Our Guide On How To Bet on the MLB

This guide will help you understand how to bet on MLB baseball games. You’ve got many opportunities to consider when MLB betting. You’ll also understand how to bet on World Series games through this guide.

To start, you’ll need to look at the MLB bets of the day to see what’s open. You can place bets on many outcomes, including:

  • The moneyline total for who will win a game
  • The spread surrounding if a favorite will win by a specific value, or if an underdog will cover the spread
  • The total, or whether the two teams will score more or fewer runs than a certain value
  • Assorted prop wagers, including team and player bets
  • Bets on the first five innings

Our MLB experts look at all of the MLB betting strategies and markets involved to give you the best MLB bets available.

Know MLB & How Betting Works

You might find some of the best MLB bets of the day when seeing what a sportsbook provides. But are you aware of who’s playing? It might be tough to place a good bet if you don’t know anything about the people playing a game.

Part of how to bet on MLB baseball entails knowing about the teams you wish to support with your wager. You won’t have to rely on luck all that much if you know about who to bet on MLB today, as you can find many details on how these games work.

Some of the things to look at:

  • How the two starting pitchers have been competing
  • Any changes to a roster, including whether a player is sitting out
  • How various environmental factors can impact the game, including the turf type, the fielding dimensions, and weather conditions
  • Trends for both teams surrounding how well they have been competing

Our experts at SportsTips can help you learn about the top MLB bets of the day. We’ll provide the analysis and reports necessary to help you make the right calls.

How Injuries Impact MLB Betting

MLB rosters can change minutes before the managers hand over their lineup cards. You have to know about the injuries in each match before you figure out who to bet on MLB today.

You can check online for details on what injuries have come about throughout the league. Some of the aspects to note include:

  • The type of injury a player has
  • How long that player may to be out for; a player could be on the 10, 45, or 60-day injured list
  • Whether a person could play through the injury
  • Prior injury concerns; a pitcher might have hurt his arm many times over, for instance

Understanding what the MLB odds and lines means allows you to bet more confidently in the market. It doesn’t take much for an injury to impact a line. The Cleveland Indians might have a -160 line against the Kansas City Royals, but the Indians’ original starting pitcher might be scratched from the lineup. This event would cause the Indians’ line to shift to -120 due to the uncertainty with the game.

SportsTips will help you understand how MLB odds work and also let you know about the latest injuries for all the MLB bets of the day. You can use this injury data to figure out how the lines are changing and whether you should stick with a specific team.

MLB Spread Betting

Sometimes an MLB game might have a lofty line that won’t pay out as much as you wish. But a spread line will give you a better chance at winning, plus you could get a better payout if you succeed.

MLB spread betting entails picking on a side based on the margin of victory or defeat. You can pick the favorite to win by at least a specific run total. You could also wager on the underdog to either cover the spread and lose by less than that run total or win.

Here’s an example of how a spread wager works. Instead of picking the Houston Astros to defeat the Seattle Mariners with a -190 line, you can pick the Astros to cover a -1.5 spread with a -115 line.

You’ll be successful if the Astros win by two or more runs. The minus next to the 1.5 means the Astros are the favorite to win. The wager may be more appealing than simply saying the Astros will win, as you’ll get more money if you win.

Meanwhile, you could pick the Mariners for that same game with a +1.5 spread. It may have a -105 line instead of a +160 line for a win, meaning you have a better chance of winning on a spread bet. The plus sign states that the Mariners are the underdog. You’re betting here that the Mariners will either win the game or lose by one run.

Some sportsbooks will let you choose an alternate spread. You could pick the Astros to beat a -3.5 spread, but the Astros would have to win by four or more runs. The bet would have a +180 payout, with it being less likely to happen. You could go further and pick the Astros at -4.5 with a +250 line. Meanwhile, you could choose the Mariners at -1.5 for a +285 payout.

MLB Best of the Day

Part of how to bet on MLB baseball entails figuring out the best bets. Whether it entails how to bet on World Series games or sticking with a low-level regular season game, you need to see what the best betting choices are each day.

Some bets may be more appealing than others based on these points:

  • The quality of a pitching matchup
  • Whether the weather conditions are favorable for a team
  • Changes to rosters, including for injuries
  • How the odds for each game work
  • How active these teams have been, including how often they have been playing as of late

Our experts at SportsTips will give you advice on who to bet on MLB today. We will also provide you with explanations on how MLB picks work so that you understand our reasoning and can back us with confidence. We’ll give you full reports on each game, plus the latest trends and reports on each team. You might be surprised as to which of the MLB bets of the day are the most appealing and have the best chance of succeeding.

Multiple Sportsbooks Accounts For MLB Betting

Have you taken a look at the sportsbooks available in your state? Whether they are ones that have licenses in your state or they are offshore websites, you should consider getting accounts with many of these sportsbooks. Each one has different promotions and offers, but they also include varying lines and odds.

Our experts at SportsTips can give you details on which sportsbooks have the most favorable odds for the MLB bets of the day. One website might post a -130 line for a game, but another might post a -110 bet for the same pick. We’ll let you know what unique opportunities are available from different sportsbooks.

MLB MVP Betting

You can also place wagers on who you feel will win the Most Valuable Player award in both the American and National Leagues. You could get a quality value on a pick early in the season, but it might be easier to make a choice as the season progresses. But it’s never easy to predict what will happen, especially when players change and the season shifts.

A good example of how quickly MLB MVP odds can change can be seen with the Minnesota Twins’ Nelson Cruz during the 2020 season. Cruz had a +7500 line to win the MVP title at the start of the season. But that total dropped to +125 near the end of the regular season, as he has shown himself to be one of the best players in the American League.

Sometimes a player might appear on the board even if he wasn’t there at the start. The Chicago White Sox’s Tim Anderson wasn’t on the board at the start of the 2020 season, but he moved up to a +900 line near the end of the regular season.

MVP lines can also rise if a player struggles. The Washington Nationals’ Juan Soto started the season well with a +800 line to win the 2020 National League MVP award, but he rose to +6600 during the midway part of the season. He would catch up and move to +1100, making anyone who bet on him when he had higher odds feeling a little better about the decision.

You have to note many things when placing a bet on an MVP, including:

  • How that player’s odds have changed
  • How well the player is competing
  • His upcoming schedule, including if he’s playing against teams he does well against
  • His health, including if he’s at risk of sitting anything out soon

SportsTips will let you know what you can expect out of the MVP awards. You’ll learn about what goes into these odds and what is available.

How To Bet on MLB FAQs

How do you bet on MLB baseball?

There are many ways on how to bet on MLB baseball, from moneyline and run line wagers to prop bets, over / under totals, and lines on the first five innings. Our experts at SportsTips will help you find the top MLB picks and predictions.

How do you bet on the World Series?

The options for how to bet on World Series games are the same, but the extra analysis is necessary. The American and National League teams wouldn’t have played one another unless they met in an interleague game during the season.

SportsTips will conduct research and analysis of the matchups and give you details on how to bet on World Series games the right way. We can take note of the starting pitcher lineups, the ballpark conditions, momentum from each team, and many other points.

How do you bet on an MLB playoff series?

You can place wagers on an entire MLB playoff series, including the World Series. The wager entails who you feel will win the series altogether. You can also place a bet on how long the series will last. 

The lines for one of these wagers may be higher than a straightforward bet. For example, a playoff series between the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants might have the Cardinals with a -120 line to win a best-of-five series, while the Giants have a +110 line to win.

But you could get a better payout if you pick a team to win in a specific timeframe. You could get a +120 line if you feel the Cardinals will win in four games, a +150 line for the Cardinals to win in five, or +350 if you feel the Giants will sweep the Cardinals in three games. This option is available for all playoff series. It is also a part of how to bet on World Series games you could consider.

How can you bet on the All-Star Game?

You can place a bet on the MLB All-Star Game, but the options to consider may be expansive. You might find more props for the All-Star Game, including props on whether a pitcher will throw a strikeout, if a player will record a hit and other factors.

Part of how to bet on MLB baseball for this game involves figuring out things like:

  • When players on the bench are likely to appear
  • Possible pitcher-batter matchups you might find
  • Which players have the most momentum entering the game

SportsTips will let you know who to bet on MLB today when you plan your All-Star Game wagers. The unpredictable nature of the game makes it tough to wager, but we’ll let you know what the best bets of the day are for this occasion.

How can I bet on the World Series MVP?

You can also place a bet on who you feel will be the World Series MVP, but it’s tough to predict who will become the MVP. Some winners of the Willie Mays MVP Award are recognizable figures like the Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg or the Houston Astros’ George Springer. Others are lesser-known players like the Boston Red Sox’s Steve Pearce or the Chicago Cubs’ Ben Zobrist.

Part of how to bet on World Series MVP picks entails looking at how well players have been competing and who has the best chance of performing well during the series. SportsTips will give ideas on which might be more valuable, especially ones that look like longshots but will have a better chance to win as the series progresses.

Can I bet on the MLB draft?

You could place a bet on the MLB draft, although the event is not as popular for wagering as other MLB events, or the NFL or NBA drafts.

Some of the options you can place on the MLB draft include:

  • Which team will get the first overall pick
  • Who will be picked first
  • Over / unders on where in the draft order a top-rated player will be picked
  • Whether a player from a specific college or conference will be taken

What online sportsbooks are available in my state for MLB betting?

You might know how to bet on MLB baseball, but you won’t be able to do that if you don’t have access to an online sportsbook. Many sportsbooks are available in some parts of the United States right now, including the FoxBet, DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM, William Hill, and PointsBet sportsbooks.

As of the fall of 2020, there are more than ten states that allow online sports betting in some form. You can look for who to bet on MLB today at local sportsbooks if you live in one of these states, including Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Online betting is expected to be legal in Virginia and Michigan in the future as of September 2020.

Those who don’t live in a state where a sportsbook is available, you can still place your bets through an offshore sportsbook. There’s a countless array of sportsbooks based on other countries that will accept American punters regardless of state. But you have to review the security and legitimacy points of each sportsbook to see what’s open.

Can you place bets on MLB spring training games?

You could place wagers on spring training games, but that might not be the best idea. It is tough to figure out how a game will run, as many of the players are ones who have never played in the big leagues before. The spring training season is a time when teams can figure out their best players and strategies for competition.

Can you wager on minor baseball league games?

While some sportsbooks offer minor league wagering, that might not be recommended either. It is tough to figure out how minor league teams compete, what with rosters changing on occasion based on promotions and demotions. It is easier to figure out who to bet on MLB today, what with there being more data available for major league games.