How Much Money is Bet on the Super Bowl Each Year?

How Much Money is Bet on the Super Bowl Each Year?
Fri 27th November 2020

The Super Bowl is the most prominent sports wagering event every year. Super Bowl betting is a huge deal, as you’ll find an immense array of wagering opportunities. You could bet on not only the spread or total but also on team and player props. You could bet on who will score the first touchdown, how many yards each player will attain, whether certain things will happen during the game and many other points.

But how much money do people spend on Super Bowl wagers? You might be surprised as to how much people spend, especially when compared with traditional sportsbooks.

A Massive Total For Super Bowl Betting

The American Gaming Association reports that people around the United States wager $6.8 billion on the Super Bowl each year. The total comes from many sources:

  • Wagering at in-person sportsbooks, particularly in Nevada.
  • Wagering on legal sportsbooks available in various states; these include in-person and online sportsbooks in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states.
  • Participating in offshore sportsbook activities; this point is especially for people in states where traditional sportsbooks are unavailable.

Increasing Options for Super Bowl Betting

People are spending more on Super Bowl betting thanks to the variety of wagering choices available. While you can place bets on point spreads, totals, and props, there are many other things to note:

  • Live in-play wagering is available through many online sportsbooks. People can spend more on the game by betting on individual drives or on updated spreads and totals.
  • Super Bowl squares are also prominent. You can get on a grid with many squares and get a payout if the scores at the end of each quarter match with what you have on your squares.
  • Exotic props are also available, although those are easier to find through offshore sportsbooks. These include interesting bets on things beyond the game, from things surrounding the television broadcast to activities during the halftime show.

What’s Happening in Nevada?

While online wagering has become more prevalent throughout the country, people still place bets on the Super Bowl at physical sportsbooks in the states where they are available. This point is the most noticeable in Nevada, the sports wagering capital of the world.

BetFirm found in a Nevada State Gaming Control Board report that about $155 million was spent on Super Bowl bets in the Silver State in 2020.  The sportsbooks earned a profit of nearly $19 million.

The betting total has been rising over the past few years. Bettors in Nevada spent $100 million in wagers in 2013. Meanwhile, people in the state spent $40 million in 1991.

Other States Are Growing

In-person sportsbooks in other states are also starting to become popular. The Legal Sports Report states that sports betting organizations in New Jersey take about $35 million on the Super Bowl each year. These include sportsbooks at casinos and various legal online entities operating within the state.

You can expect the amount people spend on the Super Bowl to keep growing as the years progress. Sports wagering will become more prominent and accepted in many states in the years to come. It will become easier for people to legally place bets on sports action. But with wagering being more acceptable, don’t be surprised if people also start flocking to offshore sportsbooks.

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