SportsTips’ NFL MVP Power Rankings: Week 13

SportsTips’ NFL MVP Power Rankings: Week 13
Thu 3rd December 2020

The longest week ever in the NFL concluded on Wednesday night which means week 12 of the SportsTips’ NFL MVP Power Rankings are available.

1. Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs 

Odds to win MVP: -400
Previous rank: 1

Mahomes outshined Tom Brady when the two superstars of the game met as Mahomes showed why he has been number one in the SportsTips’ NFL MVP Power Rankings since its inception. 

Mahomes showcased just how classy he can be throwing passes left, right, and center which included throwing a 75-yard touchdown pass as well showcasing his running game. 

He showed how composed he was as the 25-year-old still managed to create enough time and pass to get the ball out and have an eye for a pass. 

Although he did get sacked twice, he still redeemed himself as one of the best players in the competition as he just managed to find holes when throwing or running. He finished the game with three touchdown passes to his name and threw 462 yards (his most for the season so far).

2. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers 

Odds to win MVP: +650
Previous rank: 4

Rodgers had a day out to remember as the Green Bay Packers dismantled the Chicago Bears 41-25 as he proved why is in contention for the NFL MVP award. 

To give you an indication, Rodgers’ first impact was a touchdown pass which shows just how valuable he can be as he has finally risen up the rankings to second spot.

That was just an entree to Rodgers performance in the 16 point win, as he was faultless for the rest of the night, as he was creating enough time and space for himself which freed up the Packers to get his pass away. 

Rodgers didn’t put a foot wrong in his side’s thrashing of the Chicago Bears, as he managed to get two of his touchdowns in the third quarter alone. Rodgers finished the game with four touchdown passes and 211 yards and no interceptions. 

3. Derrick Henry, running back, Tennessee Titans

Odds to win MVP: +2500
Previous rank: 6

Henry just keeps getting better and better as the Tennesse Titans running back continues to shine in the league as the talk around him and the MVP keeps on getting louder. 

Henry didn’t take long to stamp his authority in his sides 45-26 win over the Indianapolis Colts. He found an opening on the opening drive of the game to rush for his first touchdown of the game. From there on in, he had a taste and wanted more, as he managed to score two more touchdowns before halftime. 

While he may be remembered for his three touchdowns, Henry also provided good running and yardage, often finding holes in the Colts defense. Showcasing his speed throughout, Henry finished the game with his second-most highest rushing yards this season with 178 (his highest this season is 212). 

This game showed why he is in contention as the Indianapolis Colts just couldn’t seem to bring him down.

4. Russell Wilson, quarterback, Seattle Seahawks 

Odds to win MVP: +650
Previous rank: 3

Wilson may finally be back to his best as he looked good early on when his Seattle Seahawks took on the Philadelphia Eagles. 

This was evident especially in the first quarter where his fantastic vision was one of his biggest strengths, as the Seahawks defeated the Eagles 23-17. 

It was a game where Wilson just knew where to pass the ball, as he kept finding holes of the Eagles defense, especially when he often went for the quick pass. 

He continued this into the second quarter, which included going long, but his good vision allowed him to get his first touchdown pass. Even when he was under pressure, especially in the third quarter, he still managed to find someone at the end of his passes.

 If there was a sign that he got his mojo back then it would be when he chose to run with the ball late in the fourth to get the Seahawks a first down. 

Wilson ended the game with just the one touchdown pass to his name, but he did throw 230 yards and had a passer rating of 102.9.

5. Josh Allen, quarterback, Buffalo Bills 

Odds to win MVP: +4500
Previous rank: 8

The Buffalo Bills returned after the bye week and defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 27-17. 

Allen couldn’t have gotten off to a better start as he began with a touchdown pass on their opening drive to get the Bills on the scoreboard. 

Comfortable under pressure, Allen wasn’t fazed when the Chargers defenders came at him as he just played a short pass. He had an eye for the pass and even rushed a few yards just before halftime. 

That was just a teaser as he rushed a few more yards and even got a rushing touchdown. He did get a little complacent however as he threw an interception late in the contest with the game on the line.

However, he was instrumental in the 10 point win as he threw one touchdown pass, rushed one touchdown, threw 157 yards and ended with a completion percentage of 75.0 %.

6. Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers

Odds to win MVP: +2000
Previous rank: 2

Roethlisberger is continuing his fantastic form as he helped lead the Steelers to victory over the Baltimore Ravens on a historical Wednesday night. 

Big Ben was okay at times throughout the Wednesday night battle, as he found good passes, however, at times the pressure from the Ravens defense was too much, including a first quarter interception.

Despite this, Roethlisberger still helped get the Steelers over the line, defeating the Ravens 19-14. 

Apart from that early hiccup in the first few minutes of the game, Roethlisberger did not do a whole lot wrong, especially in the second quarter, providing an attacking threat, including placing passes in tight areas. 

While this might not have been the best game Roethlisberger has played, he did throw a touchdown pass to start the fourth quarter, as the Steelers remain undefeated. 

Roethlisberger finished the game with just the one touchdown pass to his name but did have a 70.6 completion percentage. 

7. Tom Brady, quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds to win MVP: +10000
Previous rank: 10

Brady put in a better performance than he did a week ago as he has moved up three places in the SportsTips’ NFL MVP Power Rankings. 

After a quiet first quarter from Brady where it was all the Chiefs and Mahomes in the action, he finally came to action in the second quarter. Brady made his moment count as he sparked his team to a first down roughly 40 yards out from their end zone. 

It got better as he then threw a touchdown pass to get his side back into the contest. He also linked up well with Rob Gronkowski, as he threw a few good passes. However, his third-quarter was something to worry about as he threw two interceptions. 

Brady managed to get going late, throwing two touchdowns in the last quarter, but ultimately it was too little too late.

He finished the game with three touchdown passes, 345 yards thrown, and a completion percentage of 65.9 (an improvement from last week).

8. Kyler Murray, quarterback, Arizona Cardinals 

Odds to win MVP: +5000
Previous rank: 7

Don’t let the eighth place fool you as Murray had a relatively good game, however, due to his competitors playing just slightly better Murray has dropped down to eighth in the SportsTips’ NFL MVP Power Rankings

Murray began to kickstart the Cardinals’ attack against the New England Patriots by playing it quickly to get the attacking momentum on his side. The quick play by Murray proved fruitful as the Cardinals got their first touchdown on their opening drive. 

When under pressure, Murray still managed to find the target that he wanted. This was evident when he was on the back foot and still found receivers. He threw one interception however, it was due for him not taking enough time to get rid of the ball. 

Murray also had the ability to rebound from being sacked in the fourth quarter as he responded with his running game, finding an opening through the Patriots’ defense.

Murray finished the game no touchdowns and the interception in the Cardinals three-point loss to the Patriots, whilst throwing for 170 yards.

9. Dalvin Cook, running back, Minnesota Vikings 

Odds to win MVP: +20000
Previous rank: 5

While Cook couldn’t replicate his fantastic form in recent weeks, as he never really got going in the sides 28-27 win over the Carolina Panthers. 

Although part of the reason may be due because he suffered an injury during the one-point win, he still managed to rush 61 yards from 18 attempts, opening things up for Minnesota’s passing game that got them over the line. 

10. Lamar Jackson, quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

Odds to win MVP: Odds not currently available on FanDuel.
Previous rank: 9

Jackson didn’t take part in his side’s clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday Night Football after he tested positive to COVID-19, meaning he had to self-isolate for 10 days given the NFL protocols. 

It hasn’t been the season that last year’s MVP wanted as he has just 15 touchdown passes to his name (ranked 20th in the NFL) and has thrown just 1,948 yards this season (ranked 24th in the NFL).

*Odds correct at time of publication.

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