Our Guide To College Football Betting Strategies

We will recommend various strategies for all the picks you want to make, helping you find the best NCAAF bets today. You’ve got an assortment of NCAAF betting markets to choose from when making your picks. 

We at SportsTips will help you see what NCAA football betting picks are right for your needs. Every bettor should consider different strategies for the sport, and SportsTips will help you see what fits when you’re getting in the college football best bets today.

College Football Betting Guide

You can plan your college football bets today by looking at many factors surrounding whatever game you’re interested in for wagering purposes. But the strategies you could consider for your NCAAF betting needs can vary over what’s open and what games are taking place. It is also important to take into consideration the college football odds when developing your betting strategy.

There are no limits to what strategies you can use when finding the best NCAA football bets today. These strategies cover many points surrounding a game and can entail many intangibles. You can do many things when placing your bet on college football games, including some of these interesting features:

  • Take note of which teams have the most returning starters at the beginning of the season. These teams might be more favorable than others.
  • Teams that have more motivation may be more appealing to bettors. These include clubs who have a shot at reaching the playoffs or a high-value bowl game in December or January.
  • Some schools may hold off on their best efforts the week before a rivalry match or other high-value game. You could use this to dictate whatever bets you wish to plan.
  • You can always review live college football betting opportunities to see how the lines are changing. Sometimes you might find more valuable NCAA football betting picks when a bit of the game has already taken place.
  • Some teams may not take weaker clubs seriously. These include cases where an FBS school competes against an FCS team. You could note this when planning your college football bets today, especially since the odds of a team winning may not be as great as you wish.

These are only a few of the things you can do when planning your college football bets today. Planning your wagers will be easier to do when you know what’s open. SportsTips will help you see what fits when planning your NCAA football betting picks. 

You have many choices for when you want to make the best NCAAF bets today, and the strategies you use can make a difference. SportsTips will advise you on the best options or ideas for what fits when planning a wager on any game during the season. We can also help out when you are trying to figure out how college football picks work.

College Football Point Spread

One idea to note for your NCAAF betting plans entails the point spread for each game. The spread refers to the margin of victory that a sportsbook predicts for a match. The spread is one of the most common NCAA football betting picks you can make each weekend.

You could place a bet on a favorite college football team to cover the spread. The term means the team will win by more points than what the spread suggests. For example, Oklahoma State might be a -3.5 favorite against Iowa State. The line means that Oklahoma State will win by at least 3.5 points. You could wager the Cowboys to cover the spread, meaning you would bet on them winning by four or more points.

Meanwhile, you could also bet on the underdog to beat the spread. By doing this, the underdog would either win outright or lose by fewer points than what the spread suggests. In the above example, Iowa State would have a +3.5 line. You could bet on the Cyclones to beat the spread, meaning they would lose by three or fewer points or win the game altogether.

The NCAAF betting odds for both sides of the spread will be in the -105 to -120 range. The total refers to how much you’d have to wager to earn $100. For a -115 bet, you need to wager $115 to win $100. You could also add many spread bets on one ticket to produce a highly profitable parlay wager.

SportsTips will recommend the best NCAAF bets today for all games, including spread wagers that might be the most interesting to you. You can find many spread recommendations when you find the ideal college football best bets today. 

These include ideas for what spread wagers might be the most interesting for your betting desires. SportsTips also provides college football picks and predictions that you can work off for your betting strategy.

College Football Over / Under Betting

Not all of the college football best bets today entail picking on who will win a game. You could also bet on the pace of play in the game. The over / under betting lines for each game provide odds similar to what a spread wager offers, but the over / under betting entails the total score of the game.

You can bet on the total score in a match being above or below the set total a sportsbook establishes. For example, Wisconsin and Illinois may have an over / under of 51.5. You could bet on the two teams to either score a combined total of 52 points or greater or for those two to score 51 points or fewer.

You can review the pace of play and offensive and defensive efficiencies of the two teams to see what you should consider for the over / under bet. You might find the best NCAA football bets today to be ones involving how active the two teams will be on offense. If you are interested in over / under betting, then it is a good idea to check out our how to bet on college football page.

College Football Moneyline Betting

Some of the most exciting wagers you could place on college football games are moneyline wagers. A moneyline bet entails you picking a team to win a game outright. The odds for the moneyline will always be different and this is something that you need to keep track of, you can find out more information on how college football odds work right here at SportsTips.

Moneyline values can be substantial in some cases. You might see Texas as a -330 favorite against Baylor, for example. You could pick Texas to win and get $100 if you bet $330. But you could also bet on Baylor to pull off the upset at +265. You will win $265 if you wager $100 on the Bears to win.

Moneylines can be more exciting than spread wagers. Picking the Bears to win at +265 is more appealing than picking them at +9.5 with a -110 payout. But the odds of that team winning altogether aren’t as great as the odds of them beating the spread.

SportsTips will provide NCAAF betting recommendations surrounding moneyline wagering. You’ll see which NCAA football betting picks might be more viable based on the available odds and who has the best chance to complete an upset win.

College Football Draft Betting

Unlike other sports, college football does not have a draft. The programs all recruit high school athletes from around the country. These include many talented four and five-star players from Texas, Ohio, California, and many other states. The recruiting process can take years to complete, as it entails colleges scouting top players and finding people who will make their commitments to those schools.

The recruiting efforts these teams put in will help build their programs and make them stronger in the long run. They may also make it easier for the teams to recruit future athletes years later.

You could review the recruiting work that college football programs put in when placing the best NCAAF bets today. You can review the newest freshmen playing on a team at the start of the season. The review may involve finding the highest-rated athletes and which ones have the best chance to make an immediate impact on their programs.

SportsTips will inform you of the newest stars on the college football scene. You’ll see how these athletes can impact the college football best bets today. Our work will help you understand what’s happening in college football and what is more interesting for wagering purposes.

You could also use these details when finding the best futures bets for who will reach the playoffs. You can place futures wagers on conference champions, which four teams will reach the playoffs, and who will win the national championship game. Futures bets on who will win the Heisman Trophy will also be available. SportsTips will highlight the top college football bets today surrounding these games.

College Football Betting Strategies FAQs

Is college football rigged for betting?

College football is not rigged, as the NCAA has strict standards for how games are to be played. The NCAA prohibits any activities that entail rigging games.

Are college football players allowed to bet on their own games?

College football players cannot bet on their games. There’s a potential some players may not have the resources for doing so anyway.

How do college football prop bets work?

Prop betting is popular among people looking to make NCAA football betting picks. Prop bets entail picks on things that might not influence the result of the game. Some of the top props include how the first score will take place, who will reach a point threshold first, and whether the game will reach overtime.

The odds for prop bets can make them attractive to many bettors. For instance, you might find a line where an underdog has +350 odds to reach 25 points first or a +1200 line to bet that neither team in a game will score 25 or more points.

How do alternate lines work for college football?

Alternate lines are among the best NCAA football bets today, as they cover different potential outcomes. For example, the line for a game may have a favorite with a -13.5 line with -110 odds. But you could pick an alternate line where the favorite has a -20.5 line with +170 odds.

Some of the available college football bets entail things that happen in the first half. Why would people place bets on the first half of a game?

First half bets are popular among people who want to make a bet without waiting as long for the bet to be resolved. First half wagers are also popular among people who feel that the starters for a team will do well, or that one team will have more momentum at the start of the game.

How high can the spread of a college football game be?

There are no rules to how high the spread of a college football game can become. For example, BYU may be a -38.5 favorite over Texas State, or Clemson could be a -50 favorite against Syracuse.

But some high-value spreads may be tough to pick for NCAAF betting purposes, as many of these games will entail a favorite playing with its second or third-string players for much of the match.

How many items can you add to a college football parlay ticket?

You can add multiple games on a parlay ticket on many sportsbooks. There are no limits to how many items you can add, but the odds become loftier if you have more picks on the same ticket.

You could also place a parlay on one game by betting on the spread and moneyline in the same match. But same-game parlays are not available for games where the spread is too high. 

These include games where the favorite has a -30 or higher line. Games where there is uncertainty surrounding who will be playing during a game might not offer same-game parlays.