Our Guide to NHL Betting Strategies

You’ve got many options for NHL betting, but it isn’t always easy to find the right ones. You have to review your NHL sports betting strategies based on the picks you choose, whether it entails a point spread or a total wager. You can find many appealing options when you’re trying to find the NHL best bets today you can trust.

NHL Sports Betting Guide

The best part of planning your NHL bets tonight is that you’ve got an assortment of ideas to consider when getting your wagers ready. You can establish your NHL sports betting plans with one of many strategies to incorporate in your work.

When looking at how to bet on the NHL, you could consider looking at many things when planning your NHL hockey bets. These include ideas like:

  • Reviewing the recent schedules for the teams, including if anyone is on the other end of a back-to-back
  • Home-ice advantage reports, including if there are any noticeable shifts in the ice quality between two arenas
  • Noting injury reports and other roster updates
  • Seeing how the teams have been competing with one another; this point helps if you’re wagering on a divisional game
  • Checking the goaltending matchup between the teams

If you are wondering how NHL picks work, we consider all of these factors and more when coming up with the best NHL picks and predictions in the market. You can also compare those details with the NHL odds of a game. These odds appear in an American format at most sportsbooks. A team with a greater negative number is the favorite, while the one with a positive number is the underdog.

Planning your wagers is essential for every game during the NHL season, including during the Stanley Cup playoffs. You could also review your NHL betting predictions for parlay wagers that carry more risk but provide a better payout if your picks are correct. You’ve got the freedom to plan whatever NHL hockey bets you wish to utilize when you’re wagering games.

NHL Point Spread

When looking at how NHL odds work, you’ll notice one of the best NHL bets today entails going after the point spread or puck line. When we talk about the line, it usually refers to the typical margin of victory. Most NHL bets tonight have puck lines of -1.5.

Puck line wagers often pay more than moneyline bets, as it is not as likely for a team to win by two or more goals. For instance, you could take the St. Louis Blues with a -1.5 line over the Anaheim Ducks. You would state that the Blues will win by two or more goals. 

You could get +150 odds for this instead of -160 odds for the Blues to win outright. You could also bet the Ducks at +1.5 for that same match. You’ll state that the Ducks will lose by one goal or win outright.

Puck line wagers are among the most appealing NHL betting predictions you can establish. These can be among the best NHL bets today if you can find a game where it is possible for someone to win by enough goals.

Alternate spreads are also available for most games. For the above example, you could bet on the Blues at -2.5 with +290 odds, or the Ducks at -1.5 with +200 odds.

NHL Over / Under Betting

The over / under or total betting line is another of the top choices to make among NHL hockey bets. You will wager on the two teams combining to score a specific number of goals during the game.

For example, you might see an over / under line of 7.5 at -110 each way for a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins. You can take the over and say the teams will combine for eight or more goals, or the under to state that those teams will get seven or fewer goals.

Over / under NHL betting predictions are for the entire game. Any goals scored during the overtime period will count. The shootout period will entail only one goal, and that is for the overall winner of the event. Individual goals scored during a shootout do not count towards the over / under.

You could also utilize a team-specific over / under. Instead of picking a 7.5 line for the Flyers and Bruins, you could take a 2.5 line for the Flyers or a 3.5 mark for the Bruins. Alternate totals are also available among the NHL bets tonight, with the over or under odds being greater depending on where the total shifts. 

You can pick a total of 5.5 and say that the teams will combine for less than six goals, for example. Instead of a -110 payout for going under 7.5, you could get a +260 one for going under 5.5.

NHL Moneyline Betting

Moneyline wagering is open for NHL bets tonight if you want something straightforward. A moneyline wager means you’re betting on a team to win outright. This is well known as one of the most simple bets to make in not only NHL betting, but also across all sports.

The odds for a game reflect the possible payout. Let’s say there’s a game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Washington Capitals. The Capitals have a -120 line to win, meaning you’d have to spend $120 to get a $100 profit. The Hurricanes would be a +105 underdog, as you’d get $105 on a winning $100 bet.

Moneyline odds will vary based on who has the best chance of winning a game. For the above example, the Capitals’ -120 line suggests they have the advantage, but the Hurricanes’ +105 odds state that the game will be close. A match with the two teams’ odds being -400 and +350 would be another story, as the first club there is the heavy favorite.

You can combine these moneyline bets for a parlay wager if you prefer. Parlays are appealing NHL betting predictions for how they entail many games on one ticket. You would multiply the decimal odds of each entry together to get your possible return. This option for NHL sports betting is ideal if the moneyline wagers are varied, and individual game bets wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Feel free to check out our NHL picks and predictions to get the best moneyline markets for every game tonight.

NHL Draft Betting

You could also place a wager on the NHL Draft. The annual draft is an event where the league’s teams will get the right to sign talented young players from the Canadian junior leagues, the American college circuit, and some assorted European leagues.

You can review many NHL bets tonight surrounding the draft. Some of these NHL hockey bets entail:

  • Who will be the first overall pick
  • When the first goaltender will be chosen
  • When the first European player will be picked
  • Who the first drafted player from an American college will be
  • Whether the OHL, QMJHL, or WHL will have more draft picks

The NHL betting predictions you can utilize for the NHL Draft will vary by sportsbook. But these can be interesting if you understand how the draft works and who are the best prospects for the event. You would have to monitor the needs teams have and what they have been looking the most in the draft when establishing your NHL best bets today.

You’d also have to review the odds for NHL Draft-related picks. These NHL sports betting odds can change on a whim, especially as the mock drafts and other reviews of players change. Planning the NHL best bets today for the draft will take some time when you put all these points in play.

NHL Betting Strategies FAQs

How do you place NHL bets?

You can place your NHL betting predictions by visiting an online sportsbook, logging into your account, and then checking the games available. You can pick from the best NHL bets today and specify the value of your wager. Check the possible payout for any wager you plan.

Are NHL players allowed to bet on their own games?

The NHL does not allow players to bet on their own games. The rule is consistent with what other sports leagues utilize. The effort ensures fairness in the games and that no one will have any outside influences that can change the results of a game.

How does NHL proposition betting work?

NHL prop bets are among the top NHL best bets today for how they entail things that happen that don’t involve the final outcome of the game. You can place bets on many team and player-based props, including:

  • Which period will have the most goals between the teams
  • The number of shots on goal a team gets
  • How many points or goals specific players get
  • Head-to-head matches between players over how many shots, points, or other statistics they will attain
  • Whether anyone will score in the first ten minutes of a match
  • Whether the game will reach an overtime or shootout period

These props may be the best NHL bets today if there is a likelihood of certain events taking place. These props are often hidden on a sportsbook within a game’s lines, so check around a sportsbook to find NHL hockey bets surrounding these props.

Where can I bet on NHL games?

You can place your NHL bets tonight at one of many online sportsbooks. You’ve got many to choose from, including offshore sportsbooks and ones available for play in some parts of the United States. Check your state’s laws to see what places for NHL sports betting are available in your area.

How many games or NHL picks can I put on a single parlay ticket?

You can add as many items on a parlay ticket as you wish, but this part of NHL sports betting can be risky if you aren’t careful. The odds to win a parlay won’t be as high as if you were to go after one single bet.

Can I use a parlay event that entails two things in the same NHL game?

You can plan a parlay for a single game if you wish. For example, you could pick one team’s moneyline bet, and then add a wager on the total. Your bet states that you feel a specific team will win and that the two clubs will combine for a specific number of goals. The same rules for calculating a parlay will apply for these NHL hockey bets.

Can I place bets on the NHL All-Star Game?

You can also place NHL hockey bets on the All-Star Game. But this part of NHL sports betting is different in that the All-Star Game involves each division competing in a three-on-three tournament. There will be two twenty-minute games between the divisions, with the winners of those games entering a third twenty-minute game to see who will win the event. These bets will entail picking:

  • Which division will win each game
  • Which division will be the outright winner of the tournament
  • How many goals the four divisions will score during the event
  • Which grouping will have the most goals
  • Who will win the MVP award

Can I place NHL bets on the awards for the season?

Some of the other NHL best bets today to find involves who will win individual awards at the end of the season. Most of the NHL bets here are for the Hart Trophy, the award for the league’s most valuable player in the regular season. 

But you can also find wagering for awards like the Art Ross Trophy for scoring the most points and the Conn Smythe Trophy for the most valuable player in the playoffs. The players you’ll find available for wagering will vary.

How do NHL preseason over / unders work?

Preseason over / under bets entail picking on how many standings points each team will attain during the regular season. A sportsbook will pick a value for each team based on its past performance and any changes made to that team. For instance, one team might have a line of 95.5 points. You could go over and say that the team will get 96 or more standings points during the regular season.