Best Free College Football Picks Today

2:15 PM ET • Saturday
Tony Battalio

Jacksonville State -2.5 -115

Jacksonville State @ Louisiana

5:45 PM ET • Saturday
Tony Battalio

New Mexico State -3.5 -115

New Mexico State @ Fresno State

Latest NCAAF Betting, Odds & Picks News

    SportsTips Guide To College Football (NCAAF)

    One of the newest traditions to explore in college football entails wagering on your favorite teams. You can place bets on various college football games from around the country. Our team at SportsTips will be there to help you find the best college football odds and picks. 

    We will provide the best details on where you can go when wagering on college games, plus we’ll provide college football picks of value. Our college football predictions will include all the details you deserve when placing your wagers.

    College Football (NCAAF) Odds

    The NCAA football odds you find will vary by sportsbook. The great news is that you can find the best NCAAF odds on the SportsTips website. We cover the latest NCAA football odds from various sportsbooks that operate throughout the United States. We update these details as they change, so you’ll always be in the know on the best lines.

    You can read details on the best odds for every college game, from early non-conference matches to some of the biggest rivalries in each conference. We’ll also provide NCAAF bowl odds for all the top games at the end of the season.

    You can find all the best NCAA football odds surrounding every game when you review our data at SportsTips. We will provide the best odds on many things, including:

    • Moneylines
    • Spread odds
    • Over / unders or totals
    • Alternate lines
    • Halftime and first half lines
    • Team props, including ones for how many points a team will score
    • Futures lines, including ones for who will win the Heisman Trophy

    Visit our college football odds page here at SportsTips to find the best NCAAF odds. We’ll ensure you have the info you need surrounding whatever wagers you wish to plan on NCAA football games.

    College Football Playoff Odds

    The annual college football playoff may be relatively new, but it has quickly become one of the most anticipated events of the NCAAF calendar. The excitement of seeing who could potentially be among the four teams to enter the playoffs is thrilling.

    We’ll provide the latest NCAAF odds on who could reach the playoffs. Our college football playoff odds include the odds for each team to make the playoffs and who will win altogether. You can also find lines on the two semifinals when they are officially announced in late November or early December.

    The odds to make the college football playoff will change as the official rankings shift in October and November. Check with SportsTips to see the latest NCAA football odds for whoever will make the playoffs. Visit our page on how college football odds work to learn more about how these odds will change and what goes into what sportsbooks predict.

    College Football Odds Today

    College football odds will change each day through many factors. Look at what aspects can be include college football odds today:

    • Weather reports for the game
    • Injuries and suspensions for each team
    • How well the two teams have been competing before the match
    • The strength of schedule for each team, including the most recent conference and non-conference games for each club
    • The pace of play between teams and how well they match up or differ from one another

    All of these college football odds can change throughout the week, especially as more news about each team becomes public. Our experts at SportsTips will provide reports on the newest odds for each game, what is influencing these lines, and many other points for each match. We’ll keep you in the know about what’s going on with a game before it takes place so that you can place the right wager with the best sportsbook.

    College Football (NCAAF) Picks & Predictions

    One of the best parts of college football is that there’s always a chance for an upset. A nationally-ranked team could be knocked off at home by a bottom-feeder in the same conference. It’s never easy to make predictions, but our team at SportsTips will give you accurate and detailed picks for your best college football bets.

    You deserve to find the best college football predictions. Whether it entails a potential upset victory or seeing if the college football betting lines are too high or low, we at SportsTips will help you find the right picks.

    We will analyze all the details surrounding each game during the NCAA football season. We have experts that know all the latest details and reports surrounding every conference, from the Big Ten and SEC to the MAC and Conference USA.

    We will provide details on:

    • The possible final score for the game
    • How the game will progress
    • Who has the best chance of making an impact on the game
    • How the playing styles of these two teams will influence the game
    • Whether outside factors will influence the match; these include weather conditions or roster changes from injuries or suspensions

    Visit our college football picks and predictions page to learn more about how we choose who will win. Our experts are here to help you make the best wagers on all college football betting lines.

    Free College Football Picks

    You won’t have to call a 1-900 number to find the best free college football picks. You also don’t have to sign up for some paid website to find those details. We will provide our college football expert picks to you for free.

    Just because we offer free picks doesn’t mean we cut corners when getting our college football predictions right. We use many points when establishing our college football picks, as our experts will check on:

    • How the teams in a game have been competing as of late
    • The strength of each team’s recent opponents, especially if a team struggled against a weaker club
    • Changes to the rosters for each team
    • The pace of play between the clubs

    Our free college football picks tonight include all the details you need when making the right calls. Check out our page on how our college football picks work to see how we make the right calls.

    College Football Picks & Parlays

    You’ve got dozens of college football games to choose from each week. You could place an outstanding parlay on many of these games, giving you an even greater total payout if you succeed. 

    But which of these are ideal for your college football picks and parlays? You might feel inspired to go after a multi-part parlay, but you don’t want to waste it on something you’re uncertain about.

    Our experts at SportsTips will provide the best details on what you should consider for your college football picks and parlays. We can provide predictions on how many points each team will score, whether clubs will beat the spread, and other factors you can use when making your decision.

    You should only plan your NCAAF picks when you have the right info on what works. We’ll give you the points you need for your college football picks tonight, no matter how many you wish to enter for your parlay ticket.

    College Football Playoff Predictions

    It’s tough to make college football playoff predictions, as many factors will come into play. Just because a team wins its conference doesn’t mean that team is guaranteed one of the four spots. Sometimes a conference might be powerful enough to where two teams could enter the playoffs.

    We at SportsTips will help give you the latest college football odds on who will reach the playoffs. We’ll also provide our college football playoff predictions based on these factors:

    • How each team is competing
    • The strength of schedule for each team
    • Whether a team performs well in all of its games, including when a club loses
    • Changes in the playoff rankings, including who is rising the fastest and who is slipping
    • How a conference appears altogether, including if there’s a chance a second team from one conference will reach the playoffs

    Our NCAAF picks will guide you towards planning the best college football bets surrounding all these teams.

    College Football (NCAAF) Betting

    You can start planning your NCAA football best bets once you see what the odds are and who we are projecting to win their games. But some bets might be easier to plan than others. You might feel more confident in a team beating the spread, or you feel that a game will be an offensive shootout.

    You have many college football picks to choose from for each game. SportsTips will guide you over which of these choices are right. Our free college football picks will help you make more out of your bets.

    You can find NCAA football bets bets on our website for every game:

    • Are you wondering if you should bother with a cupcake matchup with a massive spread? We’ll provide details on whether an upset could be in the works.
    • You can use SportsTips to find betting advice on major non-conference games in September, including ones with two top-ten clubs and games at neutral sites.
    • We’ll provide points on the college football picks you should make for major conference matchups, including for some of the most historic rivalry games.
    • You can also trust our college football bowl predictions when looking at matchups entailing teams that might have never met each other before.

    Visit our college football betting page to learn more about the best betting options for the weekend’s action. We have all the best college football bets today to help make you a winner.

    College Football Betting Lines

    The college football betting lines you find can entail any value. You could find BYU with a -34 line against Texas-San Antonio, or Oklahoma having a -1.5 line against Texas. The numbers could be even higher when you see an FBS team competing against an FCS club in August or early September.

    SportsTips will help you see the best college football betting lines from various sportsbooks, plus details on the odds associated with them. You can find the best college football bets today on our website. 

    Our NCAA football picks will cover the best lines for wagering. Our predictions will highlight whether the line is sensible or if it’s misleading. You might see Georgia holding a -13 line against Tennessee, but there’s a chance the matchup could be much closer than the line suggests. We’ll provide guidance surrounding how well the betting line works and what factors might dictate those NCAA football odds.

    You can use our knowledge to see what fits as you’re planning your college football picks. Visit our page on how to bet on college football to learn more about how lines and college football odds can work.

    Best College Football Bets

    You’ve got a full array of NCAAF picks to consider for each game every weekend. We’ll let you know through our college football expert picks what the best college football bets are for each match. 

    These include NCAA football picks for:

    • Who will win outright, or the moneyline bet
    • Over / under totals
    • Whether a team will beat the spread
    • Any possible alternate over / under or spread opportunities worth considering
    • Specific team props, specifically how many points a team will score in a match
    • First-half and first-quarter lines

    Some bets are more valuable, while others might not be as useful. We can give you guidance on which college football picks and parlays you should utilize for every game. Even games with the most massive spreads have some sort of valuable line to consider.

    Visit our page on college football betting strategies to learn more about the assorted choices you have when planning the best college football bets.

    College Football Betting Odds

    Have you considered the values of the college football odds you might find when placing bets on games? Sometimes the NCAAF odds for a specific pick with a game are more viable than another. 

    For example, Clemson might have a -105 line to cover a -14.5 spread against Miami. That -105 line would be better than the -600 odds for Clemson to win outright. But you might consider picking Miami to win outright with a +400 line.

    There’s an explanation behind all the NCAA football odds you will find. Our team at SportsTips will help you see what goes into those NCAAF odds, giving you the best options for your wagering desires.

    We will also keep tabs on new changes to college football odds. These odds may change based on roster updates, weather changes, or any other news stories surrounding a game. Our team will inform you of what’s happening, giving you a chance to plan your college football predictions.

    College Football (NCAAF) Playoff National Championship

    The College Football Playoff National Championship is one of the greatest events in the annual sports calendar. It’s a culmination of months of competition, as the two best teams in college football will compete to see who will be the champion.

    Our team at SportsTips will cover the game and give you the best advice and college football expert picks surrounding the match. We can analyze the game surrounding many points, including:

    • How both teams have competed during the past season
    • Any unique trends surrounding how the clubs are playing
    • The strength of schedule for these teams, including if they played against high-quality opponents throughout the season
    • How the rosters have changed for both teams, including if they were impacted by injuries
    • How the neutral game site might influence the matchup, including through weather and the type of playing surface

    The national championship is an exciting game, so it’s no surprise you’ve got many betting lines to consider for your college football picks and parlays. We’ll provide points on the best NCAA football odds for the championship, including odds for various prop wagers on the game. You can trust our details when planning your picks for the most significant game of the NCAA football season.

    College Football Bowl Odds

    College football bowl predictions are tougher to make for many reasons. Bowl games entail teams that come from different conferences and could be unique in several ways. These also involve neutral sites that might remove some of the intangibles surrounding a game.

    Our experts at SportsTips will give you the best college football bowl predictions for every game. Whether it’s a major event like the Rose Bowl Game or Cotton Bowl or something smaller like the Pinstripe Bowl or New Mexico Bowl, we’ll help you understand how the matchup works. Our college football picks cover every bowl game, plus some of the best alternate lines and props worth noting.

    We will provide our best college football picks and parlays not long after the bowl games are announced. We’ll also announce changes to our college football expert picks when the time arises, as there are often times when the odds might change.

    College Football Predictions & Picks

    Not every college football fan has the time to check around and find all the details one needs when picking games. There are too many sources of info to pore through when finding details for your college football predictions. Sometimes you might go down the wrong path and come across points that aren’t as reputable.

    But our experts at SportsTips know what’s right when providing points on the college football picks and parlays you should go after each week. We will complete all the research for you and provide the best NCAA football picks you can trust.

    Check out our website to see how we plan our picks. You’ll find many details on what goes into our college football predictions and how they can work for you. We’ll also provide the best NCAA football odds for different sportsbooks to help you make the right call on where to place your next wager.

    College Football Bets

    Are you uncertain about what bets you should be placing for this weekend’s college football games? Maybe you need help finding the right NCAA football odds from the best sportsbooks. Our experts at SportsTips will give you all the details you need when planning your wagers.

    We will explain how the NCAAF odds work for each game and help you find the right college football expert picks. You’ll learn about the best bets and why these are so useful. The best part is that all our college football predictions are free to use. We provide free college football picks to help people find what’s right for the weekend’s action. 

    We want to make it easy for people to find the NCAAF picks they should plan when betting on games. Check out our website today, and see what we’ve got to offer. We’ll help you with the right college football expert picks you deserve for your college football picks and parlays.

    College Football (NCAAF) FAQs

    Where can you find the best college football odds?

    SportsTips will provide the best college football betting lines from the world’s top sportsbooks. We scour multiple sportsbooks to see what their odds are and how you could benefit from what’s open.

    Why is it important to find the best college football playoff odds?

    Finding college football playoff predictions and odds is important because of how tough it can be to figure out what happens. The teams in a playoff game usually come from different conferences and have unique playing styles. We at SportsTips will help you find the best college football bowl predictions during this outstanding time of the season.

    How do free college football picks work?

    Our free college football picks include details on how a game will play out and what you could expect in a match. Our picks will help you find the best bets for the weekend’s action.

    How often can the odds change for a college football game?

    The odds can change at any time, including about an hour before the game starts. SportsTips will provide points on all the odds changes that might occur before a game.

    Can you place bets on college football games as they happen?

    Live wagering is possible for select college football games. These include wagers where the line might change based on the current score of the game and how much time is left. Not all college games will offer live wagering, but you can find this on the front page of some sportsbooks when available. You can use the picks SportsTips provides to figure out who you should choose.

    How can I bet on college football games?

    You can visit a sportsbook to find the latest college football betting lines and to place your bets. There are various sportsbooks available that provide the NCAAF odds you need when making your calls.

    Many of these sportsbooks that provide these college football betting lines will include ones available in certain states. The sportsbooks that can legally operate in your state will vary based on where you live. These sportsbooks will have licenses with your state, or they will have associations with a land-based casino in your area.

    Can I legally bet on college football?

    You can legally bet on college football, but the rules for doing so may vary by state. Some states will not allow people to place bets on college football games that entail teams based on that state.

    How do college football betting odds work?

    College football betting odds entail lines surrounding how much a team could win by, how many points the teams will score in a game, and the potential for a team to outright win. Sportsbooks will plan their predictions and establish odds based on who they feel will win these games.

    Why are the odds for some college football games different at specific sportsbooks than they are for other places?

    The odds can change because a sportsbook might try to get a cut of whatever you might earn. If a sportsbook feels that something could potentially happen, it will adjust the odds to keep a punter from earning as much on a successful wager. 

    SportsTips will provide points on what sportsbooks are reporting surrounding their odds. You can compare the odds between sportsbooks to see which ones are the most enticing for your wagering desires.

    How are the college football bowl matchups set?

    College football bowl predictions will vary over the teams that are chosen for these games, but there is a set rule for how these matchups are set. For example, the Music City Bowl has tie-ins with the SEC and Big Ten conferences. The teams that compete in this game will be from those conferences.

    How do you bet on college football bowls?

    You can plan your bets on college football bowls the same way you would wager on regular season games. Some bowl games may feature more prop bets, although you’re more likely to find those extra props when the bowl game is more prominent or valuable.

    How are college football playoff predictions planned?

    College football playoff predictions are made based on how well teams are competing and who has the most momentum in the official rankings.

    How are the college football playoff rankings determined?

    The college football playoff predictions originate from projections made by an official committee of people who review the teams competing for the playoffs. Each team is analyzed and voted upon based on performance and other factors. These predictions go into the official rankings that are first released during the second half of the regular season.

    Some non-conference games have exorbitant spreads. Are there limits as to how high a spread in college football can be?

    There are no rules surrounding how high a game spread can be, as some non-conference games can be heavily lopsided. Some sportsbooks will establish massive spreads on games to drum up possible betting interest. For instance, a 2012 game between Florida State and Savannah State had Florida State as a -70.5 favorite to win.

    Some college football games don’t have a moneyline wager, but others do. What is the reason for this?

    A game might not have a moneyline wager because the spread is too immense. For instance, a game might have a -45 spread. It would not make sense to establish a moneyline wager, as the favorite would pay out next to nothing, and the odds of the underdog winning are extremely minimal.

    One of the college football games for the weekend isn’t on a sportsbook website. Can I still try and place a wager?

    A game that is not on a sportsbook is officially off the table. That means the game is unavailable for wagering. The game may not be on the table due to uncertainties surrounding whether the game will take place. 

    It may also be off due to recent developments in the game that might dramatically influence the possible odds for the match. Sometimes a game could also be off the table due to the potentially lopsided nature of the game. The spread could be too dramatic to where the game will not be worth wagering.

    Can I place bets on FCS games?

    You could find free college football picks for FCS games, but you will not find many options here. The games are not as prominent, plus it is harder to gauge FCS matchups to see who could possibly win. You may have an easier time finding these NCAAF picks during the traditional FCS playoff season.

    Are past matchups between teams considered when reviewing college football conference games?

    You can use details on prior matchups between teams in the same conference when figuring out a projection, but those details might not be as useful as you expect. There is a substantial roster turnover for each team, as seniors graduate and leave each year. 

    Sometimes a player may transfer to or from a program, adding an extra influence to the roster. Therefore, it might not be easy to figure out a matchup based on the past results the two teams had in games against one another.