Current favorites for NBA MVP

Current favorites for NBA MVP
Tue 22nd February 2022

The NBA season is halfway over and there are lots of players who have stood out all season long. At the top of the list you have your usual favorites like Durant, Joel Embiid, Curry and Booker. But like usual you have your surprises like DeRozen and Morant. 

Joel Embiid +145

The Philadelphia 76ers big man is having the best season of his career and his stats are only going to go up playing with James Harden. Joel Embiid is averaging nearly 30 points this season which leads the league. He is putting up double double numbers with his average of 11 rebounds a game as well. If he keeps this up he is almost guaranteed to win the Most Valuable Player award. 

Nikola Jokic +270

The big Serbian is putting up fantastic numbers out in the Rocky Mountains this season. As Jokic is averaging 26 points a game and almost 14 rebounds a game to go along with 8 assists as well. He is also leading the league in PER with a 32.66 rating. His level of play throughout the first half of the season has the Denver Nuggets positioned as a serious contender in the Western Conference this season. He is also looking to repeat after winning the award last season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo +390

The Greek Freak will be looking to win his third Most Valuable Player award in the last four years this season. He will also be looking to extend the streak of foreign born winners to four years after his back to back wins and Jokic’s win last season. Giannis is averaging almost 30 points a game to go along with 11 rebounds and 6 assists. He has the Milwaukee Bucks on track to make a run back to the NBA Finals to defend their title. 

Stephen Curry +1200

After his blazing hot All-Star Game appearance where he hit 16 threes, Curry may be the hottest player on the planet. If he can carry that momentum into the second half of the NBA season, then the Golden State Warriors may just return to the top of the mountain as champions. Curry is currently averaging 26 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists a game to go along with a league leading 4 threes made per game.

Ja Morant +1800

Ja Morant is the most exciting young player in the game today, and at such a young age he is already showing flashes of being a future Hall Of Famer. Morant has the Memphis Grizzlies playing well and that’s all thanks to him and his impressive season thus far. He is currently averaging nearly 27 points a game to go along with 6 rebounds and 7 assists as well. His highlight reel is full of breathtaking plays and high flying slams, as he will be fun to watch grow for the next 15-20 years in the league. 

DeMar DeRozan +2000

DeMar DeRozan is excelling in his new home outside of San Antonio. After starring in Toronto and San Antonio, DeRozan has taken his talents to the Windy City and it proved to be the correct move. Alongside Zach LaVine he has the Chicago Bulls looking like one of the best teams in the league. They currently hold a 2.5 game lead over the Cavs in the Central Division. DeRozan is currently averaging 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists a game. 

Devin Booker +2000

Booker has this Phoenix Suns team on track to make a run back to the NBA Finals this season. However, his level of play and ability to lead will really be called into question during the second half of the season as the Suns will be without star PG Chris Paul for between 6-8 weeks. If Booker can maintain the same level of play he is more than deserving in my mind to be in the MVP consideration. Booker is currently averaging 25 points per game to go along with 5 rebounds and 4 assists as well. 

Luka Doncic +3000

Luka Doncic is back at it again this season with his impressive performances. He heads into the second half of the season averaging 28 points a game to go along with 9 rebounds and assists as well. His near triple double numbers is practically single handedly carrying the Dallas Mavericks this season. If Luka can bump his numbers into triple double territory officially he is nearly guaranteed the Most Valuable Player award in my opinion. 

Kevin Durant +6500

KD is a leader this year, much like he is every other year. It certainly feels different this time around however, with all the off and on the court issues the Brooklyn Nets have had to deal with. Despite the fact that the Nets have been in a slump as of late, Durant is still very worthy of being in the MVP conversation as he is averaging 29 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists per game, while practically having to carry the Nets by himself. 

Jimmy Butler +16000

Since arriving in South Beach a few years ago, Jimmy Buckets, as he is known, has excelled inside of the work hard culture that comes with being a member of the Miami Heat. Butler is a master on the defensive end and this year his offensive game is off the charts as well. Butler is currently averaging 21 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists to go along with nearly 2 steals a game as well. 

*Odds correct at time of publication, courtesy of FanDuel.

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