Our Guide To How MLB Odds Work

MLB odds list details on who is likely to win an event. All MLB odds and predictions appear in the American format. MLB odds will feature a plus or minus sign, with the underdog for a match having positive odds, while the favorite has a negative line.

You could place $50 on a team with a -170 line and win $29.41 (plus your $50 stake) if you are correct. The -170 line means that you would have to wager $170 to win $100 for a successful bet. Meanwhile, you could place $50 on a team with a +145 line. You’ll win $72.50 (plus your $50 stake) if you are successful. The wager means you’ll get a $145 profit if you wager $100 on the game.

When MLB betting, it isn’t always the best MLB betting strategy to just pick the favorite every time. Our MLB experts put time and effort into creating our MLB picks and predictions to ensure you become a winner.

MLB Series Odds

If you are figuring out how to bet on the MLB, but don’t want to predict just one game of the postseason, you can find MLB series odds when placing your bets, including the World Series. These odds refer to who will win an entire series, rather than just any one game. You can find these MLB odds picks throughout the entire regular season.

MLB series odds are dictated by many factors, including:

  • The starting pitchers that will play in these games
  • The ballpark for the games
  • Trends over how both teams have been playing
  • Past matchups between the two teams
  • Injuries, suspensions, and other things influencing the team rosters
  • Projected weather conditions in the area

The odds may change based on how these teams perform and how well their rosters look. A club that might have performed well in April might not be as hot in August, or it could be the other way around.

You can find many MLB odds and predictions surrounding any of these series. You can place a bet on one of many things, including:

  • A team winning at least two of the three games in a series
  • A team completing a series sweep; the odds will be higher here
  • A tie in the series; this is for a two or four-game series

You can also find MLB series odds for playoff rounds. These odds refer to who you feel will win the playoff series.

MLB Rookie of the Year Odds

Rookies are among the most exciting players in baseball, as they represent the future of the game. It’s no surprise that you might find some enticing MLB Rookie of the Year odds through many sportsbooks.

You can find MLB Rookie of the Year odds through many sportsbooks. These odds can change based on many factors, including:

  • How well a player is competing
  • Whether the rookie is getting enough playing time to be considered
  • Whether that player is trending upward or downward
  • Injury concerns that might prevent a player from competing
  • Whether that player’s remaining schedule is favorable; this includes competing against weaker teams

The MLB Rookie of the Year odds can change on a whim. The Seattle Mariners’ Kyle Lewis was off the board at the start of the 2020 season. But his strong performance led him to a +300 line midway through the season. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Gavin Lux went from a +1200 line to start the year to not being on the table due to a lack of playing time.

You can make your MLB odds picks based on whatever players have been playing the best as of late. You’ll need enough research to see which players are trending upward and have the best shot of winning the award.

2020 National League Rookie of the Year Odds

Team: MLB Odds:
Jake Cronenworth (San Diego) -125
Dustin May (LA Dodgers) +150
David Peterson (NY Mets) +650
Mauricio Dubon (San Francisco) +1200
Alec Bohm (Philadelphia) +1500

(Odds correct as at 09/10/2020)

2020 American League Rookie of the Year Odds

Team: MLB Odds:
Luis Robert (Chicago White Sox) +125
Kyle Lewis (Seattle) +150
Randy Dobnak (Minnesota) +750
Jesus Luzardo (Oakland) +800
Cristian Javier (Houston +900

(Odds correct as at 09/10/2020)

Picking the Best MLB Odds

You’ll have to consider the MLB odds you find based on many points:

  • Who has been performing well as of late?
  • Are there any players on a team that have been doing well recently?
  • Are there any roster changes? Some of these include changes from a trade, a player injury, someone being promoted, or a suspension.
  • Who is starting for a team? Some pitchers may give a team a better chance at winning, although the opposing pitcher might also help.
  • How long will the series last? The MLB series odds might vary based on a two, three, or four-game series.

You don’t have to struggle when finding the best MLB odds and predictions. Our team at SportsTips can help you find the MLB odds picks that fit your needs. We’ll provide you all the details you need surrounding the top matchups, plus the best odds provided by sportsbooks throughout the world.

Our MLB experts will even explain how MLB picks work to ensure you have all the confidence you need before placing your wagers. Because at the end of the day, we just want to win and help you win too by picking the right bets.

The Way MLB Odds Shape Predictions

You’ll find many MLB odds and predictions for individual games, extended series, and the playoffs. The MLB odds you find can influence predictions based on the potential payouts.

Sometimes the MLB odds picks may vary due to how close they are. You might see a game where one team has a -125 line, and the other has a -110 line. The -125 team is the favorite to win, but the underdog bet could be enticing, with it having a pretty realistic shot at getting the win.

The MLB series odds you find might also impact how you predict specific games. You might make a prediction based on how much you might spend at a time.

You’ll have to look at what you can find when seeing the MLB odds that interest you the most. Our team at SportsTips will help you find predictions that are sensible, not to mention the best odds from various sportsbooks. We can note MLB odds picks that fit whatever you’re looking for when wagering.

How MLB Odds Work FAQs

How do odds work in MLB?

The odds in MLB work appear in an American format. A negative number measures how much you would have to wager to win $100, while a positive number shows what you will win if you wager $100.

Some of the MLB odds and predictions you’ll find include these:

  • Run line
  • Moneyline
  • Over/under
  • Alternate run line
  • First five inning line
  • Props, including player and team bets

How often do these MLB odds change?

They can change as many times as a sportsbook wants them to. Sometimes the odds might change a few minutes before the first pitch, especially if there is a late-breaking development in the game that might influence those odds.

What makes American odds so useful when finding MLB odds picks?

American odds give you an easier idea of what you might expect out of your pick. You could also find decimal or fractional bets, but they take a bit to figure out.

Which team has the best odds to win the World Series?

As of September 2020, the Los Angeles Dodgers have a +350 line to win the World Series.

Which player has the best MLB Rookie of the Year odds?

The Chicago White Sox’s Luis Robert and the San Diego Padres’ Jake Cronenworth have the best MLB Rookie of the Year odds. Robert has a +125 line to win the American League award, while Cronenworth has a -125 line for the National League (as of September 2020).

Do MLB odds change the way predictions work?

Sometimes MLB odds picks are influenced by a game paying out more. But the best MLB odds and predictions come through careful analysis. Our team at SportsTips will help you see what’s best.

How do you find the best MLB odds today?

We at SportsTips will help you see the best MLB series odds and game odds. We’ll give you details on who is likely to win, plus odds from various sportsbooks available online. We also provide details on futures bets, including MLB Rookie of the Year odds.

Who has the best value odds for the MLB?

The answer here varies by each pick. Our team at SportsTips will check on websites like DraftKings, PointsBet, FanDuel, BetAmerica, and many other high-profile sportsbooks. We will list all the top MLB odds and predictions for these games to help you see who will give you the best return. These include MLB series odds for each event open for wagering.

Can you also find MLB odds for a doubleheader? This includes picking whether a team will win both games in a doubleheader.

Doubleheader picks aren’t as common among MLB series odds. Your best bet would be to place a parlay wager on both games in the doubleheader.

How will the MLB odds change on alternate lines in a game?

MLB odds picks can change based on alternate lines. For instance, the Los Angeles Angels might have a -1.5 line with -115 odds against the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, you could get a +195 payout for a -3.5 line for the Angels or +275 odds for a -4.5 line. The lines become more valuable because the odds of a team winning by that much money won’t be as high.

What if a player drops off the board for the MLB Rookie of the Year odds?

Sometimes a player might drop off the MLB Rookie of the Year odds board, meaning he is no longer available for wagering. He might have dropped off due to him not performing as well as others. The sportsbook will not accept wagers for that player. It is possible he might return if he does any better, but his MLB Rookie of the Year odds would still be lofty.