NFL Betting Review on the Washington Football Team for the 2020 Season

NFL Betting Review on the Washington Football Team for the 2020 Season
Fri 19th February 2021

The 2020 season was a successful one for the Washington Football Team. The club won the NFC East despite having a 7-9. Alex Smith’s recovery from his injury and Ron Rivera’s successful battle with cancer helped make the WFT favorites among football fans.

The WFT was also popular among NFL betting enthusiasts, but for different reasons. The team reliably went under on the point totals in most of their games.

The team also did better against the spread that people expected. The team will need to build up this offseason, as the team will be dealing with a tough schedule for the 2021 season.

Point Line Features

The Washington Football Team averaged about twenty points a game in 2020. The team also gave up about twenty points each match. The club had a 5-11 total on the point total, finishing under the total in most situations.

The team’s totals were mostly below fifty. The WFT went under a 48 total in a 20-9 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, and there were also under 41.5 in a 20-13 home loss to the Carolina Panthers.

The low totals could be due to both the team’s struggles to get the ball moving and from their poor opponents. The WFT had about 320 offensive yards a game, the third-worst in the sport.

The team also had a rotating list of quarterbacks. While Alex Smith got all the attention, he came in after Dwayne Haskins and Kyle Allen failed to lead the WFT to victory.

Chase Young and Montez Sweat proved themselves to be worthwhile pass defenders, and safety Karmen Curl could be a star in the making. But the club also played against weak opponents from the NFC East as well as Cincinnati, Carolina, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Spread Performance

The Washington Football Team went 9-7 against the spread in 2021. The WFT did better in their games than people expected. While many sportsbooks likely considered the WFT to be as much of a placeholder team as their nickname for the season is, the club was more effective than people expected.

The WFT was the underdog for many of their games late in the season, and they still pulled off a few victories. The club was at +5.5 for a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they won 23-17.

They also defeated San Francisco 23-15 despite having a +3 line. That game was still in a neutral site in the Arizona Cardinals, but it was a good accomplishment for the team.

What to See in 2021

The Washington Football Team will aim to contend in 2021 and possibly go over .500. The team might even have an actual name instead of its current placeholder, although whether that will happen remains unclear. The team will still have the same colors.

The WFT will have games against the NFC South and AFC West in the coming year. But the team will also have games with the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, what with the team finishing in first place in their division this past season.

The team has poor odds to win Super Bowl LVI. The team has a +7000 line to win the championship. The uncertainty surrounding the team’s offense and who is going to be the team’s next quarterback will hurt their chances to win.

The team also has a +600 line to win the NFC East, which is tied with the New York Giants for the worst odds in the division. The -125 Dallas Cowboys could see a resurgence in 2021, and the +260 Philadelphia Eagles might be more competitive this coming season with Jalen Hurts as their quarterback.

Even though the NFL season is over, we will still be keeping our eye on what’s going on! Make sure you check all the latest information on our NFL hub page.

*Odds correct at time of writing.

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