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    SportsTips Guide To eSports

    People love watching eSports competitions where the world’s best competitive gamers play some of the most challenging games around. You can find eSports competitions that highlight many games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Dota 2, and Overwatch.

    You might not know how to bet on eSports events, with the industry being relatively new. But our experts at SportsTips will provide the guidance you need when figuring out who is worthy of your wagers.

    eSports Odds

    eSports odds work like they would for any other competitive sport. These eSports odds cover many points surrounding a match between two competing teams or individual players. They include who will win a match, a spread wager surrounding how many games a team will win and an over / under value surrounding how many games will take place. 

    Most matches are a best-of-five affair, but you may also find best-of-three or seven events at times. An average eSports match will entail two teams of players competing in a few games. The first team to win a specific number of games in the match will win. The odds you find will reflect on how the entire match goes.

    These games may also be called maps, as they take place in different virtual environments. Some sportsbooks will include odds for each map in a match. You may be curious as to why these odds appear as they are. Our team at SportsTips will provide details on how specific eSports teams are competing and what you can expect in a match. 

    You can learn from us about how the eSports odds are dictated by prior performances for each team, various mechanics surrounding the game, and roster change between the competing clubs.

    We’ll also provide the latest odds on eSports events involving individual players competing instead of teams. These include lines for competitions involving Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many other single-player games. Visit our eSports odds page to learn more about how these lines can change. We will include these details for all the eSports predictions you want to manage.

    Fortnite World Cup Odds

    You can find eSports betting opportunities for many eSports events, including the prominent battle royale game Fortnite. Some of the top Fortnite betting options are available for the annual Fortnite World Cup. 

    This annual competition entails solo players and two-player teams competing in multiple Fortnite matches to see who can perform the best. They earn ranks on how many points they can score, how many wins or Victory Royales they can attain, and how many eliminations they can collect.

    You’ll find many of the world’s top Fortnite players at the annual Fortnite World Cup. You can find out who has the best chance of winning the upcoming event at SportsTips by checking on our Fortnite World Cup odds. 

    We check many sportsbooks online to find the latest odds for who has the best shot at winning. You can plan your eSports betting predictions after seeing what the sportsbooks are reporting on these events.

    eSports Picks & Predictions

    You might be curious over who you should pick when betting on eSports events. We can assist you by providing the best eSports predictions in the industry. Our experts at SportsTips understand how each eSport works. 

    These include team-based combat games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch, strategy games like Starcraft 2, and virtual sports competitions like Rocket League or NBA 2K20. We can provide picks on who we feel will win these competitions.

    Our eSports betting choices include reports surrounding many points, including:

    • Any changes surrounding each competing team
    • Any specialties the team members may hold
    • How well each team / individual has been performing in recent competitions
    • Any prior matchups between these clubs, especially if they were in the same season

    Our eSports betting recommendations include reports on who has the best shot of winning and how well the two sides may compete with one another. We’ll highlight points like who could win a match, plus how well specific clubs might compete on certain maps within a game.

    Visit our eSports picks and predictions page to learn more about how we will pick the best choices for eSports competitions. Our eSports predictions will help you find the best choices for wagering purposes.

    eSports Betting Predictions

    Many variables will go into an eSports competition:

    • Some events may utilize different maps. A League of Legends or Counter-Strike match can use specific maps with layouts that favor specific teams.
    • The method of play may also change. Overwatch uses different game modes, and many of them can appear in a single match.
    • Some game settings may also make an impact. An NBA 2K20 game may feature five-minute quarters, for example.

    We will check on these factors and many others when making our eSports predictions. We can plan eSports betting predictions showcasing who has the best chance to win in certain situations. 

    Our reports include details on how teams specialize in specific things and how their methods of play could give either it an advantage or hinder their performance. You can use our reporting to get an idea of who has the best shot to win.

    eSports Betting Picks

    You can trust us when looking for all your eSports betting tips. We at SportsTips will provide all the eSports betting information you need, including what types of wagers you should plan. You’ve got many choices to review, and we can help you figure which ones are ideal for the match at hand.

    Should you stick with a straight victory wager, or would a spread bet that might pay out more be better? Maybe there’s an over / under wager working noting. We’ll provide eSports predictions that cover all the things that can happen in a match to give you an idea of what fits.

    Our system provides one of the smartest approaches to eSports picks you can find online. Check out our reports at SportsTips to see who you should consider when getting all your wagering plans up and running. We will give you a thorough look at what you can expect for all matches available for wagering.

    eSports Betting

    You’ve got multiple choices to consider when planning your eSports bets. Our eSports betting experts at SportsTips can recommend various wagers for your consideration. We can provide recommendations for all the eSports picks you could utilize. Our eSports betting tips include many, focusing on these points for a match:

    • Spread wagers on a side winning by enough games or an underdog covering that total
    • Over / under wagers on how many games or maps the match will last
    • Who will win specific games or maps
    • Assorted props for each game

    We can recommend many choices based on what might happen and what the best eSports are for these picks. We’ll also include eSports predictions surrounding props that can vary by game. 

    For instance, we can review Counter-Strike props for knife or Molotov kills that might not be as likely to occur. We could also analyze odds on how many Ultimate kills a team will earn in an Overwatch match, or whether someone could get a shutout in an MLB The Show competition.

    Every eSport event has unique betting choices. Our eSports betting tips will identify what you should consider. Check out our eSports betting page to learn more about how we can recommend different eSports betting USA strategies for each game.

    Fortnite Betting

    We also provide Fortnite betting tips for people interested in wagering on competitions involving one of the world’s most popular battle royale games. We can analyze various professional Fortnite players and help you figure out what their strategies are, how they compete in different situations, and other factors surrounding these matches.

    You can plan your Fortnite betting efforts with us at SportsTips. We can list the latest odds to win, including the best Fortnite World Cup odds for singles and doubles players. You can also check different prop wagers and other points for each competition.

    We’ll also highlight the most appealing Fortnite World Cup betting options on the futures market. Futures wagers could pay out more when they succeed. The favorite for the event may be +500 or higher in some cases. Your Fortnite World Cup betting plans will be easier to support when you consult us at SportsTips for help. We’ll let you know what fits your wagering needs.

    eSports Online Betting

    There are many choices for eSports betting that USA eSports fans can explore. We’ll cover recommendations for all the top eSports events. These include suggestions based on the best eSports odds and trends within each league. We can help you find useful choices for everything that fits your needs.

    We will include reports on all the eSports picks worth exploring for all the major eSports. You can find reports on major tournaments involving League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and many others. You can even get details on games that play out a little differently, like Hearthstone, NBA 2K20, and Smash Bros.

    SportsTips provides a trustworthy approach to eSports betting USA fans can support. Visit us today to learn about the best picks and tips for wagering for all major eSports. You’ll find many surprising choices that will help you see the eSports betting world in a new light.

    eSports FAQs

    Where can I find the best eSports betting odds?

    SportsTips will help you find the best eSports betting odds on the market. We will provide the latest eSports odds from all the top sportsbooks that provide eSports wagering options. Our work will help you find the best choices for your eSports online betting needs.

    How do free eSports betting picks work?

    Our eSports betting picks entail full reviews of how a match can go and what to expect out of the teams or players involved. We will provide full points on how well an eSports match may run. 

    We cover details on the teams and how they perform, plus predictions on what unique events we feel will happen. You can use our reports to pick who should win a match or whether someone could cover a spread.

    How can I bet on eSports events?

    eSports betting USA fans are more likely to find wagering through online sources. eSports online betting is easier to find than wagering at any physical sportsbook. Most states have not recognized eSports as an option for wagering. 

    Much of this comes from the eSports industry being new, or because there are questions surrounding whether eSports are worthwhile for wagering. The issue surrounding some of the players competing in eSports being younger than eighteen is also a problem for some.

    Can I legally bet on eSports games?

    The answer depends on where you live and what you find. As of October 2020, Nevada and New Jersey are the only two states where eSports betting is completely legal. Some forms of eSports wagering is legal in a few other states, particularly Pennsylvania and Illinois.

    Some states prohibit sportsbooks from offering eSports bets. The main reason is that many eSports competitions entail competitors under the age of eighteen. The point is particularly the case for Fortnite World Cup betting, as some individuals competing in that event are minors. Sportsbooks in states where eSports wagering and Fortnite betting are legal in some form will also not accept wagers on competitions where minors are competing.

    You are more likely to find eSports and Fortnite betting lines through offshore sportsbooks. But this part of how to bet on eSports in the US will entail going to websites regulated by entities outside the United States. Review the terms surrounding any offshore site, and check to see that the website is secure and provides sensible online deposit and withdrawal terms.

    How do eSports betting odds work?

    eSports betting odds work in the same way as they do for other sports. You can find Fortnite World Cup odds and other lines surrounding who will win a match, the margin of victory for that match, and the overall length of the competition. Some prop wagers may be available for events, but those props will vary by event.

    How can I watch any of these eSports events that I am wagering?

    eSports betting USA fans can visit Twitch to watch many of the eSports events that they are wagering. Twitch is a prominent online streaming platform that broadcasts live eSports competitions from around the world.

    What games are prominent for eSports betting?

    You’re more likely to find eSports odds and betting choices for team-based competitive games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. You can also find eSports online betting for competitions involving virtual sports events, including ones for Rocket League, NBA 2K20, NHL 20, and MLB The Show 20.

    Some of the top eSports games for wagering are battle royale games. What are these, and how do I bet on those games?

    Battle royale games are competitions where many people enter a field or map and compete against one another to see who can survive the longest. Players will eliminate one another during the game. The last person standing in the competition is the winner.

    Fortnite is the most popular of these battle royale games. You can find many Fortnite betting options through SportsTips, including Fortnite World Cup betting reports for the annual event. Other battle royale games available as eSports betting USA events include Apex Legends, Battlegrounds, and Call of Duty Warzone.

    These battle royale competitions entail single-player fights in most cases, although some teams may appear. The Fortnite betting lines and other features you find for battle royale events will focus mainly on individuals who might win a competition. Some prop wagers surrounding who can advance the furthest may also appear when reviewing these eSports odds.

    Will SportsTips provide reports on new eSports competitions as they appear?

    There are many new games that have become increasingly popular as of late that could potentially become prominent eSports. Valorant has become a noteworthy battle royale competition in 2020, for example.

    Some new games also take distinct spins on the eSports world, particularly for battle royale games. Among Us focuses on teams trying to identify which members are crewmates and who are imposters. 

    Fall Guys entails players trying to run through physical courses and avoid being eliminated by falling off a platform or being too slow. These and other games could potentially become eSports, especially since they are highly competitive.

    Our team at SportsTips will provide reports on all the best eSports events as they occur. We can include recommendations on many competitions, including ones involving games that are becoming more popular like Valorant and Fall Guys.

    Is parlay wagering available for eSports events?

    Some eSports betting USA services will offer parlay wagering for events, but the rules may vary surrounding the place you visit.

    How many games take place in an average eSports set?

    Most eSports competitions are best-of-five events, meaning one side must win three games to win the match. Others could entail a best-of-three or best-of-seven layout. Review the potential length for each eSports competition before placing your wager. You can use this point when picking how a spread or total pick will work.