SportsTips’ NHL Picks Analysis: May

SportsTips’ NHL Picks Analysis: May
Sun 6th June 2021

Introducing our NHL Picks Analysis for May, where we break down the stats behind our picks. We aren’t like any picks and predictions website, we want to be held accountable by our followers. This allows you to see how we went throughout the month and also gives you the confidence to bet with SportsTips. 

Making this report public ensures we stay at the top of our game and allows you to see that you are working with the best. So let’s dive in and see how we went. 

Firstly, for those that aren’t aware, we offer both free and Premium Picks for all the sports you care about, every day. For the NHL, we offer a free moneyline pick for the best games every day, and then restrict spread, total points and exotics to our premium service.

Regular Season 

With the exception of the remaining Canucks and Flames’ fixtures, the regular season wrapped up on May 16th. Throughout the period from May 1st to May 16th our free moneyline picks went 37-20, hitting at a strike rate of 65%.

While this is a very solid hit rate, it doesn’t translate to huge profits due to the low odds which are offered on favourites, but nonetheless our free picks turned a profit of $172.08 during the regular season.

When looking at the spread / total point picks you can instantly spot the increase in profits, despite hitting at a rate lower than the moneyline picks. The increased odds of these pick selections are far more favourable for a punter, and are where our experts do their best work.

For both our spread and points picks we hit 34/57, striking at a rate just shy of 60%, which means if you were to put $100 on all of our Premium Picks throughout May 1st-16th, you would have walked away with a total of $1,299.56. What is even better, you can join our Premium Picks for FREE right now, so click the link to find out more details!

May Regular SeasonRECORDSTRIKE RATEPROFIT ($100 bettor)
Spread Picks34-230.596$752.6
Total Points Picks34-230.596$546.96
Sum –  Premium Picks68-460.596$1,299.56
FREE Moneyline Picks37-200.649$172.08
Overall Total105-660.614$1,471.64

From May 1st until May 16th across both our free and Premium Pick services we made 171 predictions, hitting 105 times for a very healthy profit of $1,471.64. This marks the third straight month we have turned a profit well in excess of $1,000 from our NHL Picks, and there is plenty more where that came from.


The 2020/21 NHL postseason kicked off on May 17th, and as is often the case during the playoffs there were some very unpredictable results. From our free picks services we hit 28/48 head to head bets, but operated at a loss of $256.42 due to the lower odds offered on the moneyline.

Fortunately the spread and total point markets were very kind to us, hitting 63/96 picks, a strike rate of 65.6% which saw us bring in a whopping $2,737.04 profit, once again proving that these markets are where the money is.

Over the 48 playoff games in May, we hit all three markets on 14 occasions, which presents a great opportunity for our followers to combine bets into a parlay and rake in some extra cash.

May PlayoffsRECORDSTRIKE RATEPROFIT ($100 bettor)
Spread Picks30-180.625$1,404.22
Total Points Picks33-150.6875$1,332.82
Sum – Premium Picks63-330.656$2,737.04
FREE Moneyline Picks28-200.583-$256.42
Overall Total91-530.632$2,480.62

Across both our free and Premium Picks we landed 91/144 picks, hitting a total rate of 63.2% for a tasty profit of $2,480.62. It has been a very successful start to the playoffs, and there are still plenty more games to be played throughout June.

Overall Month

May was another hugely successful month for our NHL Picks, and while we were unable to turn a profit on our moneyline picks due to the tough postseason, our Premium Picks were popping off all month. 

Throughout the regular season portion of May our Premium Picks raked in $1,299.56 worth of profits, and things only got better when we hit the postseason, bringing home a whopping $2737.04, for a total profit of $4,036.6 if you were betting with a $100.

We know that it is not feasible for everybody to afford to be laying down $100 bets from the get go, but if you were to bet $10 you would have brought in $403.66, which in turn can be used to continue turning into profits throughout the month of June, where we are once again hitting big numbers. 

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