Popular Bet Types For NHL Betting

Popular Bet Types For NHL Betting
Fri 4th December 2020

Have you taken a look at some of the choices you have available for your NHL betting desires? You’ve got many choices to explore for each game throughout the season.

Three-Way Moneyline

You can start by betting on the three-way moneyline for a match. Three-way moneyline bets may include odds that are better than the traditional moneyline values for each one.

You will pick one of three bets on a three-way moneyline:

  1. The home team winning in regulation
  2. The visiting team winning in regulation
  3. The game entering overtime due to it being a tie after sixty minutes

The result of the overtime or shootout period will not factor into the three-way moneyline bet. You could use this wager if you feel comfortable in one side’s ability to win in regulation.

Alternate Puck Lines

The puck line for an average game will be -1.5. You could bet on a favorite to cover the -1.5 line at +140 instead of going for a moneyline bet at -220. But you could move that line to -2.5 for a +270 payout, or even to -3.5 at +500 odds. An alternate puck line lets you pick on a side to have a greater victory.

Grand Salami

The Grand Salami bet is one of the best ones to find on an average day where there are plenty of games taking place. The Grand Salami bet is an over / under total on how many goals will be scored throughout the day. You can bet on all the action for the day with a Grand Salami bet, but you should check on how well the matchups look first.

Player Props

You’ve got many player prop options to explore for each game. Here are a few of the top choices you can find for each game:

  • Whether a specific player is able to score a goal
  • Over / under on how many saves a goaltender will complete
  • How many points a player will attain during a game
  • How many shots of goal a player will complete

Player vs. Player

You can also find player vs. player bets surrounding matchups between specific players. These mostly involve players on opposite teams, but they might involve competitions between high-performing players on the same side. You can bet on:

  • Who will score the most points
  • Which player will score a goal first, or if neither of these players will score
  • Who will have more shots on goal
  • Who will have the least number of penalty minutes

Overtime Bets

You can also place a wager on whether a game will reach the overtime period. You can bet on this if you find the matchup close enough to where it won’t be resolved in the sixty-minute regulation term. An overtime bet will cover both a game reaching overtime and a match going to a shootout after that extra five-minute period ends.

Some additional bets also cover whether a game will reach the shootout period. Since the three-on-three overtime period works to keep shootouts from happening, you could find higher odds for predictions stating that a game will reach a shootout.

While the latest season of the NHL may not have a start date just yet, if you still want your fix of information, make sure you check out our NHL hub page!

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