UFC Best Bets For UFC258: Usman vs Burns

UFC Best Bets For UFC258: Usman vs Burns
Thu 11th February 2021

Both fighters have ran extremely hot over the past few years, but the significance of this fight is further fueled by the relationship between Usman and Burns, who have worked together as training partners over the past decade, helping each other get to the position they are in today. 

Usman, who has proven himself over the years to be one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC, goes into this match with a 17-1-0 record, and is the clear favourite to win.

Aptly nicknamed the “Nigerian Nightmare”, Usman is known for his continuous pressure and explosivity, wearing down his opponents over multiple rounds, while rarely giving them the chance to strike back. 

Similarly to Usman, Burns’ is a highly explosive fighter, and an experienced grappler with a strong submission game. Burns’ career has been on a meteoric rise over the last couple years, registering wins against some of the divisions’ most respected fighters, including a most recent win against Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision.

Given the fighters’ extensive history with one another, the two are familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and possess a largely similar fighting style, leading to much intrigue about how this fight will play out.

Usman is touted as the favourite heading in to what should be his greatest challenge for some time, however, it is unlikely Burns’ will easily give up this welterweight title chance which he has fought so hard to earn.

When looking at the two fighters’ previous bouts, and given the strength of both Usman and Burns, a knock out will not come undeservedly, and therefore, it seems likely that this fight will go the distance.

Kamaru Usman: Fighter Profile

Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Reach: 76″
Stance: Switch
Dob: May 11, 1987
Record: 17-1-0

Gilbert Burns: Fighter Profile

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Reach: 71”
Stance: Orthodox
DOB: Jul 20, 1986
Record: 19-3-0

Usman vs Burns: UFC Best Bets

To Win Fight: Kamaru Usman -240

Just like previous matches, Usman will not relent on offense, and while Burns has the strength to take whatever comes at him, he may struggle to come back with offense of his own, thus it’s hard to imagine this fight doesn’t go the way of Usman.

To Win By Decision/Technical Decision: Kamaru Usman: +225
Usmans’ previous 5 fights have all gone to the 5th round, with all but one of those ending in a unanimous decision favouring Usman. Historically, Burns’ fights tend not to make it past the 3rd round, however, Usman is the best fighter in the division and should have no problem grinding it out to the final round.

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