Are the Baltimore Ravens Worth Your Super Bowl Bets?

Are the Baltimore Ravens Worth Your Super Bowl Bets?
Thu 17th December 2020

The Baltimore Ravens dealt with some significant virus issues in 2020, as many starters were absent for some of the team’s games. Quarterback Lamar Jackson missed a bit of time, which is concerning as he’s both the team’s leading passer and rusher.

The Ravens have a 7-5 record, which gives them a shot at one of the three wild card positions in the AFC. The Ravens also have a quality line for Super Bowl bets, as they have +2600 odds. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the Ravens are worth wagering.

An All-Around Quarterback

The interesting thing about the Ravens is that they have the least-productive passing game in the league and the most-productive rushing game. The team averages 170 passing yards and 170 rushing yards per game.

Lamar Jackson has about 2,000 passing yards and more than 650 rushing yards in eleven games. He has about two hundred more rushing yards than Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins, the team’s actual running backs. But all three do well in running the ball and produce one of the most dynamic lineups in the league.

Jackson will need to watch how he plans his runs, as he has been sacked twenty-four times. He has also fumbled the ball four times this year.

Bryant’s Issues

One worry about the Ravens to watch involves how wide receiver Dez Bryant will compete the rest of the season. Bryant was pulled from a game about an hour before it started due to a positive virus test.

There are questions about why he was there with the rest of the team and whether anyone else on the side could have been impacted. The hope is that Bryant will not be gone for long, and also that the team isn’t going to experience any more virus-related harm.

A Powerful Defense

The Ravens have one of the best defenses in the NFL, as they limit their opponents to eighteen points a game. The team also limits their opponents to completing about 36 percent of their third down conversions.

The defense has plenty of quality starters like Patrick Queen, Chuck Clark, and Marlon Humphrey. But Marcus Peters may be the most exciting player on the defensive unit. The cornerback has three interceptions and is a consistent zone defender. He also does well in forcing fumbles after the catch.

Watch For Penalties

The Ravens will need discipline if they’re going to go far in the 2020 playoffs. The Ravens are penalized about sixty yards per game, which is one of the league’s highest totals.

A Favorable Schedule

One positive for the Ravens in 2020 entails the team’s remaining schedule. The 7-5 Ravens have a road game against the Cleveland Browns, but they will have an easier schedule after that. They will have games with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Giants, and the Cincinnati Bengals. The schedule provides a golden opportunity for the Ravens to reach the playoffs.

Choosing the Ravens For a Bet

The Baltimore Ravens will be an exciting option to find among Super Bowl bets for 2020. The Ravens have one of the league’s top quarterbacks and a solid defense.

The team looks like they will recover from some of the virus-related concerns that plagued them in November and early December and make it to the playoffs. The question now is how far they’ll go in January.

*Odds correct at time of writing.

Only a couple of more weeks until the NFL playoffs kick off. So it is important you have your Super Bowl bets sorted out soon! If you are looking for more information on NFL betting, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

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