Our Guide on How to Bet on the NHL

But if there’s one thing better than watching NHL games, it’s placing wagers on them. You can place bets on everything from who will win to how many goals will be scored during a game. You can bet on every game throughout the season, from opening night to the Stanley Cup Finals.

When NHL betting, you need to know how to plan your NHL bets today if you want to start having fun. The good news is that you’ve got multiple options to consider when placing your wagers. There are so many different NHL betting strategies and some of the ways of how to bet NHL games include:

  • Moneyline wagering, or betting on a team to win outright
  • Puck line wagering, or stating a team will win or lose by a specific margin
  • Over / under totals
  • First-period wagering
  • Prop bets, including ones for players and teams

You can review the odds for each of these picks to find the best NHL bets tonight. You could find a favorite with a negative number, for example. That number refers to how much you’d have to wager to win $100. You would need to wager $150 on a -150 favorite to win $100.

You could also plan your NHL bets today on an underdog with a positive odds number. The number entails what you’ll earn if you wager $100 and win. You can place $100 on a +140 underdog and win $140.

Know NHL & How Betting Works

Part of how to bet NHL games to note involves figuring out who you are betting on before you place a wager. You’ll have an easier time understanding the odds and seeing who to pick when you know about the teams in a match.

For example, you might know more about teams in the Metropolitan Division than you do about Atlantic Division clubs. Picking a match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens might be a challenge, as you might not know as much about the Canadiens. But a game between the Penguins and New York Islanders would be easier, as you know enough about the Pens and Isles and how they compete.

Look at what you’re familiar with the most when figuring out who to bet on in the NHL tonight. Don’t enter any bets that you don’t understand well, or else you might struggle in trying to get a profit.

How Injuries Impact NHL Betting

The physical nature of the NHL makes it to where injuries will impact every team. This means that is it important to ensure that part of how to plan your NHL bets today should involve reviewing any possible injuries.

Review news reports and team statements to find out who is injured or is ready to play. Note anyone who is listed as a game-time decision, as there might not be an answer as to whether that player will be available until about an hour before the game starts.

Note some injury terms when planning the best NHL bets tonight. NHL teams don’t have to list specifics on the injuries players incur. A player might have what a team calls an “upper-body injury” or “lower-body injury.” 

Teams produce these vague reports to prevent opponents from focusing on those player-related issues. Not all players with one of these injuries will be out of a game, but they might not be as active, thus possibly influencing some NHL bets today.

Sometimes a player might become a healthy scratch who won’t play even if he is healthy. Healthy scratches ensure teams can handle the appropriate number of players on the ice for the game. Always review these injury reports when looking at who to bet on in the NHL tonight. These details can help you adjust your efforts in placing your wagers.

How to Bet on the Stanley Cup

You can bet on who will win the Stanley Cup at any time of the season. You could even find odds on who will win the next Stanley Cup right after the last season ends. But planning on how to bet on the Stanley Cup will take effort.

Part of how to bet on the Stanley Cup involves monitoring how well a team is competing. Many factors can impact your plans when making your futures NHL bets today:

  • How well a club has been competing, including whether it is trending up or down
  • How the team’s roster has been changing; trade deadline deals may be a factor
  • Injuries surrounding the team and how long it would take for some players to rebound
  • The club’s upcoming schedule, including whether it is easy or tough

Looking at how to bet on the Stanley Cup is essential, as you could get a significant return on your wager if you’re correct. For example, the Colorado Avalanche were the favorites to win the 2021 Stanley Cup after the initial odds were released a day after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the 2020 Cup. The Avalanche held a +650 line, while the Lightning were at +700. 

The profit you could get from one of these successful wagers is immense. Keep tabs on how a team is competing when looking at who to bet on NHL tonight. The odds for some teams might be more intriguing as Stanley Cup contenders than you would initially expect.

Best NHL Bets Tonight

Take note of all the best NHL bets tonight, as there’s always bound to be an appealing wager. Sometimes one team might be riding high on momentum. A club might also have a favorable matchup against another club.

But it isn’t always easy to figure out who to bet on in the NHL tonight. There are many wagering choices out there, and it can be challenging to see who you should put more of your hard earned money on. 

You don’t have the time to figure out every NHL wagering choice, plus it is tough to find all the best NHL betting tips today. You’ll need extra assistance when planning the best NHL picks and predictions tonight.

The great news is that our experts at SportsTips explain how NHL picks work and will provide details on who to bet on NHL tonight. We provide thorough reports on all the games taking place during the day. We’ll inform you of the best betting opportunities, what props are worthwhile, and whether underdogs are interesting.

We’ll also inform you of the best odds from different sportsbooks. Every bookmaker has different ideas for what the odds should be for a game. You can plan your NHL bets today by noting the best odds we list on our website.

Multiple Sportsbook Accounts For NHL Betting

We at SportsTips recommend that all people have multiple sportsbook accounts. You can take advantage of many rewards with these sportsbooks, including ones that provide free bonus money for wagering purposes.

But having all these accounts ensures you’ll have access to the best NHL bets tonight. Every oddsmaker has different NHL odds for each game, and some places offer odds that are more viable than others. Having accounts with many of these websites gives you the upper hand when making the most profit.

This part of how to bet NHL games is a useful tip that you cannot ignore. Our NHL experts explain how NHL odds work to ensure you get the best value and the best markets before you bet.

You could find a +140 line for a viable underdog pick on one website, but another place has a +160 line for the same pick. Taking advantage of the most enticing wagering choices is a necessity for your success. SportsTips will remind you of who you should place your bets with while online.

How To Bet on NHL FAQs

How do you bet on NHL games?

The process of how to bet on NHL games is easy to follow. You can review the odds for each game based on who will win outright, how many goals the teams will score, and the potential margin of victory. You can select whatever outcome you feel will happen and place a wager. Check the odds and see what the potential payouts are for each bet before you finalize your deal.

How can I bet on the Stanley Cup?

You can place many bets on the Stanley Cup. Some of the ways for how to bet on the Stanley Cup include:

  • Individual games during the Stanley Cup Finals
  • Series wagers on who will win the best-of-seven Stanley Cup Finals
  • Futures wagers available throughout the season, including before the first game

Where can I bet on NHL games legally?

You can place your NHL bets today through one of many sportsbooks. The NHL has partnerships with various groups that offer sportsbooks for American punters, including Bet MGM and Fanduel.

Check your state’s laws to see what sportsbooks are available in your area. While sports wagering is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States, these sportsbooks still require licenses to operate in some states.

I don’t have any sportsbooks that are open for wagering in my state. Can I still be on NHL games?

You can still bet on NHL games by visiting one of many offshore sportsbooks based in different countries. While these sportsbooks are legal, not all of them are licensed or regulated. Review the features of any offshore sportsbook of interest before you try planning your best NHL bet tonight on one of these sites.

How does the puck line for NHL betting work?

The puck line is one choice to see when looking at how to bet NHL games. The puck line is similar to the point spread in football or basketball. It entails picking a team based on the margin of victory or defeat.

For instance, a game between the Detroit Red Wings and Dallas Stars could have the Stars as a -1.5 favorite. You could place that wager to state the Stars will win by two or more goals. The Wings would have a +1.5 line as the underdog, meaning you could bet on them to lose by one goal or get an outright win.

Are multiple NHL lines available?

You can find multiple puck lines and totals for each game. You could place a -2.5 puck line wager on the favorite, or a -1.5 line on the team who is already the +1.5 underdog. SportsTips will provide the best NHL betting tips today to help you make the right calls. We’ll provide reports on how we think the games will go and what the best NHL bets tonight will be for each match.

How can I bet on NHL players?

You can also bet on individual NHL players and how well they will perform. Some prop bets relate to how players compete. You can find such prop bets as:

  • How many shots on goal a player will attempt
  • Whether a player will earn a point or score a goal
  • Lines on which player in a head-to-head matchup will have the most points, shots, or other statistical points
  • How many saves a goaltender will have

SportsTips will include reports on the props you should consider for each game. This part of finding the NHL best bet today will help you find wagering opportunities you might not normally consider.

What are the three-way moneyline wagers in NHL, and how do they work?

Three-way moneyline wagers entail picking the result of a game after sixty minutes of regulation play. A moneyline bet could be the NHL best bet today, especially if the odds for one of these picks are more favorable than the basic moneyline or puck line odds.

This part of how to bet NHL games entails picking one of three outcomes:

  1. The home team winning in regulation
  2. The visiting team winning in regulation
  3. The game moving to overtime; there would be no defined winner after sixty minutes of play

This part of how to bet NHL games entails picking the winner after regulation, or stating that the game is close enough to where an overtime or shootout period is necessary. SportsTips will help you find the closest matchups for the day’s action to help you see who might provide a chance for overtime.

This will help to give you a substantial payout on a successful three-way moneyline bet. You can use our details to find NHL betting tips today surrounding how well these moneyline wagers work.

Can you also place a bet on the NHL All-Star Game?

SportsTips will also help you find the NHL best bet today on the All-Star Game. But the process for who to bet on NHL tonight at this point entails a different format.

Instead of wagering on a sixty-minute game, you’re wagering on three twenty-minute games in a three-on-three tournament:

  1. The first game between two divisions
  2. The second game between the other two divisions
  3. A third match involving the winners of the first two

You could place bets on each of these games, or you can place an outright wager on which of the four divisions will win the tournament. SportsTips can provide reports on each division and what to expect out of possible matchups during the event. 

We can inform you of how the teams compete and how the players may compete with one another. Details on goaltending matchups will also be available, but defense usually isn’t much of a factor during this event.