NFL Betting Review on the Cleveland Browns for the 2020 Season

NFL Betting Review on the Cleveland Browns for the 2020 Season
Tue 16th February 2021

There are very few teams in the NFL quite as buzzworthy as the Cleveland Browns. The Browns won their first playoff game in more than twenty years this season, plus they proved they belong with one of the best running back tandems in the sport.

But the Browns weren’t as dominant over their opponents as people expected, as this NFL betting report shows. The team had a few games that were closer than people anticipated. While the team’s offense is one of the most exciting in the sport, the defense needs some extra help.

Spread Performance

The Cleveland Browns had an 11-5 record this season, but they went 6-10 against the spread. The Browns were different from many other winning teams in that they gave up more points than they scored. The team averaged 25.5 points per game, but they also surrendered 26.2 per game.

The season started tough, as their first game was a 38-6 loss to Baltimore with the Browns holding a +7 line. The Browns also had a -6 line in their first game against Cincinnati Bengals, but they struggled to pull far ahead and won 35-30.

The Browns became a consistent favorite late in the season as running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt produced close to two thousand rushing yards. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was very efficient this season, throwing 26 touchdowns versus eight interceptions.

But the Browns couldn’t pull away from their opponents. The team had a -7.5 line against Jacksonville, but the Browns only won that game 27-25. The Browns also won their last regular season game to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-25 despite a -10.5 line. The line was lofty because the Steelers sat many of their starters for that game.

Cody Parkey’s kicking performance might have also influenced a few spread results. Parkey had a 91.5% extra point rate. He also missed a few relatively easy field goals, although he was still clutch on some long-range shots.

Over/Under Report

The Browns had a 9-7 record on the over/under, although many of those games were from shootouts. Most of the Browns’ games had totals around 45. There were instances where the two offenses didn’t perform well, including a game where the Browns lost to the Las Vegas Raiders 16-6.

But there were also some barnburners like a home game with the Baltimore Ravens where they won 47-42. The Ravens’ 47 points were enough to singlehandedly passed the total of 46 of that match.

The Browns surrendered thirty points or more in half their games this season. While the games were somewhat closer as the season progressed, it proved to be tough to manage.

Watching for 2021

The Cleveland Browns’ third-place finish in the AFC North gives them a bit of an advantage. The team will have games against the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans to go alongside two games with Cincinnati. The club will also face the AFC West and NFC North in 2021.

The Browns have one of the best lines to win Super Bowl LVI at +2200. They also have a +200 line to win the AFC North, coming head of Pittsburgh’s +280 and behind Baltimore’s +110.

The Cleveland Browns will be an exciting club to watch for NFL betting purposes. Chubb, Hunt, Mayfield, and many others will return this season. But there are a few free agents to watch, including Olivier Vernon and Terrance Mitchell.

The team’s performance on the free agent market could boost or harm their odds for 2021. Given how aggressive the Browns have been in bringing in new players, don’t be surprised if they make a splash here.

Even though the NFL season is over, we will still be keeping our eye on what’s going on! Make sure you check all the latest information on our NFL hub page.

*Odds correct at time of writing.

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