Where Can I Bet On Super Bowl LV?

Where Can I Bet On Super Bowl LV?
Wed 3rd February 2021

You might be wondering ‘where can I bet on the Super Bowl?’, as the final game of the NFL season presents a fun and different way to bet on sports, with some of the markets not even to do with the game itself. It is the time of year where the most casual of punters come out to play and the regular punters lay out their plans to make a fortune!

From ‘first touchdown scorer’ to ‘the outcome of the coin flip’ and from ‘the length of the national anthem’ to ‘the colour of the gatorade poured on the winning coach’, sportsbooks come up with any market you can think of to give you a chance to make some profit. 

An estimated $6.8 billion was wagered on last year’s Super Bowl and now more states have got involved and there are more options than ever before. A massive 15 states allow remote mobile betting while another six allow in person betting, whether physical or online. But now that you are allowed to bet, where should you bet for Super Bowl LV?

1. PointsBet

The best Super Bowl LV offer on the market for new customers is PointsBet’s offer of – ‘bet $25 on the moneyline or spread of Super Bowl LV and receive $155 in free bets if one point is scored’. That’s right, all you need to do is wager $25 and you essentially get $155 of free bets as there will almost certainly be at least one point scored on Sunday. 

Offers like these only come around for the big events and what PointsBet is offering is taking it to a whole new level! You can use that $155 in free bets to wager whatever you want and keep making more profit!

PointsBet currently has Tampa Bay as three point underdogs for the big game, so if you think that Tom Brady will win or at least keep it within three points, all you need to do is wager $25 on the Buccaneers spread and you will be rewarded with $48.81 if the bet cashes, and also $155 in free bets!

pointsbet super bowl free bets

Alternatively you can choose to play it safe and bet $25 on Kansas City as -171 favorites, returning $39.71 if the bet cashes and another $155 in free bets! 

This promotion gives you plenty of options to come out on top and all you need to do is risk $25 to automatically receive $155 in free bets, plus also the chance to gain some profit from the bet itself!

2. FanDuel

FanDuel has an exciting Super Bowl LV offer for new customers and it is as basic as it gets, but there is some risk involved. All you need to do is place a $5 wager on which team you think will win Super Bowl LV, moneyline market, and instead of -168 odds for Kansas City or +142 odds for Tampa Bay, you get +5500 odds for both. 

This special offer allows you to get a massive return of $275 from just a $5 wager, all you need to do is pick who will win straight up. Including the postseason, the Chiefs have won 16 out of their 18 games this season while the Buccaneers have won 14 of their 19, however can you bet against Tom Brady? 

This is an incredible offer due to the ridiculously increased odds for each team in the money line market, but will you select the right team to back? Our NFL experts have made their NFL predictions on who will win, can you win big as well?

3. DraftKings

Would you like to double your money? Of course you would! DraftKings has a special Super Bowl LV offer for new customers and all you need to happen for you to become a winner is a touchdown to be scored at any point during the match. 

To qualify for the offer you need to be a new customer, deposit $5+ into your account and then a special single-use odds boost will be applied to your account for +100 odds for ‘any team to score a touchdown during the Super Bowl’. You can wager up to $50 on this market meaning you can make a free $50 just for opening an account with DraftKings and betting on this market. 

From Kansas City’s 18 games this season, they have scored a touchdown in all 18 and Tampa Bay managed to score a touchdown in 18/19 games, but had a touchdown scored by either side in 19/19. This bet is a lock and an easy way to make $50. 

4. Bet365

Remember Super Bowl LI when the Patriots, led by Tom Brady, came all the way back from 28-3 down to beat the Falcons? How would you feel if you were an Atlanta bettor in that game? 

Well, Bet365 has an exclusive Super Bowl LV offer that allows your moneyline bets to be cashed out if your team leads by 17 points at any point! This is an incredible offer as the worst feeling in the world if for the team you have backed to get a massive lead and then throw it all away and end up losing, seeing your profits go with it. 

While you may not think that an early payout promotion is necessary for Super Bowl LV, let us hit you with some facts. Twice this season the Buccaneers trailed by at least 17 points during the game, both times during the second quarter, and ended up coming back and winning. If that happens this weekend and you bet on Kansas City, they get up by 17+ but Brady leads another massive comeback and the Bucs end up winning, it doesn’t matter as you have already been paid out!

In two games this season, one of those being against Tampa Bay in week 12, the Chiefs held a 17+ point lead at some stage in the first three quarters but allowed their opponents to cut their lead to under one possession. They have shown the ability to let leads slip and this promotion is the perfect security blanket for that!

Better yet, if you are a new customer, BET365 will match your first deposit up to $500 in free bets! That is an incredible offer as you could use your deposit to bet on the Super Bowl LV moneyline, get paid out early if your team gets up by 17+ points and also receive your deposit and wager amount in free bets. 

5. FoxBet

We have another Super Bowl LV offer where you win if any team scores a point! FoxBet are offering new customers -10000 odds for at least one point to be scored during the Super Bowl with a $10 max bet, and if that happens you not only get your 10c profit, you get $100 in free bets!

This is a great offer as you automatically lock in $100 in free bets and don’t risk losing your $10 as the bet will almost certainly get up! You can then use your $10.10 in real cash and $100 in free bets to bet on anything you’d like to keep making profit. 

The kicker here is that FoxBet don’t release your free bets until 24 hours after the game ends, meaning you can’t use them on the game itself. That is no worry as we have the best FREE picks for NBA, NHL and more that you can use your free bets on!

Stay tuned for more Super Bowl odds, news, picks and predictions every day this week as we countdown to Chiefs vs Bucs in Super Bowl LV.

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*Odds correct at time of writing.

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