Popular Bet Types For NBA Betting

Popular Bet Types For NBA Betting
Thu 3rd December 2020

You can place bets on many things that could happen during an NBA game. These NBA betting options are appealing to anyone who might be interested in planning a wager for whatever game might occur.

Total Points Scored

You can start your NBA betting plans by wagering on the total number of points that the two teams score in a match. You can bet on the teams to go above or below the total number of points being scored. You’d have to review the pace of play and offensive efficiency of these two sides to see what you should consider when betting on the game total.

First Basket

The first basket wager entails picking who you feel will score the first points in a game. Sometimes there might be a great value here if there’s a late scratch or other change to the roster. The goal is to review the starting lineups for each team and see which has the best chance of having more momentum when starting.

Player Totals

There’s always one or two players on an NBA team that might score more points than the others. A player total wager is one of the top NBA betting choices for how it focuses on how many points a single player will score. The over / under rules for players will be the same.

Big Win / Little Win

A big win / little win wager involves picking a specific range for the margin of victory. You can choose from four options here:

  1. The home team to win by ten or more points
  2. The home team winning by nine or fewer points
  3. The road team with a win up to nine points
  4. The road team winning by at least ten

Odd / Even for the Total Points

Betting on whether the total points in a match will be an odd or even number sounds like an unusual bet, but it’s useful if you want to place a small bit of money as a cherry on top. The odds for the odd or even line will typically be around -105 to -115, so you could place a few dollars here for fun and possible profit.

Player vs. Player

You can place a bet on a matchup between two players. These entail players from opposite teams, but sometimes there might be a challenge between two people on the same side.

Your player vs. player wager can entail betting on things like:

  • Which player will score the most points
  • Who will have the highest total amount of points, rebounds, and assists
  • Who can get more rebounds in the match
  • Who will get more of fewer fouls during the game

The options for a player vs. player bet will vary by game. You’re more likely to find these wagers during the playoffs or when there’s a high-profile game taking place. These bets will often entail the captains for each side, although prominent supporting players may also play a part in one of these bets.

Now you’ve got all the information about the different NBA betting options, make sure you head on over to our NBA hub page for more details on best bets.

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