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    SportsTips Guide To Horse Racing

    The excitement of watching the horses run down the track and see who can finish the race first is unlike anything else in the world. Each race brings one or two minutes of adrenaline every time.

    One of the best parts of horse racing is that you can wager who you feel will win a race. You’ve got an assortment of horse racing betting options to consider for every race. But you need to know about how to bet on horse racing when planning your wagers.

    Horse Racing Odds

    The horse racing odds you find will come in two forms. First, there’s the morning line that is dictated at the start of the day. Second, there are the live odds for the horse. These are the odds of a horse at this moment. A horse could shift from a 20-1 line in the morning to 5-1 odds minutes before post time.

    There are many reasons why these horse racing odds can shift from the morning line to the live odds:

    • The horse could have been struggling in recent training sessions
    • A horse could be dealing with fatigue or potential injury issues
    • The horse’s jockey might have struggled to try and make weight for the race
    • More people are betting on a horse, causing that horse’s odds to drop

    You must plan your horse racing picks based around the odds, but you might also be curious as to why the values are changing beyond the morning line. We at SportsTips will provide reports on what is causing these odds to shift. 

    Whether it entails the horse’s performance or the pari-mutuel system for how the odds function, we’ll provide details on what is happening with the odds for major races. Visit our horse racing odds page to learn more about how you can plan your picks for this thrilling sport.

    Kentucky Derby Odds

    The Kentucky Derby is the most prominent horse race every year, as it brings the best three-year-old thoroughbreds to Louisville’s Churchill Downs to compete in the first leg of the Triple Crown. It is also one of the most popular events in horse racing betting.

    The Kentucky Derby odds you read will reveal some interesting things about each horse. But any horse could win the race regardless of their Kentucky Derby odds. Sometimes the favorite will win, like the 5-2 favorite American Pharoah in 2015 or Justify at 5-2 in 2018. But a massive upset could still take place. Country House had a 65-1 line when he won the 2019 Derby, While Giacomo had a 50.3-1 line in his 2005 win.

    Our experts at SportsTips will provide reports on the latest Kentucky Derby betting lines and include a review of what’s happening. We will highlight details on why the Kentucky Derby odds are where they are, and if there’s a chance those odds could change.

    Horse Racing Best Odds

    You’ll need to find the best horse racing odds for all the major races. For horse racing, you need a resource that provides the most updated odds for each race. The odds for races are dictated by the race tracks that host the events. Finding the latest reports on what these tracks are promoting is critical to helping you make the right horse racing picks.

    SportsTips will showcase the latest odds as they come in from all the major tracks. We will help you with your reporting needs, whether it entails the newest reports from Churchill Downs, Belmont Park, Los Alamitos, or any other major racing track.

    Check with us at SportsTips to see who you should consider for your wagering needs. Our experts at SportsTips will provide smart reporting and details on everything surrounding what’s happening in the horse racing world, especially when it comes to some of the top races around.

    Horse Racing Picks & Predictions

    There are many great horse races taking place throughout the year at tracks around the world. But some races are greater than others. These include Grade I stakes races that are worth more money and are often qualifiers for major races like the Kentucky Derby and assorted Breeder’s Cup events.

    You can visit the SportsTips website to find the best horse racing picks and predictions for many of the top Grade I stakes races out there. These include events like the Alabama Stakes, Travers Stakes, Del Mar Oaks, and the Churchill Downs Turf Classic. These races are more intense than others, as the winners can make it to other major races or be eligible for a massive payday.

    We’ll include reports on who we feel will win based on recent performance, the quality of the competition, and many other factors. Our free horse racing picks will ensure you have an idea of what fits for your betting needs.

    We can also cover some major events from other countries. You can review our Australia horse racing picks to see who will win the top races in that country, for example. These include races like the Melbourne Cup and Cox Plate.

    Visit our horse racing picks and predictions page to learn more about our services and how we plan our choices for each match. There’s no telling what you might find when looking for something interesting of value for your betting demands.

    Kentucky Derby Picks & Predictions

    Our experts at SportsTips can provide details on how to bet on the Kentucky Derby. Our Kentucky Derby predictions include details on many factors for every horse. We will analyze these and many other points:

    • The trainer and jockey associated with the horse
    • Recent performances, including how well the horse did in qualifying races
    • How well the horse can perform on a dirt track similar to what Churchill Downs features
    • How the horse can perform over 1.25 miles, which is the length of the Kentucky Derby

    Our Kentucky Derby predictions will highlight all the things you might expect from a race. We will profile all the horses and how well they have been performing, including tracks similar to what the Derby utilizes. 

    You can make the smartest Kentucky Derby picks when you review our reporting on the race and the horses that are competing. There’s a chance you could get a significant payday if you make the right Kentucky Derby picks.

    Free Horse Racing Picks Today

    Our horse racing picks will highlight many interesting points about each race. We will provide reports on many races, plus we’ll provide points on how to bet on horse racing based on factors like these:

    • The lineage of the horse, including the sire and dam
    • The trainer’s momentum with other horses
    • How well the horse’s jockey has been competing as of late, including if he or she will be riding other horses during the same day’s meet
    • How the horse competes on a race surface, whether it entails turf or dirt
    • The possible condition of the track, including if it is dry, fast, sloppy, or anything else
    • How many times the horse has been training as of late
    • Prior race results, including how a horse might pace itself during a run

    Our free horse racing picks will help you find the best choices for all your horse racing betting needs. We review all the things for a race that you deserve to know.

    Horse Racing Betting

    Have you seen the assortment of horse racing betting choices available for each race? You’ll find many wagering options, although the specific ones you find will vary by race. You can place bets on who will win or who will be the top two or three horses for a race, for example.

    SportsTips will include the best opportunities for all horse racing betting options. You can use our recommendations for many wagers, including for box wagers where you pick on multiple horses in the same race. You can plan as many horses as you wish in a box wager, but our team will help you plan a smarter pick that has a great shot without spending too much.

    You can learn more about how to bet on horse racing by reading our horse racing betting page. You can use our reporting to figure out the best choices for each major event throughout the horse racing calendar.

    Kentucky Derby Betting

    You can find many Kentucky Derby betting choices, but there may be more choices around for this race than others. Since more people wager on this race than others, you’ll find many Kentucky Derby betting opportunities that go beyond the result. You have more options for winning than what you might expect, and with those choices comes the need to find many betting tips that fit your demands.

    You could find bets on things like:

    • Which horse will have the lead after the first half-mile of the race
    • Over / under bets on the post position of the winning horse
    • Whether certain horses will finish in the top five
    • The number of lengths the winning horse will win by

    Our Kentucky Derby expert picks can monitor all these factors and give you the best tips on what you could expect for a race. You can use our Kentucky Derby best bets to make the right choices.

    How to Bet on Horse Racing

    You can place your bets on your horse races after you see who you should consider for wagering. You can bet on a race through one of many racebooks available throughout the country, or through an off-track betting site.

    This effort for how to bet on horse racing entails a few simple steps:

    1. Find the track where you will be wagering on a race, and then find the specific race.
    2. Figure out how much money you will spend on a bet. Most bets are worth $2, but some exotic bets can cost less.
    3. State the horse or horses you wish to wager on and what type of bet you’ll plan. You can include multiple horses in an exacta or trifecta bet, for example.
    4. Check your ticket to ensure all the details are accurate.
    5. Confirm your bet, and you’ll be ready to go. Be sure to keep your record so you can redeem it if you are successful.

    Types of Horse Racing Bets

    Don’t forget about the assortment of horse racing betting options available for various races. The options you have for how to bet on horse racing will vary by each race. Here are a few of the top types of horse racing bets to consider for your wagering needs:

    • Win, place, and show bets entailing a horse finishing in first, second, or third place
    • WPS bets where you predict a horse will finish in the top three
    • Exacta, trifecta, and superfecta picks on the exact top two, three, or four horses
    • Quinella bets where you pick the first two finishers regardless of place.
    • Daily Double bets where you pick winners of two consecutive races
    • Pick 3, 4, 5, or 6 bets that entail picking more consecutive races correctly

    Some bets involving two or more horses can be arranged in a box bet. A trifecta box wager can include multiple horses that could reach any of the top three positions. It costs extra to plan a box bet, but you’re also increasing your chances of winning while making your picks more flexible. Check out our free horse racing tips to see who is worthwhile for all of these and other wagers.

    Horse Racing FAQs

    Where can I find the best horse racing odds?

    You can find the best horse racing odds and search for other horse racing tips through SportsTips. We will provide free reports on all the latest horse racing odds, including Kentucky Derby odds.

    How do free horse racing picks work?

    Our free horse racing picks include reports on how well horses have been competing, the quality of the track, and how a horse’s training sessions are going. Our horse racing tips will help you plan the best bets on all the day’s races.

    Can I legally bet on horse racing?

    You can legally place your horse racing picks in one of three ways:

    1. You can place your picks at any horse racing track where the races take place. Many tracks also support satellite wagering for races in other places.
    2. You can also visit an off-track wagering center in your area. These spots cover races from all parts of the country.
    3. Online racing books are also available in various states. You could find a greater variety of horse racing betting choices through an online book. These include wagering options for horse races in other places, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

    How do horse racing odds work?

    Horse racing odds work as a racing track will dictate the probabilities of certain horses to win their races. The odds will then shift through a pari-mutuel system. The mutual betting setup means that the bettors will determine the horse racing odds. People who make more horse racing picks on certain contenders will cause their odds to drop.

    How much would you be paid out if you are successful in your horse racing wager?

    The payout you receive will occur based on the final odds of the horses. You could earn more or less depending on how the odds change from when you place a bet to when the race starts. 

    For example, people could make horse racing picks on a horse with 8-1 odds to win, but the odds could drop down to 9-2 a minute before the race starts. Anyone who placed a bet on that horse at 8-1 would earn a payout at 9-2 if that horse wins in this example. The same goes when the odds rise in value.

    How do I calculate the payout on an exacta bet in horse racing?

    Exactas are among the top horse racing picks today, as they entail greater payouts for picking the first and second-place horses in a race. The payout for an exacta bet can be calculated through a few points:

    1. Review the betting pool for the exacta bet. Ten thousand people could have placed $2 exacta bets, producing a pool of $20,000.
    2. The number of winning exacta tickets is calculated.
    3. The pool is divided by the number of tickets that won. So for a $20,000 pool that features 450 winning exacta tickets, you’d get a $44.44 payout.

    How do I calculate the payout on a trifecta bet in horse racing?

    You will use the same method for calculating an exacta bet when seeing what you’d collect from a successful trifecta bet.

    What does a box bet entail in horse racing?

    A box bet involves picking multiple horses to meet a certain result. You can pick on many horses to reach at least a certain place in a race. For example, you could have a six-horse superfecta box bet. This means you will predict four of the six horses you choose will finish in the top four in the race, regardless of what places they finish.

    Check your sportsbook or wagering center to see what the stakes are for a box bet before you start. A five-way superfecta bet would entail 120 times the original stake, as you are wagering on one of 120 possible combinations. You’d spend $12 on that wager if it is a $0.10 superfecta.

    Can I also place box bets on a Daily Double or another wager involving multiple horse races?

    You can also plan a box wager on a multi-race bet when planning your horse racing picks today. For example, you could plan a Daily Double wager where you pick three different horses in the first race, and then two horses for the second race.

    The cost for one of these box bets will vary over how many races are involved and how many horses you select. For the above Daily Double example, you would spend six times the value of the bet, as there are six possible outcomes you are betting to happen. A Pick 3 bet where you pick three horses for the first race, two horses for the second, and two more for the third race will be worth twelve times the original stake.

    What types of horse races can I bet?

    You can find many horse racing best bets on races of all sorts. You can find horse racing betting offers for competitions like these:

    • Thoroughbred races
    • Harness races; a horse is pulling a sulky with a jockey and runs at a specific pace or trot
    • Quarter horse races; these races are about a quarter-mile or less long and can last twenty seconds or less

    Some of the horse races I’m finding are maiden races. What does that mean?

    A maiden race is for horses that have yet to win a race. A horse that wins a maiden race could be a late-blooming competitor, but winning one’s first race can help move that horse in the right direction.

    Are female horses allowed to race alongside males in horse racing?

    Some races are exclusively for female horses or fillies. The Eight Belles Stakes is one of the most prominent races for such horses. You can also find females in some races with male horses, but they do not defeat the males too often. 

    Some of the best fillies can compete in major races. Three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby, including Genuine Risk in 1979 and Winning Colors in 1988. A few fillies have won other Triple Crown races, including Swiss Skydiver winning the 2020 Preakness Stakes.