NFL Betting Review on the Carolina Panthers for the 2020 Season

NFL Betting Review on the Carolina Panthers for the 2020 Season
Tue 16th February 2021

The 2020 season was a transition period for the Carolina Panthers. The team had to adapt to some changes from new coach Matt Rhule and offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater struggled during his first season with the team, and there’s a legitimate concern as to whether he will return to Charlotte in 2021.

The Panthers hope to improve upon their 5-11 record in 2020. Bettors hope they will be a more interesting team for NFL betting purposes than they were this past season, although much of this will depend on what the Panthers do in the coming offseason.

Spread Results

The Panthers were 5-11 in the record book, but they were 9-7 against the spread. The team managed to stay competitive in a few matches, but they spent much of the season as the underdog.

The sportsbooks might have put the Panthers as too great of an underdog this season. Three of the Panthers’ losses weren’t as bad as the sportsbooks figured.

The team had a +7 line for their road game with the New Orleans Saints, but the Panthers stayed competitive and lost by a field goal. The team was also at +10 against the Kansas City Chiefs, but they hung in there and lost 33-31. The team also lost to the Green Bay Packers 24-16 despite having a +9.5 line.

Some of the Panthers’ losses against the spread were when the Panthers were favored to win. The Panthers were -1.5 favorites in their home game with the Atlanta Falcons, but they lost 25-17. The team was also favored at -4 at home against the Denver Broncos, but they lost to the decimated team 32-27.

Over/Under Performance

The Panthers had a 7-9 record on the over/under. The Panthers’ weak offense did not help much, as the team had 21.9 points per game.

There were questions over whether Teddy Bridgewater is ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, plus running back Christian McCaffrey was injured for most of the season. Joey Slye struggled to complete field goals from long distance, making things worse.

The Panthers’ overs came mainly in games where the defense struggled to keep things in check. The Panthers gave up 46 points to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their home game against the team. That total was almost enough to surpass the 49.5 line. The Panthers’ loss to Denver also had a 46.5 total.

What to See in 2021

The current lines for the Panthers in 2021 don’t look very promising. The Panthers have a +5000 line to win Super Bowl LVI. They also have a +850 line to win the NFC South.

The most significant question for the Carolina Panthers for NFL betting purposes in 2021 involves how the quarterback position will look. The Panthers do have a pair of talented young receivers in Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore, but the team will need to figure out where they want to go at the quarterback position if they want to compete in 2021.

The fact that the Panthers traded what would have been the eighth-overall pick to Houston hurts, as Ohio State’s Justin Fields and North Dakota State’s Trey Lance would have been available.

The Panthers will have a somewhat easy schedule in 2021, as they will play against the NFC East and AFC East. Both divisions have teams with quarterback uncertainties, plus the well-documented struggles of the NFC East in 2020 might continue into the coming season.

Whatever the case, you can expect the Carolina Panthers to be a tough team to figure out when looking at NFL betting efforts for the 2021 campaign.

Even though the NFL season is over, we will still be keeping our eye on what’s going on! Make sure you check all the latest information on our NFL hub page.

*Odds correct at time of writing.

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