Sportsbook Betting Rules & Regulations

Updated Wed 11th November 2020

Sportsbook Betting Rules & Regulations
Betting Basics
Betting Basics

If you are new to the sports betting world, the sportsbook rules should be among the first things you should focus on. If that is not so for your case, perhaps you need to remind yourself of the sportsbook rules and regulations governing the placing of bets. 

Opening an account on a sportsbook and clicking the bet button might seem easy from afar, but you have to bring to awareness the sportsbook rules and regulations for you to enjoy and have peace of mind.

The first step is to educate yourself on the sport if you don’t usually watch it. Then, pick a sportsbook. If you want to boost your chances of getting a win, get to know the sportsbook rules and regulations. 

Many bettors complain of ever-changing odds, inability to combine certain betting options, and conclude that sports betting is a scam or the particular sportsbook rigs their games, which is not the case.

As long as whatever you are subjected to is within the sportsbook rules and regulations, they have the right, whether it be the change of odds, restricting your betting limits, or restricting you from combining certain betting options. It is now up to you to equip yourself with the knowledge.

Most Common Sportsbook Rules 

Although you need to equip yourself with sportsbook rules and regulations, bear in mind that the rules may vary depending on the different sportsbooks. There may be slight variations. Here are some common sportsbook rules and regulations that apply to them generally:

  • The minimum age required to make wagers is 18 years: This can be best described as the prime of all sportsbook rules and regulations because if you don’t meet the age requirement, you will never be able to register on any of the bookmakers. Although some sportsbooks and states have increased the minimum age to 21 years, 18 is the general standard.  
  • Odds and rewards are subject to change at any time: Depending on match events, the odds are subject to change at any time, especially in the case of in-play betting.
  • Correlated plays are not allowed: Correlated bets involve bets whereby you place multiple bets with a similar outcome—for example, making a wager on both point spread and moneyline of a game, or the total and point spread of a game. If it were allowed in the sportsbook rules, bettors would take undue advantage. The only time this is allowed is in a single game parlay, which only some agencies have, where you can combine multiple markets from the same event in one bet. 
  • If there is a very wide change in the odds between the wager’s time and when it is accepted, it is declared null: At times, due to in most cases technical difficulties, there is a delay in bet processing. In the past, bettors have been taking unfair advantages of an increase in odds. So any bet that is placed and there is such occurrence would be counted as null and void.
  • You must place your wager before the beginning of an event: Bets placed on an event or game after commencing would not be counted. Except you opt-in for the option of in-play betting, which is a different case entirely.

Importance of Knowing Sportsbook Rules and Regulations

You may be wondering what’s the importance of equipping yourself with the major sportsbook rules. Many bookmakers are subtly taking undue advantages of bettors who are also unconscious of it. With knowledge, you will be able to lodge the appropriate complaints if you see yourself being disadvantaged.

Another important reason is that bookmakers have, in the past, given instructions to their clients to go through the sportsbook betting rules before lodging complaints. Clients have been seen making complaints on changing odds or the inability to combine certain betting options, which is all allowed according to the rules. Read through before depositing your money and if you feel that the sportsbook betting rules are not satisfactory, go for another.

Sportsbook Rules You May Not Have Heard of Before

Asides the common sportsbook betting rules that you may be aware of, there are a couple of other rules you may not, possibly because you have never been affected by it. Some of them are:

  • Your sportsbook has the authority to refuse your bet: Yes, they can choose to decline your bet if they have suspicions about your account activities. They may alternatively choose to limit the amount and betting options you can use.
  • You cannot open more than one account on a sportsbook: Don’t have the thought of opening more than one account. If you do open multiple accounts, you will be blocked.
  • You cannot cancel a wager that you have made: You might have never experienced mistakenly clicking the wrong option, but if you do, you can’t withdraw your decision. That is why you have to be very careful when clicking your betting option.

What Happens if You Break a Sportsbook’s Rules

For those that would not abide by sportsbook betting rules, some penalties are put in place to make sure it serves as a deterrent to others; the first case scenario is account suspension. If they suspect some fraudulent activities in your account that goes against the sportsbook betting rules, your account will be temporarily suspended for investigation. 

If found guilty, there would be a permanent suspension. The suspension could make you lose whatever amount you have in your sportsbook account at that instant, no matter the amount.

A higher level in the hierarchy is the placing of fines. You could get penalized with fines. If you breach a higher-level offense, you could get fined. When you register for a sportsbook, you verify your identity, so they can contact your government to take appropriate measures against you.

Key Takeaways

By now, you must have seen the importance of equipping yourself with your sportsbook betting rules. Although you cannot know all the sportsbook rules, you should keep in mind the major ones. The rules regulate the betting world. It would be in your best interest that you obeyed and followed all the rules. 

Breaking the rules would attract penalties. You could get a ban from your favorite bookmaker. Now that you know the major sportsbook betting rules, you can place wagers with peace of mind. Go ahead and enjoy the betting world!

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