Our Guide To MLB Betting Strategies

When MLB betting, you can place a wager on an over / under total, or you can combine many games in a parlay ticket. There are plenty of good MLB bets today if you look at the many choices available. You can find many MLB betting tips that focus on specific strategies. Our team at SportsTips explain how to bet on the MLB and will help you find free MLB bets you can trust, whether it’s for one game, MLB parlay bets or the World Series.

Once you understand the different strategies, our best MLB picks and predictions begin to make a lot more sense and you can bet with confidence.

MLB Point Spread

Point spread betting is noticeable in football, but it’s also available in baseball. Spread wagers are available in the MLB sports betting field. In this case, spread bets are called run line wagers.

A run line bet will entail picking on a team based on a margin of victory or defeat. A bookmaker will predict what they think will happen in a game and establish a run line based on what appears.

For example, the Minnesota Twins may have a -1.5 line over the Detroit Tigers with a -110 value. The feature means you can pick the Twins to win by at least two runs. The -1.5 marker means that the Twins are the favorite and will win the game by at least 1.5 runs. So if the Twins win the game by two or more runs, you’ll collect a $100 profit for every $110 you wager, what with the odds being -110.

Meanwhile, the Tigers have a +1.5 line with -130 odds. The Tigers are the underdog, with the line having a plus sign. You can bet on the +1.5 line to say that the Twins will win by one run, or the Tigers will win altogether. You’ll get a $100 profit for every $130 you place on this bet if you win.

You can also find alternate point spreads with different odds. For the example above, you can pick the Twins with a -2.5 line for a +150 payout, or a -4.5 line with higher odds of +300. Spreads are also available for the first five innings. You can pick the Twins at -1.5 to lead by at least two runs after five innings for a +125 payout, for example. That means you’d get $125 for every $100 you wager if you are successful on this pick.

MLB point spreads are one of the most common markets to bet on and when you understand how MLB picks work, you will understand why!

MLB Over / Under

You can also enjoy the MLB betting over / under wager if you’re interested. You will bet on whether the two teams will combine to score a specific total of runs. If you are just new to the world of MLB sports betting, then this is one of the best options to move forward with.

For example, an MLB betting over / under line for a game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds would be 8.5. You can bet it will go over, meaning the two teams will combine for nine or more runs. You could also place an under wager where the teams will score eight or fewer runs.

Alternate MLB betting over / under lines are also available for these games. You could go with the 8.5 line on the Brewers and Reds game and get a -120 payout for a winning over wager or -100 for a successful under. 

But you could say that the MLB betting over / under should be 6.5, suggesting the game will be a pitcher’s duel. You’d get a +215 payout for a successful under bet, or a -290 line for an over.

There is the option to place an over / under wager on:

  • The amount of  runs scored in the first five innings
  • How many runs one specific team will score in the game
  • How many runs a team will score in the first inning; this usually entails picking whether a team will score at this point

MLB Moneyline Betting

Moneyline wagers are interesting, as they focus on a team outright winning the game. You’re not betting on a margin of victory or the total number of runs with this MLB sports betting choice. You are instead thinking about the team who will win altogether. The MLB odds that you see in the moneyline market, translates to the percentage likelihood that the bookmakers give that team of winning. 

Appealing moneyline bets aren’t as easy to find, as sometimes a favorite might not pay out as much. For example, one MLB sports betting choice may entail the Los Angeles Dodgers having a -173 line over the Oakland Athletics. You would have to wager $173 to get $100 on this bet. It may not be a viable choice among good MLB bets today due to the extra cash necessary to make a decent profit.

The example shows the Dodgers have the better chance to win. You could also pick the Athletics to pull off the upset with a +148 line, meaning you’ll get $148 if you wager $100 and win.

You can review MLB betting tips to see which moneyline bets are the most interesting. You also need to know what oddsmakers utilize when figuring out the moneyline values for each game. 

This aspect of MLB sports betting will come from many influences like:

  • Who the starting pitchers are
  • The team rosters, including who is starting and who is injured
  • How well the two clubs have been playing
  • The ballpark and any factors surrounding the game environment

You would have to look at how the moneyline totals change, especially as it gets closer to the first pitch. The San Francisco Giants might have a -175 line to defeat the Colorado Rockies, while the Rockies have +150 odds for an upset.

But what if the Giants’ starting pitcher is scratched an hour or so before the game starts? The moneyline total might change to where the Giants have a -125 listing, while the Rockies improve to +115.

You can find good MLB bets today if you look at changes in the moneyline trends. You can also review the trends surrounding both teams and other factors to figure out which upset picks might be more interesting. 

Our experts at SportsTips will give you details on free MLB bets that may pay out the most money. We also explain in more depth how MLB odds work so you get a better understanding and have all of the information before placing your bet. Our MLB betting tips focus on which upsets are the most likely to take place. You can use this point when planning your wagers.

MLB Parlay Betting

You can also place a wager on two or more items on the same ticket. This move is known as a parlay bet, and it is useful if you can find more good MLB bets today. MLB parlay bets entail multiple picks appearing on one ticket. A parlay pays out more than you might expect. 

Here’s how you can tell what you’d get from a parlay:

  1. Figure out the picks you wish to utilize
  2. Review the decimal odds values for each pick
  3. Multiply all those decimal odds together to figure out your return

For instance, you might place a moneyline bet on the Houston Astros at -200, a spread bet for the Chicago Cubs at -105, and a spread pick for the Boston Red Sox at +160. You would convert these odds to decimals, which in this instance are 1.50, 1.952, and 2.60. Multiply all of those together to get a parlay line of 7.6128. If you wager $100, you’ll get a return of about $661.

You can also place a parlay on two picks involving the same game. You could place a pick on an MLB betting over / under value, and then a spread pick on that same match. You’ll have as much freedom as you wish when planning your MLB parlay bets.

MLB Prop Bets

Don’t forget about props when looking for free MLB bets. Props are bets that don’t entail the result of the game, but rather whether something will happen. You can review MLB betting tips when finding prop bets worth wagering. 

Some of these props to note involve:

  • Who scores first
  • How many hits, runs, or errors the teams will attain
  • The winning margin
  • How many strikeouts a pitcher will throw
  • Whether a player will get a hit or home run
  • How many hits, runs, and RBI a player will earn; this may include head-to-head matchups between two players

SportsTips can give you MLB sports betting ideas for what fits when you’re planning your props. You’ll find many good MLB bets today for every game when you review the props.

MLB Betting Strategies FAQs

Is the MLB rigged for betting?

Major League Baseball is not rigged for betting purposes, as every game is played fairly. There is no way how any MLB betting tips can be confirmed to where they will absolutely happen. 

These are suggestions surrounding what goes into good MLB bets today. SportsTips can help you see who has the best chance to win, but these are not guaranteed. It would be impossible to make a guarantee on someone winning a wager.

Are MLB players allowed to bet on their own games?

Major League Rule 21(d) states that anyone who bets on one’s games will be kicked out of the league. The rule was established after multiple members of the Chicago White Sox rigged the 1919 World Series.

How high can MLB moneyline odds reach?

There are no limits over how high the moneyline odds can go, but you can expect the lightest odds to be near -300.

Where can you bet on MLB over/  under markets?

You can find many sportsbooks that offer support for MLB betting over / under activities. These include sportsbooks available for use in the United States and offshore sportsbooks. SportsTips will give you details on the best MLB betting over / under lines. SportsTips will also provide score projections for each game to help you see whether an over or under wager would be ideal.

How many MLB props can you find for a game?

You can find dozens of props available for each game. These include player-based props surrounding what people can do when playing a game. Others are team props that focus on specific statistics those clubs might attain during a game. You can find details on free MLB bets worth trying when you review SportsTips for the best MLB betting tips.

What happens when you place bets on the first five innings of an MLB game?

You can find lines and props surrounding the first five innings in a game. These are ideal for people who want to place a bet but don’t want to stick with the entire game. Such bets are also viable for people looking to place bets on their favorite games without spending lots of time waiting for a result. These bets are also useful when people want to place wagers on how they feel the starting pitchers will compete.

Will an MLB wager be called off if the game cannot finish?

An MLB wager will count if the game is considered official. That means the visiting team must have got fifteen outs while the home team is ahead, or the home team has made fifteen outs regardless of the score. 

Is it possible to find free MLB bets?

You can use SportsTips to find details on free MLB bets, including the best MLB sports betting options for each game. The website covers each game and provides MLB betting tips for props and other things.

Will extra innings in MLB count towards a wager?

Anything that happens in extra innings will count, as it is still a part of the game. When you place a wager on a game or a prop surrounding that game, you are betting on the entire game. The point is regardless of how long the game lasts.

I placed an MLB prop bet on a player, but he has since been scratched from the game, or he is not starting. What happens then?

The result will vary by sportsbook. Your wager may be a no contest if your player is no longer starting. The point means that the wager will not go forward, and you will get a refund on your bet.

Is it possible to place a bet on every MLB game?

You can potentially find wagering options for all 2,430 regular season MLB games, plus every game in the postseason and the World Series. You can also place bets on the All-Star Game if you are interested.