SportsTips’ NBA Picks Analysis: May

SportsTips’ NBA Picks Analysis: May
Fri 4th June 2021

Introducing our NBA Picks Analysis for May, where we break down the stats behind our picks. We aren’t like any picks and predictions website, we want to be held accountable by our followers. This allows you to see how we went throughout the month and also gives you the confidence to bet with SportsTips. 

Making this report public ensures we stay at the top of our game and allows you to see that you are working with the best. So let’s dive in and see how we went. 

Firstly, for those that aren’t aware, we offer both free and Premium Picks for all the sports you care about, every day. For the NBA, we offer a free moneyline pick for the best games every day, and then restrict spread, total points and exotics to our premium service. 

The month of May was split into segments by the NBA, with the 1st-16th being the end of the regular season, 18th-21st being the Play-In Tournament and 22nd-31st being the Playoffs. 

Regular Season

Through May 1st-16th, our free moneyline picks went an impressive 54-26 for a strike rate of 0.657. However, as is the way with varying moneyline odds, including favorites with extremely short odds, profit doesn’t always reflect in the same way as correct picks does. We did still see a profit through these picks though, as going 54-26 brought in $186.22 profit for a $100 bettor. 

When looking at our Premium Picks, which include spread and total points picks, our results go through the roof. In the spread, we went 50-26-4 and brought in a profit of $1,935.50 for a $100 bettor. Our total points picks went 47-30, with a $100 bettor profiting $1,272.77 across all picks for the 16 days.

That means across all Premium Picks we went 97-56-4 and brought in a massive $3,208.27 for a $100 bettor. What is even better, you can join our Premium Picks for FREE right now, so click the link to find out more details!

May Regular SeasonRECORDSTRIKE RATEPROFIT ($100 bettor)
Spread Picks50-26-40.633$1,935.50
Total Points Picks47-300.582$1,272.77
Sum –  Premium Picks97-56-40.608$3,208.27
FREE Moneyline Picks54-260.657$186.22
Overall Total151-82-40.624$3,394.49

A big KPI for us is getting all three picks for a single game correct. That is correctly predicting the moneyline, spread and total points markets for each individual game that we analyse. Throughout the 16 days of the regular season in May, we correctly selected all three markets for 21 games! Think of all of the extra profit you could have made if you put those in a same game parlay!

Overall, we had a very successful end to the regular season and brought in a lot of profit for our followers. If, like many, you had access to both our free and premium picks, you had the opportunity to bring in $3,394.49 profit across 80 games over just 16 days. If a $100 stake plan is out of your depth, a $10 bettor would still have profited $339.45 across the 16 days.

Play-In Tournament

The Play-In Tournament presented a unique opportunity for bettors to take advantage of some even odds in lopsided matchups. With just four days of action and only 1-2 games per day, our NBA experts had time to focus on each matchup to ensure we were picking winners!

Over the six games, we went 5-1 in our FREE moneyline picks, bringing in $233.24 profit for a $100 bettor. These picks are free and readily available on our website, getting uploaded every morning for the day/night ahead. 

When looking at our Premium Picks, the results slightly dropped off but still brought an overall profit. Our spread picks went 3-2-1, profiting $72.73 across the six games while our total points picks went 4-2 and saw a profit of $163.64. That is an overall record over 7-4-1 for a profit of $236.37 for our Premium Picks across the Play-In Tournament. 

Play-In TournamentRECORDSTRIKE RATEPROFIT ($100 bettor)
Spread Picks3-2-10.600$72.73
Total Points Picks4-20.667$163.64
Sum – Premium Picks7-4-10.636$236.37
FREE Moneyline Picks5-10.833$233.24
Overall Total12-5-10.700$469.61

This successful period of NBA picks has allowed us to thrive in terms of our previously mentioned KPI. In the six games during the Play-In Tournament, we correctly selected all three markets for a massive three games! That is 50%!

As you can see, even though there were just six games across a four day period, we still were able to bring in some very nice profit for our followers, in both our free and premium picks!


With the playoffs in full swing, we had 32 games across 10 days to finish the month of May and it brought in some very mixed results. 

Despite bringing in a massive $2,175.79 profit in just 10 days, across both free and premium picks, we actually saw a loss of $15.16, for a $100 bettor, in our free moneyline picks. We had a positive period record wise, going 21-11 in the 32 games, but despite being 10 games above 0.500, we still saw a net loss. 

Our Premium Picks brought home the bacon though, having a very successful period across 64 total picks. When looking at the spread, we went 21-11, just like in the moneyline, but saw an overall profit of $809.11 for a $100 bettor. Our total points picks were even better, going 24-8 for a massive profit of $1,381.84 in just 10 days! 

As a whole, combining both spread and total points predictions, our Premium Picks went 45-19 and saw the many that are part of this service gain a profit of $2,190.95 for a $100 bettor. Again, if $100 is too much for you to bet on every pick, a $10 bettor would have still profited $219.10 across the 10 days. 

May PlayoffsRECORDSTRIKE RATEPROFIT ($100 bettor)
Spread Picks21-110.656$809.11
Total Points Picks24-80.750$1,381.84
Sum – Premium Picks45-190.703$2,190.95
FREE Moneyline Picks21-110.656-$15.16
Overall Total66-300.688$2,175.79

Across the 10 days of the Playoffs in May, we had nine games where we correctly predicted the moneyline, spread and total points for a single game. While we would have liked for a higher number, the percentage was still higher than the May regular season games and our overall performance shows what a strong period we had.

Overall Month

The month of May was a massive success, not only for us, but for our followers as well. When looking at our free moneyline picks, available to anyone and everyone, we went 80-38 overall for a net profit of $404.30 for a $100 bettor. Our Premium Picks went even better, going 149-79-5 across the month, bringing in a profit of $5,635.59 for those that have access to the service. 

Overall, with our free and premium picks combined, our NBA picks went 229-117-5, for a strike rate of 0.662, and brought in a massive net profit of $6,039.89. Obviously we strive to provide the best picks every day of the year but to be hitting our form at the right time of the season is great. More people bet on the playoffs than during the regular season, so we are thrilled to be able to provide our followers with reliable picks that they can trust.

If you need more news, information and predictions, head over to our NBA hub page for all your basketball needs.

*Odds and spreads correct at time of publication, courtesy of FanDuel

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