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At, we’re football nuts. We love everything about the sport at every level, and are known across the US for the excellence, consistency and in-depth, stats-driven reasoning we employ with every single one of our NFL tips.


The NFL may have less games each season than the other major sports, but it’s still the most popular sport to bet on in America. There are so many different ways you can wager on football, whether it’s point spreads, over under, parlay tickets, player props, daily fantasy sports, or even scoreboard squares


Our job – and the thing we enjoy doing the most – is to find the best value NFL tips and pass them on to you via our weekly NFL tips articles. Why should you have to do all the work trawling through stats and box scores when we can do it for you?


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Free NFL Tips

We take pride in the fact that our NFL tips aren’t just the best in the business, they’re also completely free.


You’ll never pay a cent for our free NFL tips, and that’s exactly the way we want it. Our aim is to help you have the best betting experience possible, and the best way for us to do that is make sure – unlike other sites – that you get free NFL tips for every single week of the season.


No catch. Just free NFL tips.


Free NFL Predictions

We don’t just provide you with free NFL tips, expert NFL picks and all the NFL news you could possibly want, we also write a wide variety of free NFL predictions about all the hottest topics in football.


Whereas we try to confine our free NFL tips to a singular weekend of NFL action, our NFL predictions are long-term and wide-ranging. If you want to know which team is going to win the AFC, or who’s going to take out the league MVP or why the Patriots are so unstoppable every year, our team of expert sportswriters has you covered.


We keep our site updated daily with free NFL predictions covering all the hottest NFL topics and trends. If something is being talked about in the NFL stratosphere you better believe we’ve got an opinion on it, and we want you to join the discussion.


NFL Picks and Parlays

One of the best ways to increase your odds, and therefore your chances of winning more money is by making your own NFL picks and parlays.


Here’s the deal; we give you our free NFL picks, but you can do whatever you want with the picks we give. One strategy you might use is to parlay our free NFL tips together, increasing your overall odds.


For example, our NFL picks might include the Patriots against the spread, the total points over in a game between the Seahawks and the Rams and the Steelers money line against the Browns. Rather than betting on each of those picks singularly, giving yourself 2 to 1 odds on each pick, you might decide to parlay our picks together.


Suddenly, your odds have skyrocketed to over 6 to 1 for a single bet.


If you use our NFL picks and parlays correctly, there’s a lot of money to be made.


NFL Expert Picks

There’s one simple reason why we’re known as one of the most well-respected sources in the United States for free NFL tips picks and free NFL predictions; our NFL expert picks are better than any of the competition.


We only recruit the best, most knowledgeable, most experienced NFL tipsters to be part of our staff. If you’re reading free NFL tips from, you know you’re getting NFL expert picks.


NFL Tips and Predictions

We love providing you with our NFL tips and predictions. Our NFL expert picks at Sports Tips use a tried and tested statistical model to ensure that the NFL tips and predictions we give are as accurate as possible, and we believe in our method beyond any doubt.


If you want the best NFL tips and predictions, is your place to go.


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