NFL Betting Review on the Baltimore Ravens for the 2020 Season

NFL Betting Review on the Baltimore Ravens for the 2020 Season
Tue 16th February 2021

The Baltimore Ravens had one of the most exciting offenses in the NFL last season with quarterback Lamar Jackson leading the way. But his weaknesses were exposed during the playoffs once again. The team still has one of the best defenses in the NFL to keep things under control.

This 2020 NFL betting review on the Baltimore Ravens shows how well the team competed this prior season. The club was effective in stopping their opponents, but some of their most effective games also came against some of the weakest teams in the league.

Spread Performance

The Ravens had the most significant points margin per game average in 2020. The team gave up 18.9 points per game while scoring 29.3 per game.

This statistic could be somewhat skewed, as they limited the Cincinnati Bengals to a field goal in both their games against them. But the Ravens defense proved to be there when they needed to the most in 2020.

This performance helped the Ravens go 10-6 against the spread. The team saw a rough patch midway through the season where they lost four games in a five-week span. But the Ravens went on to win their last five games, including a 47-42 victory against the Cleveland Browns.

Some of these matches were against low-level teams, but the Ravens managed to beat the spread regardless of that point. The team covered a -13 spread against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a 40-14 victory, and they covered a -13.5 spread in their second game with Cincinnati as they won 38-3.

The spread wasn’t always kind to the Ravens, as they could not cover a -7 line against the New England Patriots. The Patriots pulled off a 23-17 upset in that game. The Tennessee Titans also won by a touchdown after the Ravens had a -6 line.

Over/Under Report

The Ravens had a 7-9 over/under record in the regular season. Most of the unders came from the Ravens’ defense limiting their opponents. The Ravens’ 27-13 victory over the New York Giants had a 43 over/under, while their 19-14 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers had a 41.5 total.

But the most notable part of the over/under came in the playoffs, when the Ravens took the under in both their games. The team had a 20-13 victory over Tennessee and a 17-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Those two games were among the Ravens’ weakest offensive performances for the year.

2021 Betting Plans

The Baltimore Ravens will be interesting for NFL betting, as the team is in a tight situation with Cleveland and Pittsburgh in the AFC North.

The Ravens are +110 favorites to win the AFC North, while Cleveland is at +200. Pittsburgh is right behind at +280, while Cincinnati is a non-factor at +2300. The Ravens also have a +1400 line to win Super Bowl LVI. The value is the sixth-best odds among all teams.

The Ravens will play the AFC West and NFC North this season. They will also play against the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins, as the Ravens finished in second in the division. The Ravens held a tiebreaker over Cleveland for that position, as the Ravens won both their games against the Browns.

Fans can expect the Baltimore Ravens to remain competitive in 2021. The team’s defense remains one of the best in the league, and Lamar Jackson will continue to be a prominent dual threat on passing and rushing.

The question is whether he can maintain his regular season prowess during the playoffs. Matt Judon and Yannick Ngakoue are also entering the free agency market, so that might make things a little different in Baltimore this season.

Even though the NFL season is over, we will still be keeping our eye on what’s going on! Make sure you check all the latest information on our NFL hub page.

*Odds correct at time of writing.

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