“Barring Unforeseen Change”, Kemba Walker Will be in Boston Next Season

“Barring Unforeseen Change”, Kemba Walker Will be in Boston Next Season
Fri 28th June 2019

Boy oh boy, the NBA silly season really is kicking in to overdrive.

This morning, everyone’s favourite NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski dropped the Woj-est of all Woj bombs on ESPN:

“Barring an unforeseen change, Kemba Walker is going to leave Charlotte. He’s going to head to Boston.”

The Celtics are set to table a four-year $141 million offer to the 29-year old point guard as soon as free agency begins at 6pm on Sunday.

According to multiple reports, Walker and his current team – the Charlotte Hornets – are miles apart with their current contract negotiations.

Take this with several piles of salt given the source, but Stephen A Smith claimed earlier today on ESPN that the Hornets had offered Kemba Walker 5 years and around $160 million. Well short of the $221 million supermax deal he could potentially have been entitled to from his incumbent franchise thanks to multiple All-NBA appearances in recent seasons.

Walker has been quoted on the record earlier this month stating that he would be willing to take less than $221 million to stay with the Hornets, but he can hardly have meant $60 million less.

The Celtics can still only offer four years, but Charlotte’s unwillingness (or inability) to launch themselves in to the luxury tax for the foreseeable future seems to have brought the two sides much closer than they would have been otherwise.

Boston’s roster situation is infinitely better than that of Charlotte, and a core built around Walker, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Taytum and Gordon Hayward with a decent free agent centre and Marcus Smart off the bench is plenty good enough to contend for playoffs in the East. Championships are another question, but with Walker and whatever else Danny Ainge can scrounge together, we wouldn’t count them out.

Conversely, a core of Bismack Biyombo, Nicolas Batum, Cody Zeller and Marvin Williams is a lottery team at best, an NCAA tournament battler at worst.

One 2019 offseason domino appears to be teetering, on the cusp of falling. Who’ll be next?

Written and produced for Sportstips.com by Eddie Dadds

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