Our Guide To College Basketball Betting Strategies

There are great opportunities for wagering that will help you move forward with whatever college basketball picks and predictions you wish to run with for the week. We at SportsTips can recommend many options for your betting needs. Our NCAA basketball best bets include ideas for how you should plan your wagers and what you should note. 

We’ll recommend specific betting options for all college basketball games, whether it entails the spread or the moneyline. Our points will help you plan the NCAAB best bets today that you can trust. You may even be surprised over what you’ll find when placing your bets the right way.

College Basketball Betting Guide

College basketball betting is about looking at what is happening between the two sides in a match. You’ve got many opportunities for betting, but you need to note what’s suitable if you wish to succeed. You could find something very attractive if you look at what’s open for whatever interests you the most.

You can use many NCAA basketball betting tips like the ones you might find here at SportsTips. We check games throughout the season, from early-season matches in November to significant events during the March Madness tournament. 

You can put in many points for the best NCAA basketball bets today, including ones for these:

  • How well each side performs from an offensive and defensive standpoint
  • The pace of play between the teams and how much they’d have to adjust their pace for a game
  • Injury reports, including details on which players could play despite prior injuries
  • How active the clubs have been before the games, including how many games they’ve played as of late and how much travel they’ve had to complete
  • How the college basketball odds are changing for each game; sometimes the odds might shift surrounding depending how often people are placing bets on specific sides

You can also predict a game surrounding many factors, including:

  • How many points the teams will score
  • How strong one team’s performance might be, especially surrounding how active it will be on the court
  • Whether there’s enough of a difference between the teams to where there will be significant margin of victory

Our reporting at SportsTips will help you see what’s open for each match. You can trust the details we provide at SportsTips for everything from what’s happening during a match to the things that took place leading up to the game. We provide a complete guide for the games, plus we’ll highlight the best odds and lines from different sportsbooks.

The rules involved with what’s open will vary throughout the game. Take note of our reports and our NCAA basketball betting tips to see what you could find when playing something of interest for whatever betting needs you might hold. When it comes to how to bet on college basketball, we can help out here, we cover every aspect of the game.

College Basketball Point Spread

One of the best NCAA basketball bets today can involve a point spread. A point spread wager entails picking a team based on the margin of victory for a game. A sportsbook will dictate the spread for a game. 

The sportsbook figures this over different reports on each team and how well the two sides have been competing as of late. You can place a bet on a favorite who has a negative number. The number refers to the potential margin of victory for a team. For example, you might see a favorite with a -6.5. 

You can place a bet on that team to cover the spread, meaning the side will win by seven points or greater. This choice could be one of the best bets NCAAB fans can use if they know what is open for wagering purposes.

The underdog is the team that has the least chance of winning. That side will have a positive number next to its name. A team with a +6.5 line is expected to lose by about six points. You could place a wager on the underdog to lose by six points or fewer in this case. Your bet will also win if the underdog wins outright.

The college basketball point spread can be one of the best NCAA basketball bets today because it offers good odds. You could find a line of -105 or -110 on either side of the spread. The total means that you’d have to wager $105 or $110 to win $100. The negative number refers to what you’d have to wager if you wish to win $100.

These are also among the NCAA basketball best bets you can utilize if you’re planning a parlay wager. You can include multiple spread bets on a parlay ticket. You can calculate the value of your parlay by reviewing the decimal odds for each bet and multiplying them together to see what you would win if your wager is successful.

College Basketball Over / Under Betting

You might not have an idea of who might win a college basketball game, but you can still place a wager on how many points the two teams will score. An over / under bet could be one of the top NCAAB best bets today if you understand how well the teams compete on offense.

An over / under wager entails betting on how many points the two teams will score in a game. The over / under is the total value for the entire game. You could find an over / under worth 175.5 for a game, for example. You can bet on the over for the two teams to score 176 or more points, or the under for those two to get 175 or fewer in the game.

The values for an over / under bet will be about the same as what you’ll find for a spread wager. You can expect values from -105 to -115 for each pick. These will be great for parlay wagers. 

You could even place an over / under bet alongside a spread pick on the same game to create a parlay for one event, although that option won’t be available for every game. But the option is still appealing among the best NCAA basketball bets today if you think about what’s open for wagering.

College Basketball Moneyline Betting

You can also place a bet on a team to win outright. The moneyline entails picking a team regardless of the margin of victory. A moneyline pick could be among the NCAAB best bets today if you look at a possible underdog with a more substantial payout. The odds for moneyline betting can be very different for each game, we explain more about how college basketball odds work to help you understand.

SportsTips will provide reports on which underdog bets are ideal. These NCAA basketball best bets will be dictated surrounding the styles of play for each team and which clubs perform the best, especially surrounding how well they can adapt to different play styles.

The payouts for a moneyline bet could be substantial. For a game where the favorite has a -12.5 line, that favorite may have a moneyline bet of -360. But you could also pick the underdog for that game with a +280 line. The total refers to what you’ll earn if you wager $100 and you succeed. So if you wager $100, you’ll win $280 if that +280 bet wins.

College Basketball Draft Betting

College basketball doesn’t have a draft like what you’d find in professional sports. Colleges will recruit high school athletes from around the country. They will find the most appealing recruits that are interested in playing basketball while in college. Some schools will even recruit players from Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world.

Some of the newest players will be junior college transfers. These include people who were stars in the junior college circuit. These transfers will be juniors in most cases and will have plenty of prior experience in the game to make a more significant impact. Don’t forget about transfers to other schools. Some players will transfer to other schools if they feel they could have a greater role in other programs. 

Sometimes a transfer takes place due to issues with another team, including cases where a school cannot afford enough scholarships or is being subject to NCAA restrictions. An athlete may have to sit out a year before they can start playing, although some may be immediately eligible if the circumstances allow.

SportsTips will help you see who you should check out when looking at unique players. We will highlight the top new athletes in the college basketball world, including how well these players compete. You can use our info to find the best NCAA basketball bets today surrounding whatever teams might be more interesting than others.

You will appreciate how we at SportsTips will highlight the best NCAAB bets tonight for all the outstanding games. We will be there when you’re trying to find something inviting for wagering purposes. We are also here to help you find out more information in relation to how college basketball picks work, so you can make successful bets!

College Basketball Betting Strategies FAQs

Is college basketball rigged for betting?

College basketball is not rigged, as the NCAA has strict rules surrounding how games operate. The anti-betting rules the NCAA imposes ensure people involved with these clubs will be suspended if they wager on their own games or any others in the NCAA field. Some states will also add extra protection by limiting what bets you can place. You may not be allowed to wager on college teams within your own state, for example.

How does college basketball proposition betting work?

Proposition or prop betting entails picking on things that will happen without necessarily predicting the outcome of a game. You’ll find dozens of prop bets for a college game, including:

  • How many points a team is likely to score within the first half of the game
  • How many three-point shots a team will score
  • How well the teams will complete their free throws
  • The total number of fouls committed throughout the game
  • Who will reach a specific point threshold first, or if anyone will reach that total at all

Props can be among the best NCAAB bets tonight if you know what could happen during a game. SportsTips will provide recommendations on the NCAA basketball best bets on the prop market.

How does college basketball player betting work?

Player prop betting is not as common in NCAA basketball as it is in the NBA. But you could find some player props on high-value games, including during the March Madness tournament. A player prop will entail picks on how well a player will compete. 

You could place an over / under wager on how many points, rebounds, or other things a player will attain during a game. You could also bet between two players from opposing teams on who will score more points. The options for player bets will vary, but they will not be common. Our experts at SportsTips will help you see which players you should watch for during each game.

How do college basketball futures bets work?

A futures bet entails picking something that will happen weeks or months from now. You can place a futures bet on many things, including:

  • Who will win the NCAA championship
  • Whether a team will qualify to enter the March Madness tournament
  • Who will win a conference championship
  • The winner of the Naismith Award, the honor for the top player in college basketball for the year

Futures bets paid more on average due to how long it takes for a result. A futures bet may also have more options, with some picks having thirty or more options with varying odds. The lines can also shift when there’s more certainty surrounding what might happen with a futures bet. 

The number of entries on a futures bet may also drop due to certain teams having less chance of winning. SportsTips will include reports on how  college basketball futures bets work. Our data features reviews on anything that might happen throughout the season.