Our Guide On How To Bet On College Basketball

Our college basketball betting picks at SportsTips will provide great notes on what you can expect out of your wagering efforts. But you can also look at how the odds appear and what goes into each game. Our NCAAB betting tips will highlight some of the best points you can use when finding a smart wagering opportunity.

You can use many of the points we utilize at SportsTips to find the right college basketball betting picks yourself. Our thoughts on how to bet on college basketball are easy to figure, from looking at trends surrounding each team to how well they play and many other factors that may appear in a match, like the college basketball odds, for example.

Know College Basketball & How Betting Works

The best tip for NCAA basketball betting is to understand what you’re betting on before placing your wager. Your college basketball betting picks will be more likely to succeed if you note the teams involved in a game, how they play, and what trends are appearing with those teams.

There has to be a reason why you feel a game will go in one direction. Picking random games without thinking much about what might happen could be risky, as you might pick matches on a whim. This is where the college basketball picks and predictions here at SportsTips are able to help you!

SportsTips can provide recommendations for your college basketball betting picks by offering thorough details on each team. You’ll see what is happening with each game before you place your wager and we can provide more information you need on how college basketball picks work.

This point for wagering is especially critical when looking at March Madness betting odds. You might assume a team with a better seed will win, but there are always many sensible reasons why an upset could occur. This is why it is so important to have a proper understanding of how college basketball odds work.

How Injuries Impact College Basketball Betting

You’ll find many things that can influence your college basketball betting picks, from recent performances to the styles of play for each side. The injury reports for college basketball games can also make an impact. The news will highlight cases where someone will be unable to play or might not produce as much impact on a game as one might wish.

College basketball injury reports often cover details on who is unable to compete in a game, the specific injuries in question, and whether recovering players are likely to return. Some reports may include details on which players were suspended for disciplinary or academic reasons.

Not all players on an injury report will be out of a game. Some might not have as much of an impact, as some people might be limited over how long they will be on the court. Others who are actively playing will not handle as much as what they usually do while on the court.

Some injury reports can be game-time decisions. You might not know whether a player will compete until a few minutes before the opening tipoff. A sportsbook might adjust the NCAA betting odds for a game due to questions over what would happen during that game and whether someone will play.

Our NCAA basketball betting experts will provide reports on all the injuries impacting the day’s games. We’ll profile points on who is unable to compete and how those injuries can influence a game. We’ll also highlight possible ways how teams might change their styles of play following certain injuries.

Best College Basketball Bets This Weekend

Part of how to bet on NCAA basketball can entail noting what to find in the best bets for the weekend. You’ve got dozens of games to choose from each weekend, with there being hundreds of Division I men’s basketball programs possibly playing.

You can note many things in some of the best NCAA basketball betting opportunities for the weekend. For instance:

  • The underdog for a match might be playing a favorite that hasn’t played against many quality opponents. A team’s strength of schedule could influence the chances of a team winning.
  • The styles of play between the two teams might be worth noting. One side might not be capable of handling a faster pace of play. Another may not be as effective in completing free throws or three-point shots.
  • The number of games a team has played as of late could be a concern. A club that has played four games in the last seven days might develop fatigue.
  • Travel may be a factor for some teams. A club that has traveled more than others in the past week might develop fatigue. This point is valid for home and road clubs alike.

SportsTips will highlight the smartest college basketball betting picks for each match. We will help you see what goes into these bets and we are here every step of the way, especially when it comes to developing a proper college basketball betting strategy.

College Basketball Best Bets

One part of how to bet on NCAA basketball people often follow entails reviewing the odds. Some people might stick with odds that pay out more, especially if they are close. Assuming the best bets come with the most inviting odds may not work as well as you wish.

You’ll find all the best bets for college basketball here at SportsTips. We’ll help you see how to bet on college basketball the smart way. We provide reports on everything surrounding each side, including:

  • How well each team performs, including how effective they are on offense or defense
  • The pace of play for each side, and whether one side has to adapt
  • Recent activities surrounding these clubs, including injuries, recent matches, and travel
  • How the odds have been shifting; sometimes a sportsbook will adjust the odds if enough people have been wagering on side

Your NCAA basketball betting efforts don’t have to be a challenge. We at SportsTips will help you see how to bet on college basketball the smart way, especially if you aren’t familiar with the teams in the game. 

College Basketball Betting Picks

You’ll also find many bets for every game. Every event throughout the season has multiple wagering options to enjoy. You can place your bets on things like these:

  • A spread bet surrounding the possible margin of victory
  • A total wager on how many points the two teams will score
  • First-half wagers
  • Team props, including how many points each club will score
  • Threshold wagers where you bet on who will reach a specific point threshold first, or that no one will reach that point total
  • Alternate lines that differ from the original spread and may pay more

All these NCAA basketball betting choices are worthy of your time. You could even find extra  March Madness betting odds for games taking place during the big year-end tournament. Our experts at SportsTips will let you know which college basketball betting wagers are the most worthwhile when you’re trying to figure out what’s open for each competition.

Multiple Sportsbook Accounts For College Basketball Betting

One part of how to bet on NCAA basketball we recommend involves having multiple sportsbook accounts. Our team at SportsTips will report on the best March Madness betting odds and other lines from various sportsbooks. Having accounts with many of these sportsbooks ensures you’ll have access to the best odds for your college basketball betting picks.

You can also utilize the many bonus offers these sportsbooks provide, including match bonuses on your first deposit or risk-free bets that provide extra rewards. You could also find rewards for completing multiple wagers with sportsbooks, including opportunities to enjoy free bets or other gifts.

How To Bet On College Basketball FAQs

How do you bet on college basketball games?

Your plans for how to bet on college basketball can vary surrounding the bets you wish to place and how you’re going to read what is open. You could place a bet on a spread, or you could bet on the over / under for how many points the teams will score. There are many extra prop bets available for different games.

How many prop wagers can you find on a typical college basketball game?

You could find dozens of props for a college game, including alternate lines and score-based props. You’ll find more of these props during the March tournament. The props focus on what will happen during the game and should not be reflective of the final result. Most of these props are for the teams. Most sportsbooks will not provide props for individual players like what you would find in the NBA.

Where should you place your college basketball bets?

You’ve got many sportsbooks to review when planning your NCAA basketball betting efforts. We at SportsTips will recommend the best sportsbooks for each game. We will check the odds on each sportsbook website to note where you should go when placing your wagers. We review all the top sportsbooks from around the country.

Why are college basketball odds different on multiple sportsbooks?

Some sportsbooks will place different odds on the same games because they feel more confident in how certain matchups will move, or they have unique criteria for what goes into a projection. One sportsbook might adjust the line by a bit, or it might have different criteria for what goes into a match. SportsTips will list points on what you could expect out of these sportsbooks.

Can the people who place college basketball bets on these games influence the odds?

A sportsbook may adjust the lines or odds if enough people favor one side of a wager. For example, a team with a +180 line might be very popular for betting purposes, but the -200 favorite is not all that interesting. 

A sportsbook may cut the underdog down to +150 and move the favorite up to -140. The sportsbook will do this to make the other side more interesting, possibly reducing the potential losses the sportsbook may incur if the underdog wins.

How can I bet on college basketball win totals?

You can also place a bet on a win total at the start of the season. You may find futures bets in October or November listing how many wins a team might attain during a season. You can place an over / under bet on how many wins that club will get. 

If the over / under is 22.5, you could bet on that team to either win 23 or more games or win 22 or fewer. Your win total bet will surround what you feel a club will do during the entire season.

Should you place your college basketball bets right before a game, or should you plan them as soon as the odds appear?

There’s no correct answer for this part of how to bet on college basketball. You could place a bet before the game when you know more about what will happen. You’ll have a better understanding of the injury reports and other things going into a matchup.

But placing a bet as the odds first appear can also help, as this part of NCAAB betting entails taking advantage of what oddsmakers report. Oddsmakers might adjust the odds before the match, but you could take advantage of a sportsbook placing too much value on one side.

The best idea should be to review everything surrounding a match before you place your bet. SportsTips will help you see what wagers are best and what you should note for each game.

Are the steps for placing a bet during March Madness different from what you’d do during the rest of the season?

The process for how do you bet on March Madness is the same as what you’d find during the rest of the season. You’ll still need to note what makes the two teams different from one another and how well they have been competing as of late.

But the greatest challenge is picking someone without thinking too much about the seeds. While picking a seven-seed team over a ten-seed might sound reasonable, the ten-seed may be more capable of competing well and adapting to the situation. There’s also the consideration of travel, as some teams would have to travel further to reach the neutral sites for these games.

Our reports at SportsTips will help you see what you should note when planning your college basketball bets. We will highlight the most valuable choices for wagering throughout the tournament.

Is it legal to place bets on college basketball games?

You can place wagers on college basketball games, with the people competing being at least eighteen years of age. But there may be rules on what is open for wagering in your state. 

Some states will not let people place bets on college basketball games that either entails a team from that state or an event within the state’s borders. Check with your state to see what the rules are when placing your wagers.