, have a read on below on this page to find out more details about NBA betting and how you can get the most out of your bet, you won’t regret it!

    NBA Betting Lines

    Check out our how to bet on the NBA page which explains the main NBA betting markets like, NBA betting lines, total over / under bets, moneyline betting, parlays, NBA prop bets and futures markets.

    The three main NBA betting lines include:

    • Point Spread
      • This is betting on the margin of victory. If a team has -4.5 in their point spread, they must win by 5 points or more to ‘cover the spread’. If a team has +4.5 in their point spread, they must lose by 4 or less points or win the game to ‘cover the spread’. The team with the negative margin is the favourite and the team with the positive margin is the underdog
    • Total
      • Also known as over/under betting is where you bet whether the total game points will go over or under a predetermined betting line created by the sportsbook. A total betting line might be 215.5, and you would be better over if you think it will be 216 or more, or under if you think it will be 215 or less.
    • Moneyline
      • This is simply betting on who you think will win the game. The favourite will once again have the negative odds, reading something like -250, meaning you must bet $250 to be able to profit $100 if they win. The underdog will have the positive odds, reading something like +200, meaning you will profit $200 for every $100 bet.

    Sports betting used to be frowned upon and only seen in underground markets, but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is leading the charge of the major professional sports to allow sports betting, in hope of better regulation and partnerships that will benefit both sports and betting agencies in the long run.

    Over the past 18 months, the NBA has announced partnerships with leading sportsbooks such as William Hill, PointsBet, FanDuel and more, allowing these sportsbooks to become official wagering partners of the NBA, meaning they get exclusive access to data and statistics, making the betting experience better for the punters.

    NBA Best Bets

    There are so many different NBA betting strategies that you can utilise in the NBA and our experts have explained the key ones for you. When looking at the 2020 NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks finished with the best record in the league for the second straight season, proving to be one of the best bets. Another NBA best bet is the Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who finished the 2019-20 regular season with the best record in the Western Conference and third best in the league. 

    The Oklahoma City Thunder had a 44-28 record against the spread during the 2019-20 season, which was best in the league and shocked plenty of bettors with their performance exceeding sportsbook expectations.

    For our daily NBA best bets, picks and predictions, check out our NBA hub page where our NBA experts have researched each game and provided the best analysis, picks and picks for every game.

    NBA Betting Odds

    Our experts find the best NBA odds and put them in one easy to read and understand place for you to help you become a winner. They also analyse the most common markets that punters like to bet on in the NBA and have explained them in detail, including the best ways to win on our how NBA odds work page.

    NBA Betting Picks

    Here at SportsTips, we are punters just like you are. We are trying to find ways to make profit, and are sharing this with you. We put in hours of research in to each day’s games to come up with the best NBA bets and analysis, and our how picks work page gives an in depth explanation of the processes we take to provide you with a game analysis, betting analysis and best NBA bets, picks and predictions for every game, every day.

    NBA Betting FAQs

    Can you bet on the NBA Summer League?

    You certainly can bet on NBA Summer League games. The Summer League is a lot less predictable than regular NBA games due to teams being made up of rookies, yet to play an NBA game, second year players who need a bit more game conditioning, or unsigned free agents trying to play their way into getting a contract. There is minimal form or statistical data to predict what might happen, other than what pick players were drafted and their college form.

    You can bet on NBA Summer League games like any other NBA games, and you can find out how to bet, and our experts will provide their analysis and daily free NBA picks and predictions here.

    What is line betting NBA?

    NBA betting lines or betting against the spread in the NBA is where bookmakers determine a specific margin of victory they think the favourite should win by. You then have to decide whether the favourite will win by more than this margin of victory or the favourite will win by less than this margin of victory/the underdog will win. 

    Our NBA experts have also reviewed every NBA game and created the best free analysis with their picks and predictions for every game, including against the spread. 

    Can I bet on NBA legally?

    Betting on the NBA right across America is quickly opening up for different states. There are now a number of states where you can legally bet on the NBA, whether at a licensed venue such as a casino or sports bar, or on your mobile! Some of those states where NBA betting is legal include, but is not limited to; 

    • New Jersey
    • Las Vegas
    • Philadelphia
    • Indiana
    • Colorado
    • Illinois
    • Iowa

    For more details, check out our mobile betting betting guide page!

    How does NBA online betting work?

    When betting on NBA online, it is best to first check whether it is legal in your state and our mobile betting page has a list of all of the states where sports betting is legal, and the rules in those states.

    Online betting is easy. Simple go to the website of your preferred sportsbook, the upcoming games should be on the homepage and easy to find. Click on the game you want and scroll down to find the market which you would like to bet on, clicking on this will send it to your bet slip! Enter your stake (how much you are betting) and an estimated profit should appear. Click place bet, turn on the TV and watch your bet win (hopefully)!!

    How to live bet NBA?

    Sportsbooks give you the opportunity to bet on sports once they have already started, changing the odds depending on how the game is being played and the scores. This can be a good way to make some extra cash, and potentially lock in some profit as well. 

    You could bet on a +220 underdog before the game starts and the favourites start sluggishly, going down early. The live odds react to the slow start and the -260 favourites are now +130 underdogs. You could bet on the original favourite, now underdogs live and lock in profit for the game.

    You can use this method without placing the original bet as well, if you think a slow starting favourite will be able to bounce back, once their odds have got better.

    Pre Game Moneyline Odds:

    Miami Heat-260
    Orlando Magic+220

    After 8 mins in the first quarter the score is Miami 8, Orlando 22 and the odds have changed to: 

    Miami Heat+130
    Orlando Magic-140

    The Heat’s odds went from -260 ($260 bet profits $100) to +130 ($100 bet profits $130) after only 8 minutes of the game. If you think they have the firepower to come back against the Magic, it is a good way to get better odds, or lock in cash on both sides of the market. 

    What NBA games should I bet on tonight?

    Our NBA experts provide a game analysis, betting analysis and the best picks and predictions for every game, every night. You can bet on as many or as little games as you like with the help and advice of our NBA experts. 

    As well as providing analysis and picks for every game, our NBA experts also select the best bets and parlay from all of the day’s games. To find each game’s analysis, picks and predictions, as well as our best bets and parlays, head over to our NBA picks and predictions page. 

    Where to bet on the NBA?

    When betting on NBA games, there are many different bookmakers, websites and apps that you can use to place a bet. Each bookmaker provides different odds, spreads, totals, promotions and specials, so here at SportsTips, we have sportsbook reviews, finding the best odds, promotions and specials for you to capitalize on. When betting on NBA games, it is important that you check the specific rules and regulations on sports betting in your state, as each state is different.

    How to win betting on the NBA?

    If you have enough time to look at every game, review the trends, injuries, stats and data and place your bet, then you have a higher chance of winning more than losing. At SportsTips, our NBA experts do all of the research and reviewing for you, providing you with the best free NBA picks and predictions for every game, every day.

    For a more in depth look as to how our experts create their picks and predictions, check out our how NBA picks work page. If you are ready to start winning, head over to our NBA picks and predictions to see our NBA expert’s picks and analysis for all of tonight’s games, including our nightly best bets and parlay.  

    Can you bet on NBA games?

    The NBA has recently started partnering with betting agencies to become official gambling partners, allowing better insights, information and markets to be provided for us to bet on.

    It is important to check your state’s rules and regulations as each state is different, and NBA betting is still prohibited in some states.

    There are 14 states where sports betting is legal and active, with another seven states where sports betting is legal, but not yet active. For more details, check out the State of the States report by the American Gaming Association.  

    Does overtime count in NBA betting?

    All stats and scores from overtime do count toward your NBA bet. Spread and totals market are resulted at the end of the match, including however many overtimes there might be. 

    You would like to be on overs if the game does go to overtime though, with 80.6% of overtime games going over compared to 50.4% of games that don’t go to overtime. 

    How do second half bets work in the NBA?

    Second half bets are exactly the same as a regular game bet, where you have the option of moneyline, spread and over/under, however it is exclusively for scores in the second half. Regardless of the half time score, your second half bet is as if the scores are reset to 0-0 and you are betting from there.

    An example might be:

    Second Half BettingMoneylineATSTotal
    Miami Heat-260-2.5       -110o101.5      -110
    Brooklyn Nets+220+2.5      -110u101.5      -110

    The Heat are -260 favourites ($260 bet returns $100 profit for $360 total) to win the second half, with the line they have to cover being 2.5 and the second half total line being 101.5.

    What are the betting odds for the NBA finals?

    The current odds for the 2021 NBA Championship are:

    NBA TeamNBA Champion Odds:
    Brooklyn Nets+210
    Los Angeles Lakers+480
    Los Angeles Clippers+600
    Utah Jazz+600
    Milwaukee Bucks+800

    (Odds correct as at 5/20/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    Check out our 2021 NBA Playoffs and Finals page for series updates and all of the latest news, picks and predictions for the rest of the season.