Is it Too Soon to Bet on the NBA Finals?

Is it Too Soon to Bet on the NBA Finals?
Sun 29th November 2020

The NBA is hoping to start the season as soon as possible, but there are many concerns over what will happen. It is hard to tell how many games will be played, where the games will occur, and whether fan attendance is possible. The only thing people know for certain is that the season is hoping to start on December 22.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t place a bet on the 2021 NBA Finals. There have been plenty of transactions throughout the offseason, not to mention some appealing draft choices. These points and many others will influence the NBA playoffs betting options you can explore for the 2020-21 season.

What Could Change?

While NBA playoffs betting can be enticing at any time, you must watch what might happen as the season progresses. There are a lot of different things that can happen throughout the season:

  • Some teams might struggle to compete as well as they thought they could.
  • Injuries, suspensions, and other concerns could develop throughout the season.
  • The ongoing pandemic could also play a factor, as some teams might have players that cannot perform as much due to positive tests.
  • There might also be changes in how the games will take place throughout the season. These include cases where teams have to relocate their games. It could be for individual teams, like how the Toronto Raptors are being forced to start the season in Tampa. But there’s a possibility more neutral site games could occur among many teams.

Why Place Bets At the Start?

Placing your bets on the NBA Finals at the start of the season can be enticing because the odds are at their most valuable at this point. The NBA odds for teams will start to shrink as the season progresses. People will know more about how each team is performing, giving you a better idea of how you should place your bets.

The Lakers Are On Top

The Los Angeles Lakers have the best chance to win the 2021 NBA title. The reigning champions have a +300 line on DraftKings and +270 odds with FanDuel. Expect LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and newcomer Montrezl Harrell to make a run for the 2021 championship.

Who Else Is Open For Wagering?

You can find many other appealing lines for the 2021 NBA Finals right now. Here are a few of the most interesting choices to note as of November 2020:

  • The Los Angeles Clippers have a +600 line to win the title. New coach Tyronn Lue is hoping to take the club to the next level.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks are at +600 to start. The greatest concern for the Bucks involves whether Giannis Antetokounmpo will return after this season ends.
  • The Miami Heat is at +1500 on FanDuel and +2000 on DraftKings. The Eastern Conference champs recently reached a maximum contract extension with Bam Adebayo.
  • The Golden State Warriors have a +2500 line on FanDuel and +3000 odds on DraftKings. The return of Stephen Curry and the arrival of rookie James Wiseman will make the Warriors appealing, but Klay Thompson’s season-ending injury will be a point of concern.

In short, it isn’t too early to place bets on the 2021 NBA Finals. But you should know what’s happening with all the teams beforehand. Be advised that the season will be unpredictable and hard to figure.

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*Odds correct at time of publication.

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