Our Guide To How NHL Odds Work

When NHL betting, it can be tough to figure out all these odds, but our team at SportsTips is here to help. We’ll give you some great ideas on how to find the right NHL Stanley Cup odds and other lines for your favorite games. You can trust us when finding the best NHL hockey odds throughout the year, including NHL playoff series odds.

NHL Playoff Series Odds

When looking at how to bet on the NHL, you can trust us at SportsTips with the best NHL playoff series odds. These odds relate to how well a best-of-seven series will go in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

NHL playoff series odds are based on many factors, including:

  • How the two teams performed during the regular season
  • How these clubs competed against one another, particularly for cases where they’re in the same division
  • Noteworthy roster changes, including trade-deadline moves for each team
  • Injury reports, including whether players might be capable of returning

We’ll provide details on the best NHL playoff series odds for each match. We’ll also include a look at the NHL hockey odds for the many outcomes that could happen. From a favorite having a -130 line to win in five games to the underdog winning in seven games with +300 odds, we’ll let you know what opportunities are open when you’re looking for NHL odds today.

Don’t forget about our odds for each game in the series. The odds can change based on how the series is moving and which team has the most momentum. We’ll provide reports on NHL hockey odds for every game in each series during the Stanley Cup playoffs, including the finals.

NHL Odds Today

Have you taken a look at the NHL schedule for today? You’ll find many NHL hockey odds with different values, from a +230 puck line bet for a -1.5 favorite to a +190 moneyline wager for an underdog. SportsTips covers all of the best NHL betting strategies and will give you reports on all the top odds, including why these odds are where they appear.

Our projections and research will give ideas on why these NHL hockey odds are moving in one direction. We’ll inform you of news reports, injury updates, roster changes, and whatever else you might find.

You can use our website to monitor many odds for each game. Some of these lines include:

  • Moneyline bets
  • Puck line values
  • Over / under totals
  • Alternate puck lines and over / unders
  • First period wagers
  • NHL playoff series odds for a best-of-seven set
  • Prop bets, including how individual players compete
  • Three-way moneyline odds focusing on who will win in regulation or if a game will end in an overtime or shootout period

You will find all the odds you want from SportsTips, including NHL Cup odds. You can even review NHL MVP odds and other futures bets through our website.

Picking the Best NHL Odds

You might feel the impulse of picking a game based on its odds. Sometimes the odds might seem interesting, like when there’s a +130 moneyline bet on a team you feel has a great chance to win.

But all NHL odds today are dictated by many factors that might impact the result. You might not consider injury reports, how active teams are, or how some clubs have positive momentum. That +130 bet might not be as intriguing as you wish once you understand what makes that team the underdog for the match.

It’s also tough to find the best details on who’s doing well and how matchups may appear. Figuring out the best NHL Cup odds will require research, but you might not know what you should be researching. We can give you smart answers on whatever you’re interested in finding the most.

That’s where our services at SportsTips come in handy. We’ll give you reports on why the NHL odds today appear at their spots. Our reporting is accurate and covers many points surrounding each game, so you can trust what we provide. We’ll help you even if you’re looking for NHL playoff series odds or more detailed lines.

The Way NHL Odds Shape Predictions

When looking at how NHL picks work, many NHL odds will shape predictions on specific games throughout the season. The NHL Cup odds might influence people to pick teams that are doing well. NHL MVP odds might also influence some prop wagers.

People often plan their predictions based on how heavy of a favorite a team might be at the start. Others might think about the prop wagers available and consider their game picks over whatever fits.

SportsTips will give you reports on NHL hockey odds from many sportsbooks, helping you see what wagers you should consider the most. Reports on our NHL odds today will offer the answers you deserve.

We will give you full NHL Stanley Cup odds and even NHL MVP odds to help you see how predictions may be made. We’ll also provide explanations in each of our picks on why we are making our predictions. Sometimes our picks come because of unique changes surrounding a match.

Overall, we study the odds and markets in order to give you the best NHL picks and predictions for all games tonight.

How NHL Odds Work FAQs

How do NHL odds work for wagering?

The odds for NHL games are based on how likely events will occur. A greater negative number means an event is likely to occur, but the payout is low. For example, a -200 wager would state that you’d get a $100 payout if you bet $200 and win.

A higher positive number means the event will not be as likely to occur, but you will get a substantial payout if you are correct. A +150 wager means that you’d earn $150 if you wager $100 and are successful.

What are the NHL Cup odds?

The NHL Cup odds entail who has the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup. The odds can shift throughout the year over how well teams are performing. During the 2019-20 season, the Tampa Bay Lightning had a +700 line to win. The team’s line dropped to +450 at the start of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Stars went from a +2000 line when the season began to close to +3000 when the team struggled as the year began. But the team would improve and have their odds build to +1000 in time for the playoffs. All NHL Cup odds can change throughout the season. SportsTips will help you note the NHL odds today and find bets you can trust.

Who has the best NHL MVP odds?

The NHL MVP odds will also change surrounding how players compete and how well they contribute to their teams. NHL MVP odds may entail a player’s statistics, his upcoming schedule, how the rest of his team is supporting his campaign, and many other points. These details will influence anyone’s odds to win the Hart Trophy.

An example of how NHL MVP odds can change comes from the Edmonton Oilers’ Leon Draisaitl, the winner of the 2020 Hart Trophy. Draisaitl had a +2000 line to win the trophy at the start of the season. But his play would improve to where he could be a more intriguing MVP choice than Connor McDavid, his teammate with the Oilers who had a +300 line much of the year. Draisaitl would eventually have +150 odds after the end of the season.

What about the odds for other NHL awards? Are they also subject to the same influences?

The odds for other awards will be similar to what you’d find for the Hart Trophy. The 2019-20 Vezina Trophy for the league’s best goaltender went to the Winnipeg Jets’ Connor Hellebuyck. His line to win was +2000 at the start of the season, but it went to +400 following some strong performances throughout the season.

Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins’ Tuukka Rask had a +2000 line when the season began, but it went to +800 when he led the league in multiple goaltending categories. But injuries kept him from being as active as Hellebuyck, keeping him from winning the trophy.

How are NHL season over / unders arranged?

Over / under wagers for the season entail picking how many points a team will have in the regular season standings. These projections are based on last year’s results and changes to the team’s roster. The 2019-20 over / under for the Colorado Avalanche was 98.5, while the total was at 95.5 for the Carolina Hurricanes.

How will NHL playoff series odds change as the series moves?

The NHL playoff series odds you find may change based on who is ahead in a best-of-seven series. A team that was a lower-seeded underdog at the start might have more favorable odds if they take a series lead.

SportsTips will focus on the existing playoff series as a whole when making predictions on playoff games. The momentum between the players, their roster changes, and any strategies those clubs might use will go into each prediction.