Our Guide To NFL Betting Strategies

There are many options when it comes to NFL betting and this NFL betting guide is to help you understand the different types of betting strategies that many punters use. Most of the NFL football betting strategies are NFL player prop bets, NFL best bets against the spread and over / under bets as well as betting on the money line. 

There are plenty of good NFL bets today, considering you have many choices at your disposal. Through this you can find plenty of NFL betting tips that can help you on specific strategies if you are lost. 

Our team at SportsTips will help you find free NFL picks and predictions that you can trust, whether it’s for one NFL game, NFL parlays, or even throughout the NFL playoffs, Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl, SportsTips have you covered.

NFL Betting Guide

While we understand that there are many options on how to bet on the NFL, it can be a bit scary especially if you are new to the world of NFL football betting but the team at SportsTips have come up with an idea to make it easier for people like you. 

Our team of dedicated NFL experts have made it easier for new punters to put a wager on the NFL, they have created an NFL betting guide so you know how NFL football betting works, how over / under betting NFL works, how NFL player prop bets works as well as moneyline betting. This is all done so you know how to bet, what to bet on and therefore you can make decisions on what you fancy putting a wager on.

NFL Point Spread

Point spread betting is one of the most popular betting options available when you wager on NFL football betting. Point spreading is a way for sportsbooks to even up the matchups for a clash. 

There are two forms of points spread: one is against the spread, which is essentially you putting a wager on a team to lose by a number of points or the second option is to place a wager on the team to win by a certain amount of points. 

For instance when looking at point spread betting you will see that there will be a minus sign (-) and plus sign (+) next to a team. The team with the minus sign (-) next its name means it is the favourite, as it means they have to win by that amount or more. The team with the (+) means they are the underdog as they can lose by a certain amount of points or win by that amount of points which is covering the spread. 

For instance the New England Patriots could have a -6 point spread and the Buffalo Bills will have +6 point spread. The Bills will need to lose by 6 points or win outright as they will then cover the spread, whereas the Patriots will need to win by 6 or more points. 

NFL Over / Under

Another popular NFL football betting strategy is placing bets on the over / under outcome of the NFL match. Over / under betting NFL means you will be placing a wager on the total amount of points the game will have and you can have the option to bet over that margin or if you think the game won’t reach the total of points set by the sportsbooks then you can bet under that margin.

For example a sportsbook may see a particular game against the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints have a total of 50 points. You can choose to put a wager on if you think that the match will have more points or less points than intended. 

NFL Moneyline Betting

The next betting aspect that you need to consider on SportsTips NFL betting guide is how to bet on the moneyline when it comes to your NFL football betting. When it comes to money line wagering, all it is, is you are placing a bet on the team to win the match outright. 

You are not betting on the margin of the game or how many touchdowns, touchdown passes, sacks, rushing yards a player gets; all you need to do is put money on the team to win the match with no strings attached. 

However, appealing moneyline bets can be quite hard to be as sometimes a favourite may not pay out as much as hoped. For example one NFL sports betting choice may entail the Los Angeles Charges having -110 compared to the Cleveland Browns who could be valued at +103. 

You would have to wager $110 to get $100 on the Chargers to win the bet. It may not be a viable option among relatively good NFL bets today considering the extra motivation to cash in when they can. 

The example shows the Chargers have the better chance to win the game. You also have the option of putting money on the Browns to cause an upset as you will get $103 if you put $100 on and win. 

You can review the NFL football betting tips to see which moneyline bets are the most appealing to you. However, you need to understand NFL odds and how the bookmakers make particular odds when making their markets. 

However, you may also need to know what oddsmakers utilize when figuring out the moneyline values for each game. You can find out more about this when looking at our how NFL odds work page.

This aspect of NFL sports betting will come from many influences like:

  • Who the starting quarterbacks are
  • The team rosters, including who is starting and who is injured
  • How well the two clubs have been playing
  • The ballpark and any factors surrounding the game environment

You would have to look at how the moneyline totals change, especially as it gets closer to the first pitch. The San Francisco Giants might have a -175 line to defeat the Colorado Rockies, while the Rockies have +150 odds for an upset.

But what if the Giants’ quarterback is scratched an hour or so before the game starts? The moneyline total might change to where the Giants have a -125 listing, while the Rockies improve to +115.

You can find good NFL bets today if you look at changes in the moneyline trends. You can also review the trends surrounding both teams and other factors to figure out which upset picks might be more interesting. Our NFL experts explain their process so you can better understand how NFL picks work and can bet with confidence. 

Our experts at SportsTips will give you details on free NFL bets that may pay out the most money. Our NFL betting tips focus on which upsets are the most likely to take place. You can use this point when planning your wagers.

NFL Draft Betting

The NFL draft is one of the biggest showpiece events the NFL has to offer as many franchises are looking for the next big star to take their franchise to the next level. It is no wonder you want to get involved in the NFL draft betting as it generates a huge media interest. 

There are many questions you might have when it comes to NFL draft betting such as who will be the number one pick, will it be a quarterback, running back, defensive tackle, which team is going to trade for picks who will trade for the number one pick? 

Most importantly which player will go as the prestigious first pick in the NFL draft. To help you with your NFL draft betting needs we have found the top 5 players who are fighting for the right to be the number one NFL pick: 

Player 2021 NFL #1 Draft odds
Trevor Lawrence -6000
Zach Wilson+1300
Penei Sewell+1600
Justin Field+2400
Trey Lance +6500

(Odds current as at: 3/25/2021, thanks to FanDuel)

NFL Betting Strategies FAQs

Is the NFL rigged for betting?

In terms of betting purposes the NFL is not rigged, as every game is played fairly with a sense of not knowing the outcome of the game, and that’s why we love sport because of its unpredictability. In regards to NFL betting there is no way how any NFL betting tips can be confirmed to where they will absolutely happen. 

These are suggestions surrounding what goes into good NFL bets today. SportsTips can help you see who has the best chance to win, but these are not guaranteed. It would be impossible to make a guarantee on someone winning a wager.

Are NFL players allowed to bet on their own games?

Under the 2018 NFL Gambling policy Gambling activities 2.1 Betting on Football: it states that “all NFL personnel are prohibited from placing, soliciting or facilitating any bet, whether directly or indirectly through a third party on any NFL game, practice or event. This includes betting on game outcomes, statistics, score, performance of any individual participant.” 

Under the policing Gambling in workplace under section 6 it states that “NFL personnel shall not engage in any form of gambling while in any club or League setting including without limitation locker rooms, practice or office facilities, team busses, trains, flights, or hotels or while travelling on Club or League business.” 

The NFL Gambling Policy 2018, also includes that players can not enter or utilize sportsbooks as well they have to give it their all when they play this is to stop match fixing. 

What is moneyline betting in the NFL?

Moneyline betting is one of the most popular betting options when it comes to NFL football betting. Moneyline betting is where you place a wager on the team to win and that’s it. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it!

With moneyline betting you don’t need to put a wager on the margin or how many touchdown passes a quarterback will throw or even how many rushing yards a player will get. Moneyline betting is that simple just place a wager on the team you think or feel might win and that’s that, simple! 

Where to bet on NFL over / under markets?

While there are many bettors and sportsbooks offering plenty of over / under markets out there and there are plenty of options available to choose from online, we would like you to think that you will come to us at SportsTips. 

The team at SportsTips will compare all the other over / under markets and deliver you the best ones so you can have a chance to win big when you place a wager and help you win big. 

How NFL proposition betting works?

NFL proposition betting is solely betting on a possible situation such as you may bet on how many passing yards quarterback will make, what the highest scoring quarter will be, will both teams score a touchdown in a quarter, how many touchdowns will one team get in a quarter, how many points will one team get? 

Those are the type of proposition bets one can place during an NFL match, essentially you are just betting on an outcome of the match anytime the game is played or in other words just betting on a situation that you think may happen when you are choosing to wager NFL football betting. 

Where to bet on NFL games?

We understand that there are many choices available different sportsbooks and bettors when it comes to online betting, but we hope that you would come to us at SportsTips as we have a team of dedicated NFL followers. 

The team will provide you with the latest information coming out of the NFL, team news such as injuries and suspensions, team match-ups, team trends and many other aspects to make sure you get the best NFL betting experience you can. The team at SportsTips will help find you the best NFL odds from around the web delivered in one place, so you can maximize your chances of winning. 

How NFL player betting works?

When you are making your NFL football betting choice, instead of choosing to go for the moneyline, over / under, against the spread options, why not try something different and try and put a wager on an NFL player? 

NFL player prop bets will mean you are more interested in the game but more specifically you are going for that particular player to do well. A player prop bet is essentially you are putting a wager on a specific player to get as many statistics as possible for example, betting on Aaron Rodgers to make five touchdown passes in a game. Player prop bets are just betting on a particular player to pick up as many stats as possible.