NFL Betting Review on the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 2020 Season

NFL Betting Review on the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 2020 Season
Thu 18th February 2021

The Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off a substantial upset over the Indianapolis Colts to start their 2020 season. The Jaguars won 27-20 in a match where they had a +7 line for that match.

But that first-week win was the only good thing to happen to the Jaguars in 2020. The Jaguars fell apart and lost every single game the rest of the season, costing Doug Marrone his job and likely leading to the team looking for a new quarterback.

The Jaguars’ NFL betting performance shows how tough things were for the Jaguars in 2020. The spreads against the Jaguars kept on rising, and the Jags still couldn’t beat those lines.

Against the Spread

The Jaguars went 7-9 against the spread in 2020. The team was a clear underdog throughout the season. The closest line for the Jaguars was a +1 mark against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals won that game by eight points.

The Jags were the underdogs by at least a touchdown in most of their games. The ATS record shows that while the Jags did try on occasion, they struggled even when the sportsbooks gave them room to beat the spread.

The team was a +13 underdog against the Baltimore Ravens, but they still lost by 26 points. The team was also at +11 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they lost there by 24 points.

Some of the instances where the Jaguars beat the spread were cases where the sportsbooks had high values. The Jaguars lost to the Green Bay Packers by four points in a game with a +13.5 line. The team also lost to the Indianapolis Colts by two touchdowns when they had a +15.5 mark.

How the Over/Under Went

The Jaguars went 8-8 on the over/under, but that was reflective more of the Jaguar defense struggling to content. Gardner Minshew II struggled in his sophomore season, and Mike Glennon and Jake Luton weren’t any better at the quarterback position.

The defense also surrendered about 415 yards per game. The team even went through five placekickers, with Aldrick Rosas leading the team by playing in six games.

The Jaguars surrendered more than thirty points per game. Their first game with the Colts was their most efficient game, as the Colts had twenty points there.

The Jags’ results on the over/under were reflective of either defensive failures or the offenses on both teams not doing well. Pittsburgh’s 27-3 victory on a total of 47.5 is one example of this point.

What Changes are Coming in 2021?

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be more inviting for NFL betting in 2021, as former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer will be the team’s new coach. The team also has the first-overall pick in the draft.

Minshew Mania is likely over, as the team could pick a new quarterback like Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State’s Justin Fields. But there’s always the chance the team could trade that pick and go after someone else through free agency or a trade.

Whatever the case, the futures markets for the Jaguars aren’t very good right now. The Jags have a +1600 line to win the AFC South title. The team also has the second-worst odds to win Super Bowl LVI at +8000.

The Jaguars also have games against the AFC East and NFC West in 2021, plus they will compete against Denver Broncos and a Cincinnati team that should have Joe Burrow back from injury.

There’s no telling where the Jags’ home games will be either, as there is still the possibility the team will have one or two home games in London this season.

Even though the NFL season is over, we will still be keeping our eye on what’s going on! Make sure you check all the latest information on our NFL hub page.

*Odds correct at time of writing.

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